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2126: Fart The Police

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Rod and Karen are joined by Papa Tips to discuss getting by in these uncertain times, fishing, restarting sports, protests, Target taking care of employees, Cop cries over McDonald’s, cop apologizes to fellow officers, man farts on cops, Coronavirus News, confederate flag store owner has ties to KKK, Cracka TV show, black lynching consipracy, man kills friend after playing video games, woman goes got jail for threatening to stab sister over chicken, man goes to jail for framing homeless man with groin shooting and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I was once pulled over by the cops for speeding and when he bent over to lean in my window he farted. He was so embarrassed he got back in his car without a word and drove off. Fart the police indeed.

    • Kemdoc

      Omgggggg. I needed thus laugh!! Thank you EvieE. Holy shyt. Ahah

  2. Monica

    Rod, your parents are so exceptional and inspirational! Your mother made me reconsider staying inside forever and it was equally eye opening to hear how active your father has been this whole time, doing his outside work and fishing. I wish them both excellent health!
    I remember Karen mentions NPR often so I was wondering if you’ve listened to this week’s On The Media episode. It’s called Your Lying Eyes. There’s a fascinating segment on the shows Cops and Live PD and how they not only exaggerate the numbers and kinds of crimes they show but also how close the collaboration is between tv producers and police officers. It’s quite gross. I was thinking of you guys while I listened. One guest said that no doubt that fake Shake Shack story spread to police departments all across the country and probably influenced the woman cop getting McD’s breakfast. She didn’t mention the Shake Shack case but that lie had reverberating effects. He also said that cops have said they became cops because of the show Cops! Wtf?!

    Anyway, stay safe everybody, thanks for another great week!

  3. Sofa King

    That Keke Palmer drop makes me laugh, every time.

  4. Dee Ramsey

    Papa Tips and Momma Morrow are too cute! Enjoy them anytime they are on the show.
    Five Stars for the past week because the shows have been flames!

  5. MizzBarnes72

    My bad, I also forgot to say that I enjoyed having your mom on the show for Mother’s Day and your Dad on the show for Father’s Day. I remember seeing them and the Library and I was thinking to myself, who is this young, good looking couple coming in and grabbing a front seat at the show. They are a joy to listen to when they are on the show.

  6. MizzBarnes72

    As a former Target employee, I’m happy that the minimum wage is now $15 an hour. Sad part is that hours will be cut for a little while. It’s not like that all the time, but for the folks that do depend on Target as their main job, it’s no fun when you go from 20-30 hrs a week to 5-10 hours a week. Alot of folks, like myself, Target was our second job, but for the folks that have Target as their main job, cutting the hours is a trash move. The main downside of the job are the Karens and Chads that come into the store, acting like they are owed everything, asking for managers, giving us expired coupons and getting pissed when we tell them that we can’t take them and shit. Me personally, the minimum wage should be a smooth $30 an hour just for dealing with them mofos.

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