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PG 244: Officer Karen

Rod, Justin and much later Karen discuss doing yoga, giving away an old car, TV One reality shows, old talk shows, police officer cries over McDonald’s, Noname and J Cole get into it, black woman mayors, Insecure season finale, mask restrictions being denied and listener feedback.


  1. Kemdoc

    The convo y’all were having about The Ringer made me think of this.

    I watch Survivor and the Challenge. Of course the way they edit the black players is always super angry or aggressive and scary but the black players never come out and say it. They get targeted first and have to play outside of their character to win the game if they get the chance to survive.

    I listen to a Survivor podcast. The host Rob played the game and now has a podcast system that covers reality tv across the board but focuses on Big Brother and has exclusive access to the survivor castoffs. Anyway, he had a zoom panel of black men and women that have played the game from season 1 to season 40. It was one of those ‘in times such as these….’ knee jerk reactions and yet this was the most real shyt I’ve ever seen. There were a couple winners and fan favorites that were even called to ever play the game again. They talked about the systemic racism from casting to Jeff Probst to white contestants being racist to them and it never making the air. I laughed. I cried. I felt seen and heard finally through a show I love. It was a lit 2 hour black ass time with two white hosts sitting back and letting 10-13 black Survivor players flame the Fukk outta CBS and Survivor production.

    And the thing I understood about them doing his podcast was the possibility that this could be the punitive reason they never play the game. But I appreciated the sacrifice of finally speaking out. He’s making a concerted effort to get these voices on his network for commentary later on and it should be wonderful.

    Thanks for indulging me again!
    Kemdoc. Ohhh effortless bars.

  2. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod, Karen, and JevoltTV,

    I don’t even know what to make of police anymore. Perhaps they only think in terms of the public being the enemy at this point.

    I have full confidence that the fireworks are coming from the confiscated stash they compile yearly from illegal searches. I once went to a block party in Long Island where there were 5 large picnic tables filled with boxes of professional fireworks. Apparently a police captain lived on the block and would unload the evidence stash every year of the fireworks that were going to expire. The residents of the block unsafely blew all of them off. We got hit with raining hot pellets and often the canisters would fall over after being lit and shoot into people sitting on their grass.

    That had to be $100,000+ worth of fireworks at that block party. So I’m guessing that’s what’s been happening in these large cities. I’ve even seen where they’re going off right in the police department parking lots.

    On top of the Russell Simmons shyt Revolt pulled, Verzuz did exactly what I thought they would do and is gonna let Fabolous do one. Sounds good. I ejected outta that shyt after Beenie Man and Bounti Killa anyway. The industry never cared about women anyway.

  3. fyahworks

    Greetings rod Karen and Jouble trouble!

    What did we do to deserve a double dose of j thrill this week lol? Great episode tho, especially that bop y’all played about the coons.

    I also loved the jemele hill ep! I’m so happy and proud of how far she has reached since she left espn! Low key I wish it was longer, but I know she is a very busy woman. Any chance u can get bow on anytime soon?

    There’s an old saying “rules are meant to be broken”! I feel the same way about records, especially in sports! But after seeing these monuments being torn down I feel some if not most traditions are meant to be broken as well! For one I look forward to the tradition every year, Rod, of your mom and dad coming on the podcast for Mother’s and Father’s Day respectively! That is a true tradition, but I’m talking about traditions like the confederate flag, and the re-enactment of the civil war, in which we already know the outcome! By the way, why would you look forward to being on the losing side anyway, knowing the dam outcome! But there’s been talks of making Juneteenth a national holiday, which I’m in agreement with. Matter fact take. Columbus Day and give us Juneteenth! When you Think about it there’s no real holidays between memorial and Labor Day anyway and that’s a big ass gap! I hope they continue to remove these statues and symbols of hate till they are all gone! These white folk are so brain washed they really sit here and defend that flag and a man like Robert e Lee, it’s a dam shame! But change is long over due!

    Keep doing y’all thing

    Stay safe and rona free!

    Fyahworks out !!!!

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