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BDS 352: Do You Know Who My Boyfriend Is?

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, MLB vs players, Naomi Osaka getting money, Samantha Bracksieck arrested, Ryan Leaf arrested, Karl Malone and his family, Tristan Thompson support Khloe’s new face, Ayesha Curry stunting for the gram, Kobe memorabilia selling, fans attend race with no masks, Russell Wilson to host Espy’s, athletes react to George Floyd death, University of Minnesota won’t us MPD, Larry Johnson hating on Zaya Wade, Michael Porter Jr gets fried, Jaylen Brown on Central Park Karen, Floyd Mayweather goes to party at club, Stephen Jackson, NCAA recruiting, NBPA negotiating for family during Orlando play, Thibs in consideration for Knicks, fans go to illegal soccer game, the next Match, Boston Marathon virtual now, Tyler Judson arrested, Nate Robinson wants to fight Jake Paul, MJ lied about Zeke on the Dream Team, Andre Drummond leaves big tip, Carson Wentz coming to cookout, Mike Tyson blames women for losing money and Valerie Loureda roasts MMA fighter.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Queen Karen and Jrew Brees,

    Drew Brees? Damn homie. Last season you was the man homie.

    I checked Advocare’s website high and low; they sell some workout recovery powders, but nothing for fucking up your goodwill. The idea that Malcolm Jenkins, a safety and current Saint, could come out here and tell Breesus Christ he should shut the fuck up sounds like something out of a Chappelle’s Show sketch yet here we are. Brees was on Yahoo with a strong “I done told you coloreds what I think” energy. Y’all have touched on how we don’t have object permanence to white people, but the “my granddaddy fought for this country” example is always especially galling to me, especially since we’re over represented relative to the US population in the military! Brees’ granddaddy probably called someone a Hard R and thought to himself that’s what freedom feels like.

    Whitlock outta job at Fox Sports and my only problem with Whitlock being fired is that I feel like not enough people roasted Whitlock for coming back on TV with those hair plugs. I ain’t forgot! Came back on TV like a create-a-character with a new line-up. Everybody knows coons can’t have quality lineup.

    More than a few times, y’all have said that if y’all played in the NFL, looked down and saw you were wearing a Cleveland jersey, you’d just quit. Well shouts out Jadeveon Clowney who turned down a contract offer from the Browns. And while it would’ve been dope to have Clowney playing opposite of Myles Garrett, I respect Clowney for turning down the offer. It is Cleveland after all.

    I hope y’all are staying safe and alright out here. Thank you for all that y’all do.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. thatTish

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jrew Brees!

    I don’t think y’all mentioned it last week, but Patrick Ewing caught the Rona. I was just wondering if I was the only one who thought that Michael Jordan might go get it on purpose just to prove he could recover faster. The Last Dance got me seeing everything as an opportunity for him to be petty. Hell, I still wouldn’t be surprised if Mike was just waiting to see how long it takes Ewing to recover first so he has the stats that he needs to beat up front.

    Thanks for keeping up with the show, I still look forward to it every week


  3. Kemdoc

    Rod. Karen. Justin.

    Nothing more to say but that I love you guys.


  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jrew Brees

    How bad you want to stand up in your Wranglers to go out of your way to make MAGA Brady look more progressive than you on race relations? He had to watch Teddy Bridgewater last year getting those wins and the hate just stayed in his heart. I guess he didn’t get the memo that this ain’t the one folks are hiding behind the flag on. But at least one Black man was happy to see it, and that’s Dak! He dropped that $1 million donation to the police for training and was getting lit up until Drew’s Focus of the Family ass said hold his beer.

    But this is the week of getting racists up out the paint and you love to see it. Whitlock got dropped like Diamond and Silk, and Boogie Cousins played the long game getting the trash Kings announcer fired. Rod’s agenda ain’t been wrong yet, but this is a win we can all enjoy. And I’m just trying to speak it into existence, so if anybody has any tapes out there from James Dolan hit your boy up!

    Love y’all as always, appreciate the dope shit and y’all keep your joy.

  5. fyahworks

    Greetings, Rod , Karen, and Justin Whitlock!

    A) So the chickens have come home to roost! Jason coonlock finally is leaving fox sports 1! (Insert kool and the gang) fs1 believe he wants to go independent! Good look with that!

    B) it’s crazy how one minute you are riding bikes through the streets of cali, with king James and Anthony Davis! Next you serving a white boy with a 2 piece and a biscuit like you work at Popeyes! These are the 2 sides of jr Smith! Some jackass broke the wrong glass or the wrong truck and got the right ass whopping! Lucky enough he was able to run /walk away from it!

    C)Jon bones Jones pulled up on 2 people who were about to spray paint and vandalize property! He said “let me get that from you real quick” I guess they recognize him Becuase there was no resistance or fight back cuz that not a man you wanna mess with , at all!

    D)before I go, there’s talks of the nba eyeing a July 31st date. If the nba returns after 3 plus months, do we think Kawhi will still sit out games?

    Have a great weekend


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