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TNO 153: Master P Transformers

Rod, Aaron, Karen and D Palm discuss listener feedback, entertainment, the return of Henry Cavill, Ruby Rose leaves Batwoman, Justice League Snyder cut will be on HBO Max, Microsoft blocking reply-all, Leslie A Pope passes, Avatar sequels get a billion dollar budget, Fortnite passes 1 billion in app store sales, Ubisoft suing over rip off, Nolan crashed a plane for real, IG advertising for live streamers, Shameik Moore apologizes, Borderlands movie casts Cate Blanchett, Agents of Shield spin-off shows might happen, Marvel canceling certain physical issues, Upgrade getting a sequel and scientist discover a mysterious liquid.


  1. Amani

    Oh y’all niggas WORKING on Juneteenth! I see the hustle. Gotta shout out our boy Miles coming through with his own game and a crisp new lineup. Shit had me in quarantine feeling jealous that the PS5 has access to better shape-ups than I do in real life right now. 

    And I know y’all are gonna talk about it, but nigga Agents of SHIELD is on some *other* shit right now! Between them and Legends of Tomorrow they just hit full fuck it mode and I’m here for the ride. Hoping Rod finally had a chance to finish Clone Wars, but with the rest of the world going to hell in a handbasket 2020 has been a great year for nerd TV.

  2. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope you lot are having a good day. Ya boi certainly is. Since last episode I have yet to procure a switch (they keep selling out minutes after they get back in stock) but I did bust out my old 3ds. Top screen is kinda messed up so I’m gonna get it fixed but I’ve been having fun playing samurai warriors on the 3/4s of the screen that isn’t messed up. Also downloaded the demo for hyrule warriors and it’s wild seeing the difference between a regular warriors game and one with a little more oversight. Hyrule Warriors is way more polished and has way more satisfying combos. Probably gonna get the switch version when I can make the jump. Looking forward to Aaron’s switch game recommendations. ♥️

    You guys are probably already gonna talk about it but the ps5 reveal event was definitely great. I’m hyped for the miles game. I’ll give the rest of the presentation a 1/5 tho since I didn’t see any next gen dynasty warriors games. I wanna see how many thousands more dudes onscreen I can destroy with all these terraflops of RAM and SSDs going on lol. Will probably have to wait for the Tokyo games show digital edition for that haha.

    Other than that and work, I’ve watched a ton of documentaries. Since the BLM protests started again over here and the statues debate intensified, the BBC started making a bunch of my man David Olusoga’s old documentaries easily accessible to stream again. I finally got to watch the documentary version of his book “Black and British: A Forgotten History”. It is a lot less thorough but it acts as kind of a companion to the book. You see him interview the descendants of folks he focused on in the book like abolitionist Granville Sharpe’s modern descendants. He also shows his childhood home him and his family where chased out of by racists in the 80s. It’s probably the definitive work alongside the book version on the topic of black folks in Britain. Starting from Roman times all the way through the Tudors and modern day. On top of that the composer of the score is also a black brit, Segun Akinola, who scores doctor who currently. Overall been just marinating in a bunch of black British history and being super proud, sad and just genuinely feeling more connected to those who came before.

    Also checked out the homie (and dude who gets the racists the most mad on twitter besides David Olusoga) David Lammy’s documentary honouring the Africans who fought in world war one. This one hit even closer to home because I grew up with my mum and dad telling me stories about their grandfathers who fought in the war for the British. They even had songs about it that honestly made me sad because a lot of those who fought didn’t come back. Felt more inspired than anything after taking in all that information. If there’s one thing I wanna do in life I want to be able to honour those folks via my work someday. An animated film focused on them would be my dream I think.

    Lastly, I started watching a BBC show called Undercover, starring black brit acting legends, Adrian Lester and Sophie Okonedo. Both Extremely talented actors who are also very hot. They have great chemistry but what’s really great is the ridiculously serious drama and acting and the messiness. The premise of the entire show is the dude (Adrian) has been an undercover cop keeping tabs on his famous black lawyer and activist wife for like 2 decades and she dont know he’s a cop and they have 3 whole entire kids. His old cop buddies come into contact with him again after this whole time and he needs to get back into the game because she’s about to upset the establishment again. How this man managed to trick a whole entire lawyer for 2 decades is beyond me but in her defence he is very handsome. The flashbacks combining a bit of black British History of activism with this story is honestly very refreshing too, albeit the wigs they put on poor Adrian and Sophie were pure struggle lol. It was cool seeing a depiction of black British activism in light of the police killings of black teens that happened in the 90s over here. I can’t wait to see how messy the ending is and I highly recommend it as well as the stuff I mentioned before if you can find it . Kinda feel icky recommending a cop show atm but I like the messiness and the hot actors, I can’t help it.

    Ok, before I go I would like to say I have to un-stan John Boyega after his recent boruto comments. I know I worked on the show so I’m kinda biased but still very disappointed in my deliciously handsome king. Smh. Ok, love y’all. Felix out.

    • Felix

      Oh one more thing. EA really fucked around and put my favourite star wars character in the new canon Rae Sloane in the new Star Wars Squadrons game. We are truly blessed. Can’t wait to see my fave grand admiral give the rebels THOSE HANDS!

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