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TBGWT Juneteenth Events

Hey The Black Guy Who Tips Podcast fans,
We have two Juneteenth events happening tonight. We will be guests on Drunk Black History: Juneteenth Celebration! at 9pm EST. You can buy tickets for that here:
We will also be on Tea With Queen and J’s Juneteenth celebration party around 11:15 PM EST tonight. You can find tickets for that here:

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  1. Kemdoc

    When J said ‘that sounds like the gay agenda!! I love it!’ My ghost floated around my apartment. What a good black ass time. Black enjoyment and edification. Rod you were so drunk when you tried to turn the camera toward the camera even that was on tilt. I loved it!! And the night kicked off with Noname’s 1 min and 10 sec punt of JCole. I don’t care about that beef anymore but that shyt was……..sad. Lololol.

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