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BDS 354: Black Nike’s Matter

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NASCAR takes down confederate flag, NFL says they were wrong about protests, Dame Lillard anti-racism rap, the Knicks statements, Drew Brees apology, OJ chimes in, racism in college football coaching, Jake Fromm apologizes for texts, Lebron calls out Laura Ingraham, MJ gives 100 Ms, Paige Spiranac spills the tea, CJ Bolar transfers to HBCU, LA Galaxy fire man over his wife’s tweets, Conor McGregor retires, Reche Caldwell murdered, NCAA says they don’t protect athletes from sexual abuse, Utah coach suspended, US Soccer to let players kneel, Michael Thomas donates to charity, NBA comeback plans, Dabo Swinney, Jemele Hill and Cari Champion to host show on VICE, Reggie Bush, Richard Sherman on Jerry Jones, Larsa Pippen trapping, NASCAR loser quits, Mister Jerry’s statue comes down, USA swimming sued over ignoring sexual abuse, Jason Whitlock still mad at Kap, TX Longhorn players test positive for COVID, Malcolm Jenkins, Lynn Bowden cuffed, NASCAR fans mad over flag, Jason Witten vs Dez, Zion’s former agent provides receipts, sports figures want and end to police immunity, Tyler Herro for BLM, Bill Russell, Red Sox, PGA tour looking good, athletes want NCAA out of Idaho, Westbrook to exec-prod docuseries and Mikey Williams.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jike Gundy,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Shouts out to Chuba Hubburd for standing up to Mike Gundy and the other Oklahoma State players for speaking out too. I feel so bad for those kids. And then Hubbard had to dap up Gundy on camera and I blame that shit on Drew Brees’ raggedy ass for making that the official symbol of white men apologizing.

    Is being a college football coach the second best job for white men who want to be raging assholes to Black people and make great money doing it? The number one job would be being a cop and I’m convinced every college football coach would could easily be the police if they weren’t a coach.

    Gundy has been the head coach at Oklahoma State for 15 years and is without a doubt their most successful coach ever. Gundy also has a cartoonishly big mullet and his skin is that weird shade of pre-skin cancer golden lacquer bronze white people covet. If you built a robot from a moonshine still and asked it to build a person, it’d create Mike Gundy. Fuck Mike Gundy.

    What seemed more painful for Mike Gundy to y’all during that second apology video: saying Black Lives Matter repeatedly, trying to emote or reading out loud? Seriously, I’ve been watching that mullet grow for years and was amazed he knows how to read.

    So whose gonna the first NBA player to break quarantine to some hos and why will it be James Harden?

    Shouts out to Baker Mayfield. More I thought on it, the more I welcome him speaking up even though he’s still ass QB.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and keep staying safe and sane out here. And since this is the 3 year anniversary of NegroCon, that was one of the funnest weekends I ever had and it was dope to meet y’all. Have a great one y’all!

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. Nahan87

    Hi Rod, Justin, and Karen,

    I don’t usually write in but I listen every week. First off, my mom and other Black faculty have been fighting to get the Sul Ross statue at Texas A&M removed. Needless to say they were jumping for joy when the QB came out against it. Now this clip from Undisputed has aided in this effort even more. I’m an Aggie and always hated the “tradition” of putting pennies at the foot of the statue as “good luck” before exams, which I never partook in. And the only reason Ross helped found Prairie View A&M was because he was a segregationist! He didn’t want Black folks at Texas A&M. Dude was a tyrant and I’m so glad the QB is speaking out because football is everything in Texas. That is probably the most effective way to get traction since they wouldn’t listen to an archivist and other faculty members, hopefully they’ll listen to this. 

  3. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jaldrick Rosas,

    I don’t give a fukk about Drew Brees words. If you wanna prove to the black people in your life you care about the hardships they face let’s see some action. Talking is done. And don’t address Trump. He’s don’t give a fukk and stopped listening to you. Michael Thomas or whoever the fukk should catch a break away touchdown but put the ball down at the 5 yard line. Maybe that will send a message to Drew. Anyway.

    I was heartened to see the Clemson football players including he prominent black players and QB Trevor Lawrence out there engaging in their own protesting effort. Trevor’s voice sends more of a message than he knows at this time so shoutout to him. Also shoutout to JJ Watt. I was actually pleasantly surprised at his tweet. I wanna see who’s really finna have the guts to take a knee during the anthem and when it starts. Will it be during preseason where no one watches or will it be all throughout the regular season and even til the super bowl lol. You gotta think these rich athletes ain’t really Muhammed Ali with it and will eventually stand after awhile. He’s to hoping things get better in November because this country is being destroyed by the racism we’re seeing on video daily. Whether it’s acts of violence or verbal abuse and tirades it all is chipping away at whatever fabric holds this country together.

    I saw a video out of Bethel Kentucky. Now I applaud the balls of anyone who would lead a Black Lives Matter demonstration in the middle of trump country when we’ve seen whites in Long Island stopping peaceful protestors at the beginning of the unrest after the murder of George Floyd. About 50 demonstrators tried to peacefully gather and the magats came out with their rifles and draped in the america flag Drew Brees loves so dearly to hurl venom at them. Notice they come with the guns but never buss off shots. I digress. Heaven forbid that happens. One of the white protestors got punched in the back of the head so hard his hair readjusted. Now granted my white Nubian king didn’t even flinch and I was extremely proud. Lol. This happened rightttt in front of several cops. Think the cops did anything to aid him. Ohhhhhh on the contraryyy the cop hurled insults and began shouting at the protest that he needed to get out of there. Go march in Cincinnati! This is what we and the multiracial coalition are up against. This is what should be defunded. Fukking disgusting.

    On a positive note I can feel good about being a Giants Fan (I guess). Even though the organization donated to Trumps re-election fund (by the way that growing list of Trump and GOP donors is fukking disgusting…wow) at least my QB Danny Dimes stands in solidarity against racial injustice. Meanwhile our kicker who’s pretty fukking good just got arrested for misdemeanor hit and run and driving with a suspended license. Guess there was nothing else to do Sal. Smh. The story is a fukking mess! Hands legs and bare feet covered in blood 1.5 miles from crash scene. Smh.

    And why nobody ain’t tell me Bubba was fine as fukk. Y’all trash for that lol. He is a jawn in these NASCAR streets okay. I saw him on msnbc and sat the fukk up straight lol.

    Who has a real burning desire to resume the NBA season right now? I mean except Lebron fans that want him to win a title and wanna complain about asterisks and unfair treatment of his legacy. Heaven forbid a Covid outbreak happens in Orlando with all of their families there. I personally think the season is chalked. Nobody’s heart is fully into it at this point. But on the other hand I have no objectivity. If it comes back I’m watching because what the hell else is there to do without Insecure??? Lol. Yes I’m a hypocrite and I sleep just fine at night. And I actually am loving Lebron more about more over the years. Ehhhh.

    Lastly, I don’t like the Cowboys. Fukk em. But I do feel for Zeke Elliott in a slight way for it being revealed he tested positive for Covid. Not sure how he thought that would be kept secret but ehhhh. Still fukked up. If I tested positive my identity would be protected in the workplace. Why should sports be any different??

    Didn’t think this would be this long. But peace and health to y’all.

  4. fyahworks

    hey bds world (oj Simpson voice)

    Yo!! rod, Karen, and jaker mayfield

    First and foremost that new intro is “flames dog “ (Karen voice)

    Secondly, are we inviting baker mayfield to the cookout? He said he gonna take a knee during the national anthem, He was seen wearing a black lives matter T-shirt, and the best part, he said, over his decision to kneel, he if he loses some fans, fuck em!! He also brought up that nate Boyer and Colin Kaepernick both agreed this was ok and not disrespectful, to the flag or the military! So why the fuck are we going in circles with these hard headed white people? It seems Ignorance and stubbornness is the biggest issue we have when it comes to everything right now!

    Also, If you guys didn’t know, king James purchased a piece of the Liverpool FC soccer team a few years back! I follow soccer and Liverpool is actually the best team in the English premier league this year, with one of the top players, and are about to win the championship. So what does kevin Durant go and do? That’s right you guess it, he purchased 5% of the Philadelphia Union. It’s the MLS team in Philadelphia. Now I don’t know much about the MLS, because it’s still relatively new and still expanding through out the US, But it’s definitely a good business decision for Kevin, as soccer is one of the top Sports globally.
    By the way have you guys seen “basketball county: in the water? “
    It’s a documentary about ball players from pg county ,Maryland! And it features kd, Quinn cook, and others! It is on showtime! Pretty good watch!

    Have a great weekend!

    Niggaz only

    Only niggaz


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