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TNO 156: Into The Badlands

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Justin discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Border War skin renamed, Elon Musk wants to put a chip in our brains, G4 revival, Peter Shinkoda on Daredevil filming,  Joe Rogan disses video games, Google smart tattoos, Twitter hack, Twitter spying tools, Spotify parties, Splinter Cell Netflix series, Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free to play, Halo Infinite graphics, League of Legends Neom deal nixed, Sims 4 sets record, Battletoads game, Batman: Death In The Family Blu-ray, Witcher prequel, Sonic 2 movie, Ubisoft not raising game prices, no more year long Xbox Live subs, June game charts, Cortana shutting down, HBO still streaming on Amazon, YouTube ending community captions and X-Men 2 stunt accident.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Nerd Off crew:

    1. Happy New Mutants Release Day!

    Despite some of the absolute worst/most racist press for a new release I’ve heard since Cats – and never mind THE PANDEMIC – I’ve heard that The New Mutants wasn’t terrible. I won’t find out for several months tho – I wish I WOULD step foot in a cinema right now.

    2. DC Fandome – first, I’ll say kudos to DC and Warner Bros. for pulling off a streaming event that, from a technical standpoint, went off well. I had to do the same for my job the same week – so I know just how much work that sort of thing is.

    Now, that being said:
    – Did I mishear or didn’t Reggie Hudlin say he was trying to pitch a Static Shock animated – not live-action – movie? Why do I keep seeing headlines about a live-action film when even their quotes reference an animated film?

    -They did a good job of making the upcoming movies look…decent; can’t say I’m excited tho. Plus, a lot of Batman video games. So many Batman games. It’s almost as if the upper management at DC forgot they have other marquee characters… (*Rod, can you play the John WIlliams Superman theme here?*).

    -I have reasonably manageable hopes for SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS. Just leave Ponysmasher and the cast alone. I’m going to presume the green hat and green coat they drew Sinbad in on the poster are clues to who he might be up to play (*ahem-Tawky-Tawny-ahem*).

    -BLACK ADAM. Ugh.
    -Why is he bald?
    -Where is his accent?
    -Why is Dwayne Johnson acting like he and Shazam/Captain Marvel aren’t part of the same damned comic book? (tho at this point, maybe that’s for the best)
    -Why are there only four active members in the Justice Society? Why are they setting themselves up to stumble over some of the best DC comics material of the last 20 years from the JSA comic?

    They’re already working on this here in Atlanta. If you hear about someone disguised as the ghost of C.C. Beck showing up to the studio and sabotaging the production, it’s not me, I promise. Get Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang on the case.

    3. Speaking of which, rest in peace to Joe Ruby, the co-creator of Scooby-Doo. He and his business partner Ken Spears worked on quite a few comic/nerd-related shows as well: they wrote for Space Ghost and the Herculoids, were showrunners on the Archie-adapted Josie and the Pussycats, were executive producers on Superfriends (and helped develop the Wonder Twins), and – at Ruby-Spears Enterprises – produced The Plastic Man Comedy-Adventure Hour, Thundarr the Barbarian, Saturday Supercade, the 1980s Superman show, Mega Man, and Centurions as well.

    Have a great show!
    Brandon/B. Touch

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Nerd Off Crew

    I do not have any actual commentary on topics covered on the last Nerd Off episode but I had to write this email anyway. I just saw the new teaser trailer for The Batman. There’s nothing original about it. It’s the same dark, dour batman that has been in the culture since Frank Miller did Dark Knight. They use the same cliched slowed down, more dramatic version of a pop song playing in the background for the trailer. It’s all the same formula. They show the batmobile, catwoman, the riddler and the penguin. As usual it’s all A list actors hamming it up to beat the band. Nothing new here. It’s all tired and re-done to death. So, answer me this question. Why do I want to see this shit so bad? Why was I researching the ill effects of hydroxychloroquine to protect against the rona (even though I know better) so I could go to the cinema to see this? Am I the only one that’s excited about this? Am I part of the problem?

    I hope there’s a Nerd Off soon so I can find out if I’m delusional.


  3. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Been a busy few weeks for nerd stuff to say the least. Most importantly for me, after over 12 years waiting, Warner Brothers is finally gonna release the 2nd season of the legion of superheroes cartoon on DVD and a complete collection on Blu-ray. I’m beyond heated it took them this long to do this. It’s beyond ridiculous but better late than never. Looking forward to watching the DC fandome panel with the staff and cast of the show to celebrate the release. Shout-out to my fave dude at WB animation, James Tucker (a black man♥️), for bringing us that amazing show and other classics like Batman brave and the bold, teen titans and a whole bunch of stuff over there. #BlackExcellence

    While on that topic, shout-out to marvel for that director pick for captain marvel 2. I see you feige. Can just imagine Ike heated with every move feige makes nowadays. To quote the wise words of Cosmic Boy from the 2005 reboot of the legion of superheroes comics, “eat it grandpa”.

    Shout-out to agents of shield for ending on the best note possible. I was a teenager when it started and I’m now in my mid twenties. Felt like I grew up alongside these characters. Love them to death. Mac and Yo-yo and Fitz and Simmons are my all-time favourite TV couples. Goodbye to a fantastic show. Went out with a bang. ♥️

    On netflix news, first of all, I ain’t watching that damn Witcher prequel unless they get a man with cheeks as firm as Mr Cavill’s. I’m already waiting nervously to see how the anime they announced last year turns out. Will be disappointed with anything less.

    And the Avatar show netflix are doing is now very much a wildcard for me. I would have preferred they just do a prequel based on the avatar kyoshi novels or a sequel set after korras time as avatar but since they want to just redo aangs story i don’t know if I trust the producers behind the death note movie with this project. (it’s literally the same producer and production company making this for netflix). Like the creators said, it could still end up good but it won’t be what they intended. I am praying we don’t get Timothy chalamet as aang or some shit like that. If they don’t cast this right it’ll be the wrath of the entire internet on these creators necks cuz lord knows we love us some avatar haha. Fingers crossed.

    Lastly, I watched an anime called rezero on crunchy roll recently. Put off watching it because the fans were out if their damn minds gushing when it came out years ago and wars over which characters to Stan were insane back then. Now that the new season is on and some folks I trust recommended it I gave it a go. Out of all the shows where an anime character gets transported to another world, it’s probably the best you could probably watch. There’s actual stakes and consequences for actions unlike other anime and for once the protagonist isn’t a god king with the best powers and actually is a flawed person who learns and grows as it goes. Haven’t been this captivated by an anime in years. Highly recommend it, dub is also on crucnhyroll. Looking forward to the show as always. Love y’all, Felix out.

  4. Amani

    Even more than the future of consoles, and the casting of Chadwick Boseman, I’m not sure there’s anything this show has been more right about than Agents of SHIELD. Y’all were the light in the darkness the whole run, like Captain America standing up to Thanos. But that faith was rewarded by seven dope ass seasons, what a way to go out man.

    Just make mine Marvel! Kevin Feige said y’all want more Black women in this shit too? Bet. Let’s just give em Nia DaCosta on that Captain Marvel sequel as a treat. Let’s fucking GO!!! And the woman who wrote the script is also working on that Wandavision show on Disney+ so you already know what’s up. Look Marvel could tell me they’re doing a Taskmaster and Black Ant movie and I’d drop the $30 right now to buy that shit, they just give us so much.

    Oh and that Vader book dawg! New issue finally dropped and we back like we never left!  

    P.S. Remember Sam Worthington? Nah I don’t even have a follow up to that, I just literally forgot that nigga existed for a minute. I assume he’s down there doing them 37 Avatar sequels, but has there ever been someone who was in THAT many big movies for like a year and a half and then dropped off the radar just as quick? 

  5. rodimusprime

    G’Day everybody,

    Binged the last season of Agents on the weekend. What a great way to wrap up what has been 7 awesome seasons. Season 4 is still my favourite if the lot though. Ghostrider, LMDs & the framework, greatness.

    It joins Scrubs & Futurama as my all time fav shows.

    Also, I think I might be getting a little more responsible in my old age since I’ve already got new Xbox money put aside already. What ever the price, I’ll have the cash. So no 2 minute noodles this time lol.

    Have a good 1 everybody


  6. rodimusprime

    Hey Karen, Rod, Aaron, Kriss, Guest, Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike!

    About in-home movies…

    More folks may opt for in-home theatres. I only recently found out that the technology to have the Regal experience, in-home, already exists. I knew about theatre rooms as they are pretty common in houses around these parts but they pictures aren’t usually movie theatre quality-probably because the top tier projections systems are VERY expensive TO ME. However, if history is any predictor, the price of the technology will decreased in the same way flat screens did and do so even quicker if the tradition movie viewing experience really does go away.

    The other option would be better TV’s since most people do not have the space for a full screen and whatnot. But movie houses might need to adjust the way they create movies so that they are meant to give in-home viewers the theatre experience so long as they upgrade their television. I am not sure they are in a rush to do that.


    Ms. Smart

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