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2148: Goodbye Black Walnut

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  1. Sarah

    If you are a person without a home you can vote; I know because I am going to be volunteer at my polling place and they gave information about how to register a person without a permanent address. The best way is to get a letter from an organization that provides shelter. In many States (I know Wisconsin for sure, and I looked up North Carolina as well) you can list your usual sleeping area. Unfortunately confusion around this issue is confounded by the fact there are different regulations by state, so I can’t guarantee that is accurate everywhere. Just wanted to let people know that if you currently don’t have a permanent location, you can still vote.

    Info for North Carolina (under Residency): https://www.ncsbe.gov/Voters/Registering-to-Vote#Residency

    General Info (still good to check out what your state requires): https://www.nonprofitvote.org/voting-in-your-state/special-circumstances/voting-and-homelessness/

  2. Anne

    Not directly related to anything you talked about in this episode but, August 1st is Emancipation Day in Trinidad and Tobago, an official holiday. It became a holiday when I was a child and I remember being taught the history of African slavery in the Caribbean in primary school (elementary school). If the US wanted to do the same, it could work.

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