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PG 243: White Spades Players

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Justin’s work issues, protestors not wearing masks with the homeless, Insecure, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Snowpiercer, Filthy Rich, On The Record, Breakfast Club vs. Desus and Mero, Listener feedback, white spades players and a petty wedding photo company.


  1. Kemdoc

    Hey y’all,

    The prosecutor today ironed out everything you didn’t know about the murder of Rayshard Brooks. There was an audible sadness when he showed a still shot of the one officer kicking Rayshard when he was fighting for his life.

    We’ve seen real killers walk but I’m not so sure in this day and age if these officers will be protected under the law. This shyt feels different.

    One day black men are gonna need to have a conversation about the violence they enact on black women. I know there’s a lot of ducking and dodging of the conversation itself and it takes balls to approach it but it’s high time. I’ve seen more than 5 videos of savage assaults and abuse with no one intervening. Not a sole. And no street justice either. I don’t know what to make of any of this. I knew it was there. And I know it’s a minority of black men. But fukk. Smh.

    Not sure if you’re gonna cover JCole and Noname but that’s some other bullshyt.

    Aight enough from me.

    Peace and love

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod, Karen and Justin,

    I just wanted to remind you that IFC is re-airing all of Season 1 of Sherman’s Showcase Friday Evening, leading up to Season 2 premiering.

    Also, AMC is airing a Sherman’s Showcase Special at 10:00PM on Friday.

    Get yo laffs.

  3. fyahworks

    What’s good in the hood

    Rod , Karen, & J- progressive R&b,

    ((As Karen said, it’s just another name for the same thing! I say “just call them niggaz” ))

    A) Hope it was another silky smooth week for you guys. Up north, for the past 2 weeks every night has been 4 of July! niggaz been letting off fire works every night, like a mother fucker! As I write this, boom there’s another one !! To My nyc premium folk, have y’all been experiencing this as well? I know I live round some niggaz, but damn! It’s been the talk on my social media’s for people also in other cities as well! Has this been going on in Charlotte? It’s like niggaz went and looted the fireworks store and got enough for the rest of the year! I mean goes on from it gets dark till about 2am sometimes!

    B) Oh man, what an episode/finale of insecure. It’s like looking for Latoya turned into looking for Tiffany. A coworker of mine also put me on that hbo has created a looking for Latoya Podcast and it stars rose cranberry (Terri Vaughn) I listen to the first episode and it’s pretty funny!

    C) Definitely want to thank you guys for the non stop entertainment through these trying times! And thanks to the essential workers that have fought through the past 3 months! Have they started any of the reopening phases in Charlotte? Nyc is one phase one, while upstate New York is like on phase two! All now I don’t know what any of that means, but I’m on phase “take my black ass to work. And take my black ass back home!”

    Fyahworks out!!

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