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2113: Doja Cat Explains

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Rod and Karen discuss The Lost Tribe Of Integration, Coronavirus news, Shaun King new expose drops, Kevin Hart injuries, Boosie gone get CPS called, Azealia Banks says she slept with Dave Chappelle, finding a million dollars, stores going out of business, Amy Cooper, FedEx drivers profiled, George W Bush not down with the racism, Doja Cat explains, Georgia man lies about having Covid, Waffle House mask shooting, elderly BDSM gone wrong and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    Hey y’all. I liked Doja’s first album a lot and played it while working in the lab. Of course my 11 year old niece is into the tickety tock like all the kids are so we had a jam session and I put her onto my jams from her first album called Amala. We had a great time just jamming over FaceTime. I didn’t know she would be canceled the very next day but I gotta be honest I’m still gonna play that album. Her being in those chat rooms wasn’t a shock to me. Same way Lil Nas X was a toxic Barb a few years ago, she has her eccentric kink.

    Nobody canceled Kanye to where it would stick and he’s pulling around with the modern day Hitler. Even still. Slavery was a choice to him. Yet the ugly ass Yeezys fly off the shelf and people are buying $80 church socks that say ‘church socks’ on them. All because he can mix ‘Back that Ass Up’ with ‘Melodies from Heaven.’ He was complaining he was too broke for the fashion industry and now he’s sitting comfy. Good for him or whatever.

    So I don’t really care about the Doja Cat outrage. There’s other artists that are just as harmful with their platform that are thriving. And they’re men.

    And I’m not deleting them Azalea Banks jams I have either from her album Broke with expensive taste. When she wasn’t insane she was a beast of an artist. Might sound hypocritical but some of those joints kept me sane.

  2. EvieE

    The lost tribe reading rainbow discussion really hit home. I was one of those kids and it took several years of deprogramming to love myself and my people. It’s why I often have compassion for these young black kids aiding with white supremacy because really they’ve been indoctrinated into it. And a lot of the times these kids do learn when they get older. It’s the Candace Owens, Jason’ Whitlock and the Rock Candy and Polyesters who I take issue with who simply can’t wait to tap dance to get a little praise from racists. Fuck those coons.

    On a lighter note, I agree with you about leaving that million dollars alone. I’ve seen enough movies to know that never ends well. I’m not fixin to get a knock in the middle of the night to get sliced up.

  3. fyahworks

    Hey guys, wow so can George dub-ya bring a plus 1? (Laura) Lol

    I wanted to speak on the fed ex situation! Fed ex actually uses sub contractors for their ground services! The express trucks are actually employed by fed ex! Meaning rod you can buy/own a route, Karen and Justin can be your Delivery drivers ! Fed ex will provide you with the truck, and packages. You rod would be responsible for gas, insurance and any parking tickets received. But of course fed ex can over ride you rod, and Fire Justin if he did something crazy! Great ep! Fyahworks out

  4. Calamitus

    Man that bag of money that family found, fell off a postal truck while it was being transported to another facility. That kind of money would be nice but I wouldn’t risk the Feds kicking in my door.

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