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2124: No Justice No Crease

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Rod and Karen are joined by the crew of Three Guys On Podcast to discuss Coronavirus news, MN Freedom Fund got too much money, Candace Owens goes to the White House, Ahmaud Arbery’s family almost used in Trump photo op, black men in suits marching, Cookout™ Invites, BLM Care bear, Ben and Jerry’s, Ralph Northram, Baker Mayfield and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Two great sports movies that weren’t mentioned was Major League and The Mighty Ducks . Sure Major League has some problematic actors but it was funny. And the main kid from Mighty Ducks went on to become an unproblematic fav and married that a black Queen Jodie Turner Smith

  2. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Y’all did the damn thing this week with guests! Another fun episode! It was like listening in on a phone call with 5 good friends. I hope they come back soon.

  3. Shannon L.

    If Lee Merrit advised the family to go to the White House, shame on him.

    But if he didn’t advise them, I understand why he was there.

    As an attorney, if Trump wanted to meet with my clients, I cannot just deny the meeting without telling my client.

    If the family (in this case Ahmaud Arbery’s mother) wants to go meet with Trump, I would advise against it, but it is ultimately the family’s decision . I would however, go as her attorney to make sure I can protect their privilege and interest in the meeting, because the meeting is not illegal action that I can stop through court action or legal standards.

    Again, I would advise against it, but I as an attorney, if I represent you, I cannot just quit on you because you want to attend a meeting and I don’t.

    I have had clients that wanted to hold press conferences and I advised against it, but I’ve said well if you are going to do it, let me at least read your statement. Just because I read the statement doesn’t mean I condone the press conference or I am somehow a bad attorney.

  4. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    This comment is not episode specific, just something I keep meaning to share with the TBGWT family. I know that in this age of Rona, people are keeping things like hand sanitizer in their cars. Please make sure keep you sanitizer with you in a bag you do not leave in the car. Excessive heat can cause the alcohol to evaporate, rendering the disinfectant properties useless.

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    My ex-husband was a huge football fan as he played pee wee football and high school football. He watched EVERY football movie except the one where the NFL replaced striking football players with scabs. It started Keanu Reeves. However, my favorite sports movie is Any Given Sunday as it was the first football movie I saw where I understood the plays. I embarrassed da fuck out of my ex in the movie theater cheering and clapping. After awhile, he whispered “it’s just a movie, relax.” Lol. My other favorites are Rocky 3 and Real Steel (robot boxing) is a family favorite. I also liked the boxing movie with Christian Bale and Marky Mark,.

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