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TTM 77: Lowkey Trying

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Rod and Bassey discuss HBO’s “Insecure.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    I loved the season finale. Strong comedic touches, good drama and some hope for the next season. I liked the slapstick elements too. This was one of the weaker episodes of the season which just shows how strong the overall season was.
    Thanks to you and Bassey for the excellent recaps!



  2. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey,

    This has been in my drafts for weeks I figured if you ever decide to recap this I would provide some thoughts. It’s all screaming into the ether and hopefully now that I’ve come down off, my thoughts might be more rational and less subjective and rude. It’s just a fictional show. I guess. Here goes.

    The finale was lazy and dysfunctional which tells me that if the showrunners stay as constructed with the writer and director of this episode wielding influence the series finale will be equally as dysfunctional. The happy endings we foresee will not come to pass. All season long brilliant Black women carefully constructed this layered, complex, romantic, sexy, loving, frustrating, captivating, polarizing piece of art for a male show runner to come in and fukk it up beyond all repair. Do we even remember the feel and beauty of episode 8?? The raw honesty? The way it dripped with inevitability of Lawrence and Issa making a consequential choice to be with each other for that night. And yes I’m laying it all at that man’s feet because he’s welcomed that.

    The Tiffany wild goose chase was cheap and flat. You spend episodes laying nuggets of the post partum drepression storyline for them to run around LA distracted with slapstick humor in it. How do you leave the section in there with the threat of a taser given what happened in Atlanta? Unreal. It provided nothing but careless and tone deaf decision making. They get to the door and don’t give Amanda Seales an opportunity to stretch her acting muscle? Like that’s it? I think they could have made the 20 min episode Scooby Doo gang search for Tiffany pay off if she takes 30 sec longer to come to the door and there’s real uncertainty about her safety but that’s just me. And maybe they didn’t wanna really deal with a quote unquote extreme case and only flirt with the theme.

    The Lawrence and Condola scene was artful. I thought it was beautifully portrayed by Issa Jay and the actress that plays Condola. Not looking forward to watching this unfold but it is what it is.

    You build up the Molly and Issa drama, for us to not be apart of the pivotal conversation that will no doubt rekindle their friendship. All we get is hand waving and a zoom out shot and a fade to black. Aight. If they come back next season without starting from that point I’ll be….disappointed….I guess.

    This was truly one of the most needed seasons of a show ever for us as viewers. Overall I loved the talent of the creators and wish I could bottle up all the amazing feelings they were able to invoke in me up until this finale. Bravo to Natasha Rothwell and Jay Ellis. To Issa and Yvonne. Stunning displays of excellence. That’s not lost on me. And bravo to you both for deconstructing this show so masterfully each and every time.

    I will try to remain hopeful that the creators ‘don’t like their shyt messy’ and that there’s an actual point to the choices that were made in the finale. If you stick your landing with a bomb ass finale (even if it’s drama filled) you wouldn’t be shadow box fighting off all the backlash and criticism on twitter and Instagram. Even on second watch I was equally disappointed.

    Hope this didn’t come off as subjective as I think it did. But I’m also pretty passionate about the time I spend with this show. Especially during ‘times such as these….’ Still looking forward to how Issa and them dig their way out of this to carve their path forward. To use a Walking Dead reference: this was like making your way out of an impossible mine filled with zombies and traps, only for one of the leaders to double back with a stick of unstable dynamite and blow up the mine right as you see the light peeking in from the exit. We were almost there. Dramatic I know. But that’s just how it felt.

    See y’all next season with Condola Lawrence and baby in tow. Gosh that sounds madddd shytty. Sorry about that. Certainly ain’t my fault.

    Take care y’all,

  3. rodimusprime


    I am ready for the Nathan and Andrew spin off show with their family , friends and bachelorhood antics. Same writers from Insecure. The title will be based on them being secure with their mental health. They can call it I Am Secure. Lol!

    As far as next season, I Issa and Molly will find new romantic adventures while working on their friendship. I don’t want to see Corolla and Lawrence baby drama. That’s too much.

    I have been enjoying your feedbacks and I am looking forward to the season finale feedback although I’m sure you 2 had to take a breather after this episode. I caught myself shedding a tear during both the breakup scenes for Molly and Issa. For Molly, I just wanted her to learn and not lose Andrew. For Issa, I just wanted the happiness to continue, but I don’t want her to go through the drama that Lawrence may bring with a child. He has to work through this one.


  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Basset!

    Thanks for all your recaps!
    FYI: the HBO account I’m using (clearly not mine) wouldn’t let me watch the 9th episode unless I watched in home. Didn’t get to watch, but your recap helped me get caught up Though, I’m really sad I missed more Lissa footage from that episode.

    Another shout out to your pod by Issa in the ep!! (I’m claiming that’s what those lines are when they say, “this is too much”)

    I also love when I can hear Karen laugh in the background at your show comments, Rod.

    The finale was a lot.

    I really liked that they ended the show with the ladies talking, bit without us hearing their convo. I’m hopeful the next season starts with them in a better place back as friends.

    Hopefully, friends who are helping Condolences make a decision that helps Lissa work. I’m not ready for the two of them to be finished. I’m not wanting to see any other people on the show have babies.

    I also found it a little troubling that a show that focused a lot on postpartum depression didn’t have the woman trying to manage it on the show very much – instead, how others were impacted by it. ‍♀️‍♀️
    Glad they addresses it in a way that seemed more realistic that other shows/movies, but still wanted it to be different.

    Loved Kelly’s comedic lines and love how the show puts since comedy even in to the hard events (like the encounter with the cops after they got off the bus).

    Thanks for all your recaps!
    Looking forward to whatever shows you are able to do next in these COVID times.


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I can’t believe it happened again! I said FUCK this show and walked away from the TV. lol First let me say I’m sorry for disrespecting this best Insecure recapping dynamic-duo! As soon as I sent that email a couple of weeks ago, I asked myself why did you do that? you know you are going to finish watching, and let me say it was the best episode of the series to me. I was going to follow up with another email, but I’m on the west coast and it was too late. I, like you, have been in the Lissa hive from day one, and I don’t want to see anything that may keep Issa and Lawrence apart.

    This past week’s show had me going through all of my emotions. I hope the baby doesn’t make Issa walk away from the relationship. Her and Condola got along great, and once they all get past the awkwardness everything could work out fine??

    I think the issue with Issa and Molly is that they both see themselves differently now. They both think that they have grown out of their old ways, and when the other reminds them ie. “Your life doesn’t have to be this messy”, or “when things don’t work with Andrew, it won’t be my fault” they take it as a slap in the face, something they wouldn’t have done before. When they came together at the end of the episode I think they both see that the other was correct all along.

    Ya’ll have a great day and stay safe.


  6. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Bassey. The other shoe finally dropped. Please send help I am not okay . I really think Issa is at the brink of living her best life. I love how happy her and Lawrence were before the baby news but I hope she decides to move on from their relationship. I love them together but this baby is too much lol.


  7. rodimusprime

    Hey guys ::sad voice::

    Damn …. I’m convinced y’all ghost writing the show and I peep how Issa was just like “This too much” when Lawrence told her Coke-a-Cola Condola was pregnant. So in my head I was strategizing like “ Ok Issa this can still work, let’s just think about it in another way -> this is the same difference if Lawrence had a baby momma when y’all met.” Then I was like ::Martin Lawrence voice:: “Damn, Damn, Damn !!” Why couldn’t y’all be wrong and now I’m think sinful thoughts like -> well maybe she’ll have a miscarriage. (Lord forgive me). I didn’t know I was this desperate for Issa&Lawrence to be together.

    Any who, I’m glad Issa and Molly finally talking and she reach out(Molly) maybe they’ll have that heart to heart. And they were at the Ethiopian restaurant (look at that full circle moment). R.I.P to Molly and Andrew relationship hopefully it’s just a break for now. What is light skin dude name again ? Anyway,
    I like how Issa and him smooth things out. So overall I’m quite satisfied with the season finale.

    Oh P.S -> did y’all decide on the next recap show … are you into that series that comes on after Insecure ? You know, with the girl from the series “Chewing gum “ which was canceled mid-season I believe due to onset sexual harassment or something….thanks for all the recap episodes —-> y’all didn’t have to do it but I’m glad you did.

    – Danielle Dee or Danielle CC

  8. rodimusprime

    Hi Rob and Bassey,
    Let’s get right to it!
    My opinion overall is that this was not my favorite episode, but I did not dislike this episode. I felt like this episode had too much filler of “looking for Tiffany”, and though it addressed all the story lines, I felt like I wanted more time with them. I have a few comments, they are out of order so bare with me. I know Bassey has to be pissed, right now!

    First off ,Man, did you notice how Molly invited Issa to the Ethiopian Restaurant but the last episode she said the naan was like naw. Chile I wish they would have shown Andrew walking by shaking his head.
    I also find it a bit selfish that now that Molly does not have Andrew, that she is reaching out to Issa.
    I also love how Andrew took a play out of Molly’s book and told her that they were on different pages, and literally told her that it was too much work. Side note I am also pissed that we did not get to see the Finding Letoya Reunion because Molly’s selfish ass was tired
    l loved how the director captured the moment of when they found Tiffany, and how everyone was trying to hold back tears, but they were so happy she was alright. When I saw that she was at the hotel I was kind of worried she might be with someone else, but I rewatched and heard her man say that she told him that she was checking into a hotel, I must have missed that.
    Question for you and Bassey, Why do you think that Molly could not see Andrew’s point of view?

    Though I wasn’t personally rooting for Lawrence and Issa, I am sad for all of you who I knew were rooting for them. After watching this episode I realized how little control we can have over certain situations. Damn Damn Damn. Thanks for reading and your weekly re-caps


  9. BreAnnSam

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I am dying. dying. dead.

    I think people were already pissed at the fact that the show were starting late and then everything else made people go over the top.

    I mentioned last week that there were a lot of loose threads and I was not confident in their ability to wrap it up. I am glad that the Tiffany storyline was not dropped. I am not sure if I like how it wrapped up and how much time it took in the finale. They also thwarted the love triangle which I did not expect at all.

    *Also, no I do not hate the show and that was not what my comment last week was conveying (I know ya’ll were joking). There was just SO much hype from all the cast members that episode 9 was their favorite episode and I just didn’t see how that could be.*

    I HOPE that this is not the end of Tiffany’s story cause it just doesn’t turn a 180 after you acknowledge the issues. Maybe we’ll get more of her story and how she works through this next season.

    Someone said that this show is not a drama and that is why Condola can’t get pregnant. I guess this show is a drama now. I would have to go back and watch all of the seasons again (I did before the season started but that was a while back in the world of COVID) to really see if this is a strong deviation from the tone of the show.

    We all knew this show was not gonna do a long distance relationship and the pregnancy is what keeps Lawrence in the city. Hopefully next season it will flash forward to after the baby is born and how everyone is dealing with it.

    Issa…..I don’t know what the hell she gone do. Girl was so damn high she transported to the second floor and got a balcony on her apartment!?

    I didn’t think we would get a Molly/Issa resolution this episode so I like that they ended it with the beginning of a conversation. Though I think it would be a waste to not see that conversation and how exactly they work it out next season cause…what was all this for then?

    Molly I think was holding onto a relationship because she thinks she should be in one without actually determining if she wants one. I think the episode with Dr. Rhonda when she’s discussed Issa also applies to her relationship with Andrew which is cool. We need to see more people on TV who are single or not in long term relationships and that not be a problem or a flaw.

    Aight yall. Until next time. I know there aren’t really any new shows coming out. I would love to continue to hear your thoughts on anything that comes out or is already out! Stay safe, stay healthy!

    Thank you for all you do.

  10. rodimusprime

    Hey R n B

    So my sister just told me to go full Karen asking to speak to the manager of this got damn episode.
    But I’m going to stay true to my roots.
    I’m going to call forth the spirits of black mamas and aunties everywhere.
    *clears throat*

    Come err lil boy … come sit cha narrow butt down.

    How long You been here? Do you know issa and Lawrence? Do you know what they’ve been through?
    do you know how far they’ve come?

    Stop! Nope! You don’t ! And ya can’t cause if you did you wouldn’t have done what you did! You wouldn’t have wrote what cha wrote …..wit cha little bald head friends!

    Do we look stupid? Do I look stupid?
    Don’t say a got damn thing!
    I’m not stupid and we ain’t stupid !
    Y’all tryna pass off season 3 of CWs the game on us as original content. I’m not one of ya little friends and I’m not here for the games.

    Ok lemme stop! Y’all I’m hurt. Like hurt hurt. Their love was supposed to save us. I don’t know if I can invest in this relationship anymore. Are we being gas light ? I feel like there is some emotional manipulation going on.

    Please end the podcast recap with hope for the future. Y’allhave been predicting this so far tell me how they can make this right!

    I’m tired.

    All the fuck shit


  11. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey (and Karen – because we hear you giggling in the background!)

    This whole season of Insecure has been SO on point. Even though it gave us THEE most predictable finale that we all saw coming, the ride to get there was a ball. The best way to provide feedback to really recap character by character, so hear goes.

    Tiffany – Was it me or was her wig game off all season? (Maybe that was a subtext of the plot?) Anyhoo, I love that they used her storyline to illustrate disparities in medical care for black women and to also shed some light on postpartum depression. But was I the only one who was like, “What trash hotel gives out the room number of a guest to a group of strangers?” C’mon writers…I know you can do bettere than that because you’ve shown us over and over again, case in point….

    Ahmal – Agree with you and Bassey that this season we finally got to see genuine brother/sister banter between Issa and Ahmal. With only TWO scenes featuring Chad this season, I think Ahmal just might have edged him out to become my new favorite side character. Can I also mention how that scene with him giving advice to Issa while eating that EXTRA spicy food is such a great example of how excellent the shows writers are? They didn’t have to give us that humorous gem…but they took what could have been any ordinary scene and just kicked up the laughter an extra notch. (Because we have ALL had that experience where we’ve eaten something we thought we could handle, but ended up with our eyes sweating, nose running, and mouth burning in public!)

    Oh and speaking of Chad…I miss his shady ass. But good for Neil Brown Jr. for being a regular on a network tv show, I guess.

    Molly – I know Molly. That overachieving, high-performing career girl who has everything going for her–the high profile job, fly wardrobe, even flyer apartment, she’s got it all — except a healthy, functional relationship. She’s the one that hides behind protective, “self-care” language in order to gaslight people and justify getting her own way (“I was setting boundaries!” and “Why would you ask me to do something that makes me uncomfortable?”) The one who would rather hold onto something just because of the time she put in as opposed to it being something worth keeping. I know her because I used to be her. I was SO happy when Andrew finally dropped her. Because in situations like hers, “having a man” is always a justification for trash behavior. (That’s why – to refer back to a point you and Bassey made in a previous recap – people are always very judgmental when a person places priority on a romantic relationship above other relationships…because typically those romances come and go…but those friendships are the ones that have staying power.) In Molly’s case, once Andrew dropped that final bomb – flawlessly, I might add – she had to look herself square in the face. Ain’t got no best friend, ain’t got no man.

    I’ll miss Andrew, though. He was mad cool. (Although I’m sure for the last few weeks of their relationship the flavor of her tossed salad was probably rotting in his mouth.)

    Natasha Rothwell – Yes, not Kelli but Natasha Rothwell. PLEASE give her all of her things. I sincerely hope that they submit Episode 8 for the Emmys and the Golden Globes and she takes home all of the trophies.

    Lawrence – Was I the only one surprised that he wanted Corolla to give up the baby? Because Lawrence is by nature a “good dude,” I was taken aback by that reaction. Now that fatherhood is on the horizon, will he ix-nay the move to An-Francisco-Say? (By the way, at the end of Episode 7, all I could think to myself was, “If Issa was there, she would’ve gotten Molly’s joke.”) And, speaking on what’s-her-face…

    Concussion – I swear, this was a set up. Let the record show that she stayed blowing up his phone in Episode 8. At the beginning of Episode 9, Lawrence said they had spoken and they were done. But by Episode 10, she shows up at his place – nails done, hair done, everything did – all “I’m pregnant…you don’t have to be involved though….” *tosses hair, bats eyelashes* Now I’m a firm believer that it takes two to tango (and we saw how sloppy Lawrence was in his hoe-phase) BUT, based on the timeline of events, she was trying to get him back BEFORE springing the news that little Clawrence is on the way. to paraphrase Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost,” “Issa, you in danger, girl.”

    Finally, special shoutouts to Trina and Koia just because…I adore actors who can make a huge impact with smaller parts.

    Cannot wait until Season 5,


  12. rodimusprime


    Firstly, my Condolences Rod and Bassey.

    I just kept thinking of you both during this episode. I imagined each of you in a corner just rocking back and forth. I think LISA may be gone forever once again Condolences.

    I wasn’t originally on the LISA train. I was mainly neutral to the thought of them getting back together. However, Lowkey Happy made me believe in their love.

    On to Tiffany I hope they continue to check in with her next season. I would like to see how she is doing on her journey towards healing.

    I really enjoyed this season, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. Whenever they are able to film again. Will Andy and Molly get back together? Will Nanceford and Issa just stay friends?

    I will miss your reviews they have been sublime. Hope you both go from strength to strength.


  13. Miss1ko

    Lord. Hammercy. Bassy CALLED it. I really enjoy your recaps and accurate predictions.
    Andrew: yes he is a saint. But. BUT when you enter into a relationship with someone with a strong personality and you bend over backwards all the time and DON’T use your words in real-time….that is on you. Your mate out here thinking you are ok with things but you aren’t You are responsible for your OWN feelings.
    Molly: She has many, many flaws to be sure. She does overreact even if her reasoning is sound. But I still think the Molly hate is so …it’s just too much. I still don’t think she was wishing evil on Issa. I don’t think she wants Issa to fail. I don’t think she ran back to Issa just because her and Andrew broke up. I think it was Issa’s words and Andrews words about what you are fighting for. AND her therapists asking her what serves her.
    Condominium – I did call that the real reason she didn’t confront Issa was something was for real for real up with her. She didn’t seem like that kind of flake. Now we can all agree to hate her for messing up Lissa. But that girl was awkward without comedy and if it wasn’t for Lawrence no one would hate her. Trying to figure out if you are going to keep a baby from a dude who you just broke up with that is back with his ex which is a girl who you like and would be your friend if she wasn’t his ex…. while working with her for a block party? That’s a lot. I can give grace for that.

  14. rodimusprime

    I was literally praying that INConvenient didn’t have a gut full of Lawrence. Is it bad that I wish the baby somehow disappears? It’s a fictional baby so can I say that?

    I am happy Molly and Issa finally sat down. Did you catch the song being played in the outro? It was a good way to end the show. Hopefully their friendship can be mended. I figured that Molly and Andrew were not going to make it. I am sad that it didn’t work out for them. When Andrew asked what are you fighting for and she couldn’t answer I was like yep this is done.

    I listened to the Looking for Latoya podcast. The cousin Petey who randomly comes in and interrupts is hilarious. I hollered at the interviews, thank goodness I am working from home because I cackled the whole podcast. I think the white dude did it.

    Lastly, started watching Men looking for Women. ROD that first episode with the Troll and Hitler. I literally was like yep I am in.


  15. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassie,

    I absolutely love your recaps!!! Matter of fact, I ONLY listen to you guys recaps and been listening the last couple of years because not only do you break it down so well but you offer perspectives I never thought about and I AM HERE FOR ITOMG this episode had me so stressed and I just don’t know where to go from here. I really hate you all were right about the pregnancy, I really do. I just knew Canola oil was gone for good and here she come popping up talkin’ bout she pregnant, messing up team Lissa’s good thang. Damn damn damn damn smh
    Anyways: love you guys❤

  16. rodimusprime

    Hola Bassey and Rod,

    1. HOLY SHIT!!! I just finished the episode and I was like, oooo shit Bassey is going to be LIVID!!!!! I’m so bummed. Next season should be interesting.

    Thats it.

    Thanks for all the recaps.

    What show are you guys re-capping next?

    Hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy.


    Ritzy P

  17. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey,

    I want to start this email by saying that Im hurt and disappointed. How could Lawerence and Condola be so careless. Why does she need to be so selfish. Like you really cant tell a morally good man that they dont have to be involved in their child’s life and expect them to be okay with it. That’s not how it works.

    I hope Andrew didnt really break up with Molly but if that did happen, i hope he’s not of the show.

    Tiffany’s postpartum episode was heavy. I have s love hate relationship with Amanda Seals but she plays the hell out of Tiffany.

    Lastly, I wonder what made Molly reach out to Issa. Hopefully they can patch things up.

    This was a great season! Thank yall for the reviews!

    Stay safe

    Mitchell S. (She/her)

  18. Amani

    Why would Bassey speak this into existence?! Thought this show was too good was obvious TV writing tropes and started touchdown dancing, now look at Contraception coming back and blowing up Lisa.

    And Molly messed up so now we still gotta look for Latoya!

    • Amani

      Love both of y’all, thank you so much for the amazing ride this season even if the ending went left. You’re both a delight and I appreciate the time and love.

  19. rodimusprime

    What in the Derwin and Melanie FUCK?!?!? Y’all promised me this was a better show —with better writers.

    My bad!

    Hey Rod, Bassey (and Karen laughing in the back)!

    That Raggedy BITCH! She came wearing off-white. Old stankin’, dirty, fallen angel heffa! Either she ain’t pregnant or if she is pregnant, she knew when she and him had that break-up convo and when she was phone stalking him. Her duplicitous ass stayed pregnant until it was have the ‘take pills’ kind of abortion. She act like we don’t know how periods work!!

    Lawrence bet-not sign that birth certificate without a DNA test either. If I had a dollar for ever kid a woman had on one of my friends only to reveal later (through medical needs or her getting mad they wanted full custody), that the child was not there’s, I would have THREE AMERICAN DOLLARS.

    In closing, fug Camry and that baby!

    Push Consolation’s ass down a flight of steps and get on with life.

    Ms. Smart
    PS: I believe all life is precious and in women’s right to choose in real life but fug Convocation and her bug eyed baby!

  20. rodimusprime

    Hello, I think it would be dope if season 5 would be a flashback season showing how Issa and Lawrence met. Maybe we’ll get to see what happened between Kelly and Issa’s brother.

    Thanks as always. Anthony animal thug Tatum

  21. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod,

    I have been listening to the show for a long time and love your recaps (and I am still a Walking Dead fan). I had to comment on TTM 77 Low Key tripping. As a black cis gender woman who is a licensed psychologist, I want to share an alternative perspective of Molly and her therapy session (and I recoginze I am one of the few people in this world who has some empathy for Molly). Usually on TV, they portray therapists in a sh*tty way, but Dr. Rhonda’s session to me was a great example of real therapy. I hear what Bassey is saying about pushing Molly further, but that could damage the therapeutic relationship and make her walls go back up ( I mean Molly is in therapy and actually came back when things weren’t right—that is HUGE). Yes, we do not know everything about our clients and do not hear everything in session, but we are not supposed to and we have to align with the person in the room -the client. That does not mean you cannot point out what is problematic or unhealthy, which is what Dr. Rhonda did. You know as a therapist when something does not sound right even with limited info. I noticed that when Molly said Issa was wrong, Dr. Rhonda chuckled first and then challenged her by pointing out a pattern Molly does, which is the same way of saying what you did may not be right or placing responsibility back on her. I agree with you Rod that she did ask pertinent questions. Yes, I do think Molly “feels” right and is deeply insecure, in pain, and puts up walls. Black Twitter may say that she wants people to bow down to her, but what if instead she needs to feel safe in her relationships, and the only way she can is by feeling in control and wanted, which Issa has allowed her to do for a long time because that is Molly’s role in their relationship. Also, I think you and Bassey shared that Molly does not have serious mental illness but this season makes me think her anxiety may be bigger than we all think. Think about how much time she spends thinking about Issa and other relationships and cannot let things go in her life. That takes a lot of energy. Girlfriend is anxious, which is a big mental health problem esp for Black women although we often cannot name it. Overall, I agree that we underestimated this show! BUT the best part of the recap is hearing Karen laughing in the background. Oh we love Karen. Thanks again Bassey and Rod!

  22. Raven

    Karen’s laugh in the background makes me so happy 🙂

    Also, as fine as Nathan is, I really wanna see Lawrence and Issa together.

    Finally, seeing Molly backslide from all the growth she been doing this season has really helped me face my own shortcomings with holding grudges. She was was kickboxing my last nerves in this episode and I realized the reason why she got under my skin so much is because I recognized some of myself in her and how I hold people to impossible standards the same way I do myself. I’m learning to give myself and others more grace.

    Did I mention Nathan was fine?? And so is Andrew…and Lawrence…and Chad….Let us all give thanks to Issa for her good taste in men.

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