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2161: Diamond and Silk Discover Racism

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Rod and Karen discuss right thought, Coronavirus news, Cindy McCain speaking at DNC, Jill Biden’s ex is salty, The Lost Colony, arrests Jam Master Jay case, Plane, Trains and Automobiles remake, CancelCon, Lauryn Hill’s daughter wants people not to attack her parents, Rush Limbaugh goes after Kamala, Black babies do better with Black Doctors, Diamond and Silk, man kills woman during rap video, woman keys car of ex, man caught jacking in car and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I definitely think I would have had a better birthing experience if I had a black doctor or at the very least an empathetic one. My baby was premature so I didn’t get the doctor I wanted and while it wasn’t his fault I went into premature labor, he made things so much worse thanks to his horrible bed side manner. I hope he gets ass cancer for the way he treated me in my distress. On the other hand the doctor who worked on my daughter to save her life was an Asian man and I think him being a man of color probably helped.

    On a side note, why is Rush Limbaugh dead yet?

  2. Monica

    Rod, I smiled when you talked about learning to pronounce Kamala’s name correctly. Good on you!
    I also used to say it incorrectly and maybe I learned during the Dem debates? Not long ago? What’s time anymore?
    Anyway, since the VP pick announcement I kinda started freaking out and blanking on how to say it. In my brain. To myself. So I’ll repeat Comma-la Comma-la Comma-la, like some kind of mantra. Kinda hilarious.
    Hey it happens. We all try our best. You rock!

  3. RICH

    Great analogy on the liberals reaction to Michelle Obama’s speech. They are not ready to go as low as the Republicans because they would be looking down at the abyss. Instead of acting like Batman or Starlord, liberals should be acting like Hooded Justice or the Punisher and shoot the motherfuckers in the head!

  4. J-L Cauvin

    All I can say is hats off to Jill Biden’s first husband. That is J-L level grudge holding pettiness!

  5. anonymous

    Rod and Karen, you both made such great points about the Selah Marley topic.

    A few years ago when my sister was celebrating a milestone, she went on Facebook and ranted that no one was helping her or celebrating her and nothing she does ever makes anyone proud (it was much harsher than this). My other siblings (one going through cancer, one just lost her husband), my parents are all Facebook friends with her along with other family members and family friends.

    What her lil Facebook friends didn’t know is that my sister has a habit of lashing out with hurtful comments and then apologizing after she says something she can’t take back. She also has a habit of not celebrating anyone else because, “what about me.” So when I saw them commenting on her post things like, “you need to forget those negative people…God is showing you who you can depend on…,” I was so pissed. Like why would she put us out there on front street and make people think we did not care about her? My father was devastated. Not so much that he cares what people think…if it is accurate, but this was not accurate and he works in the counseling field and was embarrassed that people would think here is this man who neglects his own child’s issues.

    We were actually planning a surprise event for her and the details were kept from her. We ended up having to tell our surprise and I actually didn’t even want to participate after that, but I went, gave a gift and smiled.

    It has been a few years and I have moved on the best way I know how. I still don’t feel comfortable sharing my life with her because I have to protect myself from the next time she does something like this. We remain social media friends, I just don’t comment on her posts and I hardly make any comments on my own page. It’s like hiding from a bully. People support “callout” culture, but when I see it, I just don’t comment because I don’t know the parties involved, the truth or even if there is a reasonable misunderstanding.

    About 10 years ago I took an emotional intelligence (E.I) course and it has served me well personally and professionally. When something happens that bothers me, I recognize that my amygdala has been hijacked and that I need about 20 minutes for my frontal cortex to take over, which is more reasonable thinking.

    It is why if someone sends me a nasty email, I don’t respond right a way. I wait about 30 minutes and if I still feel like my response is warranted, I may send it, but usually my frontal cotex has taken over and I am so much more deliberate and rational in my response.

    I had those times many years ago where driving home I have thought, “I shouldn’t have sent that email or responded that way.”

    E.I coupled with the fact that I am over 40 have helped me dial back my “give a damn.”

  6. brooklynshoebabe

    Rod and Karen,
    I know you’re probably tired of hearing this, but you’ve absolutely been on fire during this pandemic. Your run on Diamond and Silk had me laughing so hard. I had just gotten over your Denzel Washington Jr. audition improv. I also appreciate your comparing Democrats and Liberals to to the final fight scene in Avengers: Endgame. Damnit, you made me nerd heart smile. In regards to voting for Joe Biden, if that motherfucker pulled off a rubber mask and said he was the pope that ordered the death of Jesus, I AM STILL VOTING FOR HIM IN NOVEMBER! Thank you for your political commentary (reporting?). I prefer your filter than the actual news sources.

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