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TNO 154: The Punisher Doesn’t See Color

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Bacon discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Space X, Yellowstone volcano, Call of Duty BLM screen, Punisher BLM logos, Zoom security, Hartley Sawyer fired, Honda cyber attack, Amazon working with the cops, Samurai Jack video game, WB selling game studios, Jurassic World still filming, Everything Board Games, Billy Mitchell’s records reinstated, Solar Opposites renewed for season 3, Cyberpunk 2077 delayed, Last of Us 2 review bombed, Watchmen, AMC mask policy, Crash Bandicoot 4, Apple closing some stores again and Warren Ellis accusations.


  1. Amani

    So I’m assuming all y’all got calls about filling these Voice Actor jobs this week? We heard those albums with Dexter, now’s the time to stack up on those voice over gigs because the white flight is real! That block got hot and folks are just stepping down from jobs like they’re Flash directors not to get put up on the Summer Jam screen. 

    And shout out to the CW for doing what we all hoped they would and going with a Black actress for the new Batgirl. I still don’t know how it’s going to work bringing in a new character instead of just treating her like Terrence Howard and Don Cheadle but they got me with this sister! 

    Appreciate the show as always, have a great week guys

  2. PrinceLeron

    Hi Everyone,

    Let’s pour one out for Mixer. For a while it looked like they were going to be a player in the streaming market but it wasn’t meant to be. They’re discontinuing support on July 22nd and giving their partners the opportunity to transfer to Facebook gaming. I was shocked because they’ve been so many reports about how much livestreaming viewership has increased in the last year. The problem is that it increased for everyone except Mixer.

    Twitch grew by 100% (750M to 1.5M hours watched)
    YouTube Gaming grew by 65% (279M to 461M)
    Facebook Gaming grew by 238% (86M to 291M)

    Mixer only grew by 0.2% (37.0M to 37.1M)

    With those numbers it’s clear why they had to pack it up. The lack of a build in base hurt them tremendously. Mixer offered to double Ninja’s contract to move to Facebook Gaming but he declined. They had to buy him out for 30 million dollars and he’s now a free agent. The messed up part is they didn’t tell their other partners they were shutting down. Some of them found out just like everybody else. And a few found out while they were streaming and those videos are sad as fuck. I hope they can make moves without losing too many of their viewers.

    You guys be easy.

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