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BDS 355: Kyrie X

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Baker Mayfield, Aldrick Rosas hit and run, Zeke tests positive for Coronavirus, Mike Gundy apology, Ginny Fuchs fails drug test cause of sex, Kyrie Irviing, Bill O’Brien will kneel, Kareem’s son stabs someone, NFL will celebrate Juneteenth, Aaron Judge girlfriend, TO says he experienced racism with 49ers, Popovich goes off on NFL, NFL players test positive for Coronavirus, Ohio State players test positive for Coronavirus, WNBA coming back, Chris Doyle let go by Iowa, Canha regrets not kneeling, racism happens in Canada, NBA return plans, Ja Morant wants confederate statue taken down, Rob Manfred not confident about NFL return, Blue Lives Matter car, Superdome workers test positive for Coronavirus, Lebron clowns NASCAR quitter, NBA whistleblower line, NBA can stop older coaches from coming to Orlando, Serena will play at US Open, Disney NBA amenities, hockey player made teammate do coke, John Wall, Goodell says he wants teams to sign Kap, Colangelo buys into Australian NBL team, NASCAR wants 30k fans at race, Rambo charged with rape, Gonzalez twins congratulate Lamar Jackson, PJ Washington dating Brittany Renner, Danny Green proposes and Anna Horford setting them thangs out.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jill Cain,

    I can’t believe that NASCAR has gone so hard in the paint for Bubba Wallace in light of that fucking noose in that garage. The 180 from being an annual Confederate Con to calling rightfully calling the feds cuz a noose was hanging in Wallace’s garage? And then to send out that picture of the noose so white folks would stop accusing the NASCAR of overreacting and Wallace of lying? The bar ain’t that high but I sure as shit ain’t expect NASCAR to actually jump over the damn thing, so shouts out to them. Y’all Roger Goddell somewhere sick realizing the NFL is looking worse than NASCAR by a whole lot right now?

    Is Will Cain the whitest white man to ever white at ESPN? Cuz I gotta say, what easier than doing the bookings for First Take and needing to find someone at ESPN to defend a noose and criticize NASCAR responding correctly? Shouts out to Bomani Adobo Jones, since that nigga been seems like he’s been on fire the past few weeks. He pulled up on Will Cain’s show and kicked him on the ass on his way out the door. Deftly explained the importance and dopeness of Bubba Wallace having all them niggas behind him in Black Lives Matter shirts at the track. Came back on our asses with a goddamn afro. Shouts out to Bomani Jones, he’s the bestest.

    The New York Knicks are interviewing Mike “3 Checks” Brown for the head coaching job. If Brown takes the Knicks job, does this further cement him as one of the greatest coaches at the bank ever? Only thing James Dolan seems love as much as being a terrible owner is paying niggas as much money as he can. I mean basketball wise, it’s the Knicks; they are the most “other half” of “how the other half lives” NBA teams. Fun Fact: if you imagine Jay-Z’s “Hard Knock Life” as a metaphor for the Knicks, everything still holds. But Mike Brown gonna get paid and I maintain him pulling down 3 checks at one time is one of the greatest bag securing in NBA history.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe out there,

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jascar,

    I was watching my baby Bubba on Don Lemon and he was angry as fukk. I’m not gonna be lusty!! I promise.

    I can honestly say I’ve never seen ally ship backfire in such a spectacular way. The story is so inconsistent. What a fukking shyt show. 1 out of 1700 garages has the garage pull tied into a noose??? Oh okay. Fukk them. I can see him questioning how they could do this to him? He’s 26 years old and has a whole career ahead of him. I can’t imagine how much harder driving will be for him during this time with NASCAR Jussie Smolletting him. Facts don’t matter anymore. The whole circumstance is so random and strange…..depending on what you chose to believe.

    I hope he makes it out of this with the same support he got from the other pit crews earlier this week. I can imagine some of them might stop fukking with him high and low key.

    I respect any NBA player that’s not trying to go back. What’s the rush to get back to normal when there’s a chance one of the players could test positive and compromise they’re whole life or even worse. This shyt has consequences.

    Stay safe y’all and take care of each other,

  3. fyahworks

    What’s good Rod, Karen, and Josama bim laden!

    Yes this man has been dead for quite some time, but as we all know, at this present time fans aren’t allowed in the arena of sporting events! With fifa/soccer going on in Europe! Some one decided it would be a good idea to have a card board cut out of osama bin laden in stands during the game! It has been awkward to listen to soccer games on xm radio while I’m at work, because you can actually hear the players talking. And the announcers! Sometimes if u ain’t paying attention you would miss a goal being scored! I could only imagine if the nba returns it will be sneaker squeaks , ball bouncing, and a few N words being passed around more than james harden would pass the ball!

    Also the nfl hall of fame game has been cancelled, could this be a foreshadow of the nfl season not starting on time? I feel they think it will , but who knows! It also came down today that multiple teams have shown interest in kap
    But want a workout first of course. King James also chimes in saying the nfl owes kap an apology! These are all things that could have been done a long time ago! But such is life

    You guys have a great weekend
    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jill Cain

    Justin out here doing a free show for the brokies too? He must have seen Jemele come on and didn’t want to get replaced!

    So how many of y’all just happen to leave around nooses at your job when you have to open stuff? All these shops in the world and somehow the only garage that couldn’t figure out a better way to open the door was the one they gave the Black driver? But shouout to NASCAR standing behind Bubba and not backing down. It was dope to see all the Black folks loud and strong out there in the stands. Never would have believed it. Like Rod said, yes it’s a symbolic gesture, but that’s the whole fucking point of symbolism. You know how many more places I’d go if they didn’t have Fox News blasting as soon as you walk in?

    And how much would a sports league have to pay you to come back and play right now? The NHL has the best chance because those niggas are in Canada, but unless I’m Lebron I wouldn’t show up even if I was making max money.

  5. kauzimiwani

    One more thing, Bomani Jones reading the fuck out of Will Cain regarding the Bubba Wallace situation was absolute gold.

  6. kauzimiwani

    Hello Rod, Karen and Justin. The premier league returned last week behind closed doors , and as a sign of solidarity all player shirts have Black Lives Matter instead of player names. Additionally, all players have been taking a knee at the beginning of every match. Now I fully support this but I couldn’t help having this nagging, spidey sense feeling that the racist wypipo were going to get triggered and they were going to do something to voice their displeasure at the recognition of the BLM movement. Well, Monday afternoon during the Manchester City vs Burnley match, a plane hired by some Burnley fans flew across the stadium with a huge ” White Lives Matter” banner while the players were taking a knee.

    In the midst of all this , there was a remarkable win by one Marcus Rashford , the black Manchester United Striker, who spearheaded a campaign that forced the British government to make a major U-turn to provide meals to disadvantaged children throughout the summer. Now you would think that keeping children from starvation would be a no brainer, and any decent human being would be support of such a cause..apparently not given the racist backlash Marcus has faced for getting the government to perform an embarassing u-turn.

    Finally, about Kyrie. I think people can do both, and its not like people are not distracting themselves with other avenues of entertainment when they done protesting, I also think its healthy for people to have an outlet, and basketball can provide that. Anyway, love the show and keep up the good work

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