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BDS 349: Nina With The Nina

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Nina Thomas running up on Earl Thomas with a gun, Cam Newton looking for work, Golden State wants Giannis, Covid at the Raiders arena, Dalton signed to Cowboys before Dak, USWMNT legal blow, NCAA will vet athletes for sexual assault, Damien Williams robbed, Obama giving graduation speech, Brett Favre got paid MS welfare funds, Metta Sandiford-Artest, NFL teams attendance money, NFL working on women’s flag football, MJ wouldn’t let Horace Grant eat after bad games, Craig Hodges hating on MJ doc, NFL refund policy, MLB should allow players to opt out of 2020, Ewing had medals stolen, KG wife’s getting 100k a month and Kristin Cavallari calls Jay Cutler lazy.


  1. kauzimiwani

    Hello good people, so Giannis twitter and bank account got hacked last week and boy was it ugly with all all types of racist shit being tweeted out. What’s more messed up is that Antetokounmpo34 is considered a strong password . I guess he’s gonna have to change his password to Antetokounmpo35

  2. chubbzero

    Good evening rod and Karen jorace jrant. I guess executive producer mike Jordan decided to keep the fact that he wouldn’t let Horace grant eat on flights back if he had a bad game from away games on the last dance on the cutting floor. Can you imagine a grown ass man telling another he can’t eat? Nigga! Shannon Sharpe said he would have beat Mike’s ass. I would love to hear you guys thoughts on this!

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    Hey what it do Rod, Karen and The JLB,

    I hope all is well.

    Aye Major League Baseball out here wild as fuck. They want to split the player’s salaries between the players and owners and then sequester the league in Arizona for a few months to run the season. I think the idea is pre-fucking-posterous and I’m glad to see the MLB player’s union hasn’t signed off on it. Blake Snell, whose voice I had never heard until today, put it best: “No I’m not splitting no revenue, I want all mine”. Honestly, I think the baseball players might win out on this one cuz white people, while pressed about how much money the players make, ain’t as relatively pressed about baseball. Now if this was basketball….eh it’d be a different story.

    Also, as Bomani Jones would put it, I am curious to when Snell was “radicalized” cuz I did not expect him to sound like someone who’d probably have a strong opinions on brown liquor and whether he smokes with a wood tip or plastic tip.

    How many people have to fail someone over the course of their life for them to consider stepping in a ring with Mike Tyson for any dollar amount? Did folks somehow forget why Mike Tyson is scary in the first place? He’s older now too, so now folks have a chance to get their head flown off by an *old* angry nigga. Some nigga that’s skipped leg day for 7 years is gonna catch a body shot from Mike Tyson for money, like a Tyson body shot on a civilian ain’t called “The Kidney Off Switch”. Congrats, your ribs look like flour and you won a lifetime of dialysis for not being raised right. You hate to see it.

    So like, I know Jordan didn’t invent being an asshole being the key to greatness, but can y’all think of anyone else to ever have that kind of attribution to their success? I doubt there’s some alternative universe where the Bulls fall apart cuz Mike doesn’t fight Steve Kerr or Mike doesn’t steal Horace Grant’s food. Much like folks reducing Scottie Pippen to just some regular degular nigga in order to hype up Jordan, it’s strange to see folks say Mike was the GOAT *because* he was a raging asshole to everyone.

    As always, thanks for the straight flame content, especially during these trying ass times. Stay safe out there.

    Niggas only, only niggas,

    – Dough

  4. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jistan Thompson,

    Khloe Kardashian has perfected whatever it is she does where people stay mad at her. Who gives a shyt whether she worked it out with Tristan? Move on everybody. I do however wonder how all of their lifestyle choices will manifest with their children once they’re teens. When they’re at an age where it’s all in their faces for real. But anyway.

    Still not gonna watch that Jordan doc but the meta discussion around it is intriguing at times. In particular I was listening to Tea with Queen and J and they discussed Rodman. They dove into the fact that whites saw Rodman and his antics as unthreatening. The woman, alternative lifestyle for whatever that meant, marrying himself, his book, the tats and piercings, hair color, etc. I remember watching Rodman slap and opponent’s ass multiple times after they scored an And1 where he hard fouled them. He definitely tried dude to get a reaction. I can’t remember if dude pushed him but I do recall thinking ‘well that’s….gay…’ It’s just something we would say and label people all the time back then up until a few years ago. And I do recall parts of the Oprah interview and her openly questioning his sexuality over and over. But he also invited questions like that. Queen and J also contrasted the way White people were threatened by Iverson and I found great irony there.

    Be safe and sound. Take care of each other,

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Justin, and Karen. I’m a few weeks behind on the episodes including Balls Deep but I do usually tune in to the Balls Deep live shows.

    Heard y’all mention me while talking about Brady and Gronk in episode 347. I haven’t watched any Bucs games in the past few years. I’ve only caught like one or two regular season games (of good teams), some playoff games, and of course the Super Bowl.

    I haven’t considered myself a Bucs fan in a while and turning Tampa into the NEW New England Patriots isn’t going to pull me back. It will be interesting to find out if Brady and Gronk will have the same success in Tampa without Belichick. I just remember the Bucs always getting flags so I’m sure that’ll frustrate Brady if they’re still doing that.

    Anyway, international soccer (futbol) is my new bae. Never thought that would ever happen. FC BARCELONA!!!

    Stay safe and happy.

    Shirley Huang Please Say the Esquire

  6. fyahworks

    What up Rod Karen and j-Wilson

    1. So after 38 years the Nba is switch brands of basketball to from Spaulding To Wilson. Now as ymca hall of famers, I’m sure you guys have come across both! Which do you prefer??
    2. So the Ray Lewis soundbyte will forever be timeless on this show. The convo on Earl Thomas and all that messy drama was classic last week. Now we got shady McCoy saying he regrets spoiling avengers end game, when it first came out!

    You guys stay safe and rona free

    Niggaz only only niggaz


  7. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jristan Thompson

    Third Trimester Tristan at it again!!! After all this mess, he really stuck around and trapped Khloe for another kid? Scammers never die! And you know the whole IG model army is just lining up in about 6 months for him in cheating season if these rumors are true. And that might be post-Rona energy? Start that clock now. He gonna be running through these streets like liquor through Justin’s lightweight bladder.

    Alright y’all have a great week as always. Appreciate the dope shows and y’all kicking it every week.

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