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2125: Arigato

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  1. veroyque

    Hiya! I hate to post this “well, actually” BUT here I go … so I knew when listening to this episode that “Arigato” was Japanese, but didn’t know how you might say “thank you” in Cantonese (regional language of Hong Kong). I looked it up and found that the appropriate expression may be “doh je” (多謝 ). Here’s a short audio clip of it being pronounced (https://bit.ly/3enYClE) and a link to a longer YouTube video below: https://youtu.be/jFk_a019M1M?t=64

    All right, let me stop procrastinating now, and get back to work.

    (One more language thing, this about Spanish and my username. My user name should have spaces because it’s more of an expression — “¿Vero y qué?” which is my nickname Vero (Veh-rrro) and the Spanish phrase for “and what?” )

    • veroyque

      (I got carried away with those R’s — more like Veh-row)

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