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TTM 75: Lowkey Trippin

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Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. Bynum24_20

    This episode was magical! I loved every minute of it.

  2. nahan87

    Hey RnB,

    This last episode was beautiful. I love that they slowed things down and focused on this one date with them. I’m still sad that Issa seems to have accepted that she isn’t friends with Molly but hopefully something will change. It was funny when Lawrence laughed at that though. This season has been so good that I think it might be my favorite of the series so far.

    Thank yall for your reviews. I love hearing your thoughts on the show. I wish I could join live but yall always go live when I have a meeting, lol.

    Yall have a good one!

  3. BreAnnSam

    hey yall,

    Keeping it short since there’s a lot of comments and I’m last minute.
    1. This is episode was beautiful.
    2. Lawrence and Issa are sooooo cute
    3. Bassey called it, Condola is pregnant.

    I think Issa being able to be confident in her new self with Lawrence will give her confidence to be her new self and move forward with Molly as her new self as well.

    See yall next week, Kerry Washington directs episode 9 I think.

  4. thatTish

    (I’ll say it for you, Rod, “DAMN, this long.”)

    Hey Bassey and Rod!

    I’m sending this just as the show starts so I can only hope that while y’all were dunkin on folks, I didn’t catch a stray elbow to the face from Rod or a headbutt from Bassey (cuz we’re the same size. Very, very tall persons are we).

    Natasha, Issa, and Jay DIDT. THATT. My God. From beginning to end, it was just a masterful episode.

    I love the growth shown throughout the episode that didn’t try to have them be completely different people from the beginning of the show. Issa and Lawrence are still their awkward, goofy selves at their core but they just move a little differently. The foundation of Issa’s drink is still the same, she just changed the liquor she adds to it. AND she spoke up about that change in taste when Old Issa would have stayed quiet and let it ride until she brought it up in the heat of an argument. She later came out and told Lawrence she wanted to stay instead of letting it be a fantasy or leaving it all on Mirror Bitch’s side of the glass. And later, Issa’s being ok to walk home on her own (which had MY) feet hurting, didn’t seem like an effort to keep her dignity or anything, it seemed like she really wanted the time to reflect.

    Lawrence called Issa on not just telling him she’d already been to the restaurant (after she shook her head “no” when he first asked her). Then he made sure to open them up to honest communication so he could get the answers to the questions that Old Lawrence would have (and did) asked his boys instead of addressing Issa directly. I noticed him not feeling, or at least displaying, negative feelings when faced with evidence of Issa’s previous relationship. Old Lawrence would’ve had a whole bunch of self-conscious question marks on his face.

    They weren’t able to have this conversation before because they weren’t comfortable enough to have tough conversations with themselves. Now that they’ve taken this time apart to address their images and expectations of themselves, they fit each other in a way we never got to see and I assume they haven’t since they first started dating. They’re still figuring out their careers and what “happiness” means to them personally, but they’re in a healthier place overall and that’s enough for them to have a stable foundation to rebuild. They’re comfortable enough with themselves and each other to joke and play around again (Convocation could NEVER). They checked in with each other with multiple asks of “You good?” They’re in such a good place and I love to see it!

    The cinematography. The music going out during the honest dialogue about the breakdown of their relationship and where their lives are at now. The writing. The facial expressions. Give this show its flowers and fuck the haters!


  5. rodimusprime

    Oh my god Rod and Bassey, this episode was beautiful! That conversation between Issa and Lawrence had me in tears it was so good ! I loved the Before Sunrise/Sunset vibes this episode was giving off ! Natasha Rothwell did her thing with this script from beginning to end – the visuals , the script , the music all of it was amazing . Great job in the writers room Rod and Bassey ,ha! Hopefully we get this kind of nuanced conversation between Molly and Issa next week , we can only hope !

    Sidenote- checkout that whole trilogy of movies if you get a free chance , they are worth it !


    Thanks again Rod and Bassey,

  6. Tammy

    Hi Rod and Bassey
    Like Issa and Lawrence I feel so satisfied after this past episode. It was just so beautiful. I love that we finally got to see Lawrence and Issa in a happy space together. Up until now it feels like we’ve only seen them in a rut, or at odds, or apart and even their happy moments are weighed down by their collective baggage and history. BUT THIS EPISODE felt so different from that. It felt like a gift to finally see the chemistry these niggas must have had at their peak. And that “pun-off”!!!!!!! That was pure Rod and Karen greatness *chef’s kiss* and ABSOLUTE proof that the Insecure writers listen to the show. I really needed that episode this week. Can’t wait to see Issa and Molly fix their shit next week.

  7. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey,

    Kemdoc here. This episode was….how can I describe it other than the word ‘delicious’? My souls felt fed after an emotional week. Wow. They clairvoyant than a mugg. Wtf.

    The directing was sharp and keen too. From the ceiling fan to the shot of them standing by the red and blue vertical lights. These two look good as shyt together. I truly forgot that. And as much as I’ve been be crying Issa needing therapy, they write her character into these moments of vulnerability and honesty that’s breathtaking. Like she’s searched her soul for understanding of her breakup even though they talked minimally and never addressed the reason she stepped out. This is why I love this character. As hard as it is to admit that she was fukked up and she does it. I mean maybe the Prosecco and vodka/prosecco and whiskey makes it easier but confessions were made! And they spoke to audiences that 1. thought Issa wasn’t shyt for cheating, 2. Thought lawrence was a bum and it was what it was oh well and 3. Even though he was a bum at certain points he had turned it around and was invested in them.

    Affirmation. The light in Lawrence’s face when Issa told him he made her happy was something. I pretty much knew they would have sex when the strong sexual content and nudity warnings were up but this was true intimacy. The subtle smiles that were captured and the way they held each other. Lawrence’s other love scenes have never felt emotional. I would say Issa has had some scenes where she’s really connected with the person such as with Daniel and with Nathan. But this was something to behold. The intimacy of it all. Like real intimacy….in every moment even the harsh truths and vulnerabilities they uncovered. Can’t wait to hear you two break this down man.

    They enjoyed each other from the moment she fell on her face in the bar. Issa really seemed to realize ‘damn he really loved me’ when the ring revelation came about. That’s never easy to hear when you have regret.

    Bruhh they ripped that bandage off hella fast when she ran into the TSA nigga she had been fukking but it wasn’t even that messy. Lawrence seemed to handle that well.

    The dinner reminded me of the last dinner and convo I had with who I considered my great love. Razzing each other. Great jokes. Not sure we got super deep about us because we weren’t really on that vibe but I still think of that dinner every now and then and wonder what my life would look like had I made critical decisions that would have kept us together. And then I snap out of it because I enjoy my life and enjoyed that great love for the moment in time that it was. Who knows what Lawrence and Issa will be after this….Condola Bytch ass lingering in the wind….I do not want to see her on my Sundays again. Issa might forgive…… but nigga I don’t. You a flake. Lol.

    That old lady uber driver was a chef kiss in casting. Natasha Rothwell is fukking fantastic. I love this damn show. I hate that this season is almost over. It’s really something special. Issa on that long walk by herself basking in happiness and with no regret. Sidebar: I think the fact that Condola was blowing him up all night and he chose to be with Issa til morning boosted the shyt outta her self esteem secretly.

    In closing…..Bytch I want some crispy squash flowers and garlic prawns too. Wow.

    Sidebar: dammit she was calling Nathan while he was calling Condola. Smh. Nooooooo. Our ship is sailing on the ocean out this Bytch and it’s all romantical and shyt.

    Brrrrrrlllatttt Lolol.

    A Kemdoc named Monique

  8. U.C.

    Hi Rod & Bassey,

    Long time, second time…

    I have never been an Issa-Lawrence ‘shipper.

    I just have never been devoted to the idea of them being endgame. In fact, I have been largely opposed to it. The fact that Issa cheated, and the way their relationship ultimately ended just makes it seem too complicated and messy for them to get over the hump of ending up together again. Plus, Nathan is fiiiine and sweet, and new.

    BUT, in a matter of 30 minutes, all that bullshit I just mentioned washed away.

    ISSA AND LAWRENCE 4EVA, you hear me?!? Nathan who? (Sorry to that fine-ass man) Condola where?

    FIRST OF ALL, episode 8 is a straight up and down romantic comedy, and since I’m a sucker rom-coms, they got me hook, line, and goddamn sinker. This is, therefore, my all time favorite episode of Insecure.

    B) I FINALLY see the magic that is Issa and Lawrence. Because of the way we were introduced to them in season 1 ep.1, I could never understand why folks–including y’all, wanted them together…or thought that they would ever get back together…

    …but I seent it y’all…I. SEENT. IT.

    Their banter, lighthearted teasing and jokes (those corny-ass Bourne Identity puns were GOLD), comfort around each other, and most especially that they were able to HONESTLY talk with each other about the demise of their relationship, was so fantastic and beautiful and real–I felt that shit in my chest.

    I was sitting there with a stupid grin on my face thinking, “aww damn…I get it now.”


    You guys, I’m in…I am all in for Issa and Lawrence.

    Lastly, let’s just take a moment to STAN Natasha Rothwell who wrote this episode, and is frankly, an absolute treasure. Can she write rom-com movies for us, please?? Brava sis, BRAVA!

    Love the podcast!

  9. rodimusprime

    Hey Guys, Thank you for your commentary on what is currently the best show out. This episode felt like a beautiful dream. It was like ordering regular fries but finding out you had an extra order of curly fries & cheese sauce in the bag too.

    Issa & Lawrence cleared the air without it feeling fake or overly sweet. The episode was touching and still really funny. This is the 1st time I watched a show where they successfully represent that relationship limbo status you have when you like the person but it’s over and you’re able to be honest without the deep cuts.

    The best part is that the season isn’t over yet. Which mean more episodes from you and them. I look forward to them both. Thank you.

    Anthony animal thug Tatum

  10. rodimusprime

    Wassup Rod and Bossy!

    I scrolled the ending credits for this week’s episode and didn’t find either of your names in the production or writing credits. Make sure you all all getting your credit for basically predicting this season.

    This week’s episode was everything we LISA truthers have been wanting since the breakup. The chemistry, the awkwardness, the growth, were all on full display. The conversation Issa and Lawrence had at dinner was so rewarding. They both were able to get to the crux of the breakdown of the relationship, and how each of them felt about it or contributed to it. I loved it, simply put.

    Then to top it off, having Lawrence blow off Condola to get it in with Issa was the icing on the cake! Thank you Insecure for the much needed episode!

    And thank you both for your recaps of the show. It wouldn’t be the same watching the show without you guys!

    Until next week!


  11. Vinylcollectors

    I looooooved this episode! I watched it twice and I low key caught myself smiling thru the whole thing which says a LOT given the week and weekend we just had. I am so glad we finally got to see what those two were like when they were “good”– no frustration over not having a job, no feeling guilty about cheating– just “good”. The actors have amazing chemistry and it was great to see them have an open conversation about what went wrong. This show has me conditioned- each time Issa went to the bathroom (at the restaurant and at Lawrence’s apartment) I KNOW she was talkin’ to mirror bitch! I didn’t even have to see it! I just know she was in there pumping herself up to go for hers with Lawrence and I was here for it. I’m just going to enjoy the episode and not try to think about Condola and why he was even entertaining meeting up with her.

    One quick note on the Issa/Molly beef, I think that the writers are kinda steering us to feel some kinda way about Molly. There are a few scenes of Molly shading Issa to Andrew (her comments to Andrew about her running away like she was running from a job, the comment about her being messy getting back with Nathan and even the comments before the block party about why she didn’t want to go) but if you notice Issa doesn’t talk about Molly to other people like that other than to say they aren’t friends (the comment to Nathan about she doesn’t f with Molly and the comment this week to Lawrence this episode that they don’t speak). When Lawrence tried to get her to open up about it Issa just said “we don’t have to get into it”. Even when she was with her brother on Thanksgiving and Molly sent her “do you” text and her brother asked if everything was okay, she didn’t say anything. Not saying Molly is evil or anything but just pointing out that they are kinda making her look more messy than Issa. Anyway thank you so much for your reviews. I can’t wait for ya’ll to tell me what’s going to happen next episode b/c so far you are batting 1000! Stay safe ya’ll.

  12. Chrisshree

    Look if Condola keeps calling because she is pregnant I’m going to be off that narcotic…I mean I’ll keep watching in secret. But damn don’t let that whack The Game: Melanie and Derwin storyline come destroy Insecure….

  13. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey .. RnB (do we call yall that? we should.)

    Yall! I had to get my laptop out to type this. my fingers were buzzing with so much joy after watching Issa and Lawerence on their date. I had all the butterflies from their connection, their vulnerability, the sexual tension, the threat of Condola looming, even anxiety that the Lyfe driver was gonna bust in the apartment and interrupt them. The most compelling moment for me.. I legit held my breath…. was when they were sharing their perspectives on the relationship downfall and how all the other noise around them fell away. GAWD! if we all haven’t been there before. you think you are telling your partner what you need.. you think they can hear you and they aren’t changing cause they don’t care.. then you don’t care.. then boom.. you are fucking a producer on a leather couch.. we HAVE ALL BEEN THERE! when they finally talked and could HEAR each other. DEAR GOD, please let them try again. I need it to work! there love is our love. with everything burning around us seeing these two find a little piece of heaven… literally walking through fucking clouds… is what we need right now.


    your dedicated listener
    Kninah (silent K)

  14. Amani


    We all know you were in the room with Natasha writing this episode just whispering in her ear, and it’s really not fair to podcast when you already know you’re going to be right about everything. Y’all ain’t slick! Best episode of the series and it’s not even close.

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