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BDS 362: A Knee Was Taken

Rod and Justin discuss listener feedback, NCAA athletes organizing, The Rock buys the XFL, NBA bubble holding up, Kelly Loeffler mad at WNBA players, Jon Gruden fake Covid drill, Jonathan Isaac tears ACL, MJ praises Tiger Woods, Nick Kyrgios is feed up, Reese McGuire caught jacking it, Washington Rednecks, Gary Sheffield’s son gets spicy on the bird, OK lawmaker threatens players for kneeling, Lou Will did see some strippers, Michael Beasley, Klay Thompson goes in on Sam Coonrod, Travis Kelce cheating rumors, Jarrett Stidham’s wife bikini, Patrick Mahome’s GF showing off, Kevin Love’s girlfriend topless photo, NFL 2K may be back, Marquise Goodwin, Yoenis Cespedes opts out, Matt Barnes back with his girl, Khloe might be back with Tristan, Matt Stafford false positive, KD defends Kyrie, Danica Patrick trapping again, Dak Prescott write letter to free death row inmate, Bubba Wallace gloating, Jay Cutler deletes Insta, UCONN cancels football, Jalen Hurts, Ray Lewis son transfers, Johnny Manziel’s estranged wife opens OnlyFans and Dak gets DM’d about his girl’s looks.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J-Literally Every Nigga On The Lakers Not Named LeBron,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    The Washington Football Team (I still can’t believe they’re going by that, christ) hired some nigga and it gave me strong, “a Black person says something Republicans would say but cuz they’re Black someone is gonna post it as a ‘Thoughts?’ post” energy. I ain’t saying the dude ain’t shit, but he was successful at McKinsey & Company which is akin to being the head of R&D at the Umbrella Corporation and that is something that made me hit a head tilt. Also…it’s Washington. There’s always some fuckery afoot.

    When y’all was watching Milwaukee and the Magic play, did y’all have to double check which team was the #1 seed and which team was the #8 seed? The Lopez Brothers, especially the one with the eyebrow, had Vucci Mane out here looking like prime Shaq while Giannis kept running up the middle like a damn fullback to no avail. Also, does Chris Middleton look more like Frozone from The Incredibles or one of the Vege-tales characters? Markelle Fultz out there playing like he ain’t got Captain Tryhard breathing down his neck. Fantastic.

    What in the flying deep fried fuck happened with the Lakers? Like I know that Portland is still Portand and Dame is gonna shoot 35% and have 17 points over the next 4 games, but it’s still jarring to see the Lakers look that sorry to a team like Portland. Ugh.

    Also, what acts of violence do y’all think Donovan Mitchell had to threaten to get the rest of the Jazz to stop playing like trash, cuz he must’ve been hotter than a South Carolina plantation at scoring 57 points and the Jazz lose by 10.

    I hope all is good with y’all. Thank you as always for y’all shows and hard rock and I loved y’all on The Mind of Dom this week.

    Niggas only, only niggas


  2. rodimusprime

    What up Rod, Nap Queen Karen and Jay Brennaman?

    It has been a minute since I’ve written into the show. I hope all is well with y’all during these Rona times. With sports gradually restarting over the last month or so, it has been pretty interesting to see how leagues have adapted to the pandemic. The NBA, WNBA and NHL I think haven’t had a positive test within their bubbles while MLB has looked like a dumpster fire.

    Speaking of MLB — I find myself growing furious with MLB at all aspects of the game. From coaches acting like complete ass-hats, with the most recent example of the San Diego Padres’ manager telling Fernando Tatis Jr of all things to NOT hit a grand slam when up by a bunch of runs. It would be like telling Dame Lillard, “Hey Buddy, don’t pull up from the logo even if you’re in the zone.” Then yesterday fox sports announcer Thom Brennaman dropped the homophobic f-bomb on the job, on a hot mic during a Cincinnati Reds game telecast. Dude was informed of the bomb being dropped and then attempted to apologize, only to interrupt his apology to call a home run. The ironic part was that the ball was hit to an area with a Planet FItness “Judgement-free Zone” sign as he was copping pleas. I used to have hope for MLB to make some sort of comeback with viewers, but they’re defeating themselves everyday.

    Anyway, with respect to more positive things, how about these Bubble Playoffs? Do you think a 1 or 2 seed is in danger of losing in the first round because of a lack of true home court advantage? Y’all worried about the Lakers (by the Lakers I mean everyone but LeBron)?

    Peace and stay safe out there,

  3. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen and J. Orleans Pelicans. Man it’s funny how everyone was saying the Lakers gave up too much for Anthony Davis. A season later now look Lakers #1 and them niggas doing the same shit they did in LA. NBA did all of that work in the bubble to get New Orleans in the playoffs only for them to do that. Always peace

  4. fyahworks

    Hey rod, Karen , & jeion janders

    1. So Deion is leaving the nfl network! His contract has expired, and I guess, one could say….. “must be the moneyyyyyyyyy” that is making him leave. I’m just happy he ain’t get fired like the likes of a warren sapp on some scandal shit.
    2. So Adam silver is talking about doing regional bubbles for next season. It sounds good with the success of this seasons bubble thus far! But then how will west coast teams play east coast teams? Im sure Adam will figure it out…

    You guys & gal be good, have a safe and great weekend!!

    Appreciate y’all

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz

    Fyahworks out!

  5. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jill Simmons

    This nigga at it again. Look in a world of all these advanced stats, I’m just glad someone has the courage to point out all of Harden’s dimes should only count for three-fifths of an assist. I mean we can all see the reason the NBA bubble is working is that everyone is separate but equal. But really Simmons has just been Barstool light for a while now, and I am shocked, SHOCKED to hear a white dude from Boston dropping opinions like these.

    And shout out to Dame and the Clippers for bringing the spice to the league! I didn’t realize how much I missed the games, but them niggas getting sassy back and forth takes it to another level. Between this and the wives and girlfriends coming into the bubble next week we about to get all the way messy!

    Appreciate the dope shows as always and hope everybody is doing well. Peace

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