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PG 241: And Justin For All

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss checking in with your friends, reacting to all these black deaths, ROKU TVs, Shaun King accused of scamming again, men don’t share in friendships, lining up guest for the week, doing yoga, listener feedback and Christian Cooper.


  1. rodimusprime

    What up, my patio primates! I just wanted to ask a quick question about buying groceries. I’ve done the list thing a couple times, but I’m thinking of doing it more often. Mom Dukes and I are tired of buying, cooking, and eating the same shit! It’s time for change! I’ll be doing the grocery shopping this weekend, and I’m thinking of just shopping for specific recipes I want to make over the next few days. That seems like a much more efficient way of doing things. I know y’all cook a lot, so is that how you do it, or do you just go into the store, buy a bunch of shit, then figure out what to do with it when it’s time to start cooking?

    L Brothers

  2. jamielscorpio

    Hello Rod Karen and J Internet. The number of social media personalities getting cancelled this past week were wild. Hopefully they learned Social media is an ocean full of sharks, and we are all prey. Our comments and photos are the blood and bait the sharks use to surround us. Once again thanks for the dope content peace.

  3. fyahworks

    Wassup rod, Karen, and jloyd mayweather

    How the week has been kind to all “tree” of y’all!

    A) Im no mayweather fan but shout out to him for paying for the funeral of George Floyd! I believe he sent a check for about 88k!

    B) shoutouts to drake on donating 100k to bail out protestors!

    C) rod, I have to agree with you! Last og is a slept on show! I’ve enjoyed it through n through! Jb smoove be doing his thing on there! Have you notice this season we have gotten less Tiffany haddish?

    D) lastly, I really enjoyed this past week ep of insecure! Maybe top 3 favorites if not number 1! I was thinking about this in a joking way, maybe molly didn’t wanna help issa with the concert by going through Andrew, because she still salty about the “broken Pussy” song from season 1!

    You guys be safe, healthy and “highly flavored”



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