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2119: Black Supremacists

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Rod and Karen discuss policing propaganda in media, Coronavirus News, Looney Tunes banning guns, Gabrielle Union sues NBC, LA residents reading the police for filth, Cookout™ Invitations, Hayley Clark, Mitt Romney, Mark Cuban, Jeff Bezos, House Dems, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Terry Crews sparks outrage, Ben Carson says racism isn’t real anymore, Rachel Linsay may leave The Bachelor, funny TikTok, Taco Bell employee arrested for cutting someone, man tries to chug a tanker truck full of wine, man arrested for throwing crack pipe in cop’s face and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anne

    So, I heard your comments about my Burger King choices last week. Just want to add that I went there for the price and quick service too. There was a Subway that I could also walk to but the sandwiches took longer to make. I know that doesn’t make a difference but I had to share this because I only bring my lunch from home now. And yes….I still go to work these days. No work from home for me.

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