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PG 251: What Are We?

Rod and Justin discuss Justin’s Covid test, Roy Cooper, black politicians, Dr. Dre pre-nup, adult romantic relationships, Nice Guys™,  reality TV shows, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, Tread, I May Destroy You, Pre-Game News and listener feedback.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod, Karen, and Justin. First happy Left Handers Day hopefully Karen and Justin are doing their part to fight right supremacy. Man Rod I too binged I may destroy you. Much better experience watching it that way. I felt the same way you felt about buddy with the Passport. Justin I have been watching the Chi this season and I will leave it at that. Have y’all watch this show on HBO called Room 104? It’s an interesting show. There is one Episode with Mahersala Ali called shark in season two or three. You can watch it without watching the other episodes it was pretty good. Peace niggas

  2. Kemdoc

    With regard to The Chi and a non spoiler…..I’ve never seen a more poorly acted and poorly spaced episode in my life. They don’t let any of the lines breath whatsoever.

    I have to admit: I support Senator Harris from the very start. I watched all of her questioning sessions of these lying nominees and grifters live. In the moments you can see these niggas mind’s going full Snoop thinking, ‘I wanna call you one! Is it alright if I call you one??’ Lol. Earlier last week I was hearing names that were accomplished women but short of picking Stacey Abrams none of them were exciting and could take the dog fight to these demons. Kamala is ready for this role and she is equipped to handle any of the bullshyt they’re gonna throw her way. Nothing about her says she’s fragile (except the way she looks at her husband…they are in love. Goodness). They’re petrified of this particular woman. We saw them salivating for Susan Rice and Karen Bass. No. Gtfoh. With Kamala, I get the feeling (just a feeling) Biden will actually listen to the black women in the room on black issues now that he was a right hand black woman. Republicans don’t even know where to hit her. It’s been hilarious as fukk watching feeble attempts to get white voters turned off from her. All of the shyt Shaun King hates about Biden Harris 2020 makes them palatable for whites on the fence over this carnage.

    I don’t believe any polls, however I was interested to see Trump actually leading by +3 % in North Carolina. I don’t trust Florida. I don’t trust any of the purple states like Texas or Arizona. Fukk outta here. I’ll believe they’ll go blue when I see it. But damn NC…I know it’s wayyy early and shyt will swing back and forth inaccurately but what is going on?

    Stay energized niggas! We got this!

  3. fyahworks

    Hey Rod , Justin , and welcome back Karen!

    We missed you last week….

    Disclaimer: no spoilers!

    Without talking about the episode,
    Justin did you see this weeks episode of the chi? I wanted to address one thing. Why Keisha had emmitt and jada on her bed with their outside clothes on? I hate to see outside clothes on a bed. That shit is the worse. Some people make you take your shoes off at the door, that didn’t happen either! Imma need them to get it together in Chicago lol

    Stay blessed, highly flavored and rona free….

    Fyahworks out

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