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2120: Refund The Police

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Rod and Karen discuss defunding / abolishing the police, coronavirus news, LGBTQ news, Cookout™ Invitations, Bill De Blasio, Anna Wintour, US Navy, Roger Goodell, Panthers and Hornets, Jonathan Scott, woman craps on ex’s doorstep, woman kicks pregnant woman in the stomach, burger battery and sword ratchetness.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    I thought your Black Capitalist segment was my favorite new TBGWT segment, but the Welcome to the Cookout segment has trumped it. I love it. This cookout about to turn into a full on family reunion at a state park with tee shirts. You’re right, though, the bar is so fucking low. I want every white person to be on that Gov. Ralph Northum shit. Change everything. Rescue everyone. Keep apologizing while signing everything into law that helps us.

  2. Sarah

    I found this episode really impactful, especially your conversation of forgiveness. The is momentum to release non-violent drug offenders, but the majority of prisoners are charged with a violent crime (sometimes through wonkiness of the definition of “violence”). If we want real prison reform that will mean shorter sentences for violent offenders. I feel I have come to peace with that (especially when the person is under 25), though I do still bristle at the thought of forgiving sexual offenders. Thank you very much for your well thought out conversation.

  3. Bstarr

    There has to be audio of black people grilling that you can play before the cookout segment. Love the show.

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