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BDS 368: Might Have To Switch Up My Stance

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss listener feedback, Ty Lawson kicked out of China, Tyrod Taylor lung punctured by doc, NFL fines coaches for not wearing masks, Celtics and Clippers drama, Emmitt Smith calls out Jerry Jones, how Shaq and Chuck squashed the beef, Robin Given suing Mike Tyson, Lorenzen Wright was killed over money, Colby Covington MAGA fighter, Kaepernick jersey sales, Bubba Wallace racing for MJ, Stafford saw racism, Jason Whitelick, Deion Sanders coaching HBCU, Wings and Pizza, Robert Kraft charges dropped, Mike Wallace appeal denied, KD understands sneaking booty in the bubble, KAT dating Jordyn Woods, TikTok user gets in NBA bubble, Aaron Rodgers subtweets Danica, Vanessa Bryant dispute with mom, Delonte West homeless, IG model lies on NBA player, Magic Johnson get restraining order, Rachel Nichols slams NBA for not honoring RBG, Carson Wentz is sorry, Joel Embiid new baby and Allen Iverson goes off.


  1. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jyrie Irving

    Y’all really thought Steve Nash was gonna be able to tell Kyrie anything? My man just had his first press conference and Kyrie really out here on some “it’s like we’re ALL the head coach really.” And then he’s still coming with the lowkey shade at LeBron talking about this is the first time he’s had a teammate he thinks is his equal.

    And Doughstax really out here beating his chest about beating a team that doesn’t have a name, and squeaking by the Bengals like he has more ground to stand on than Falcons fans? You hate to see it. My Niners put the BEATEMDOWN on the Giants and Jets with half the roster out but you don’t see me bragging about getting a win against JV squads. That’s like me trying to talk myself into being excited about Balls Deep hall of famer Aldon Smith being back and leading the league in sacks.

    But speaking of getting to the money, shout out to y’all on that Spotify deal! My favorite type of selling out! Get them Black Capitalist dollars! Appreciate y’all and have a great week.

  2. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jeric Spolestra,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Zone ain’t just for cowards also bum ass niggas too. Hottest thing about the Heat that whole game was them getting cooked by the Lakers up and the down the damn court. What exactly are the Heat supposed to do when Frank Vogel uses the “put LeBron James back in the game and watch you niggas get deep fried” game plan? Are the Heat about to go out sad?

    Yes, talking shit about the Washington Football Team is the sports equivalent of kicking a man when he’s down…but if a nigga doesn’t wanna get kicked he should try standing up. Baker ain’t throw any picks! Nick Chubb is gonna have like 500 carries! Goddamn this feels nice. First time they’ve been 2-1 since 2011! Browns went 90 consecutive weeks without a winning record and here we are! No disrespect, but the Browns got a winning record before the Falcons could hold onto a lead. I see why they being going through it.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful and safe weekend as always. Thank you for the dope shows and congrats on the Spotify deal!

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  3. rodimusprime

    Yo, what up. I know you guys are recording Pregame right now, so in case you missed it I wanted to let you know Woj just tweeted that Doc Rivers has agreed to become the next coach of the 76ers. So now that we know that do you guys think they’re all set as is, or do you think they need to make move or 2 in their personnel to be a legit contender in the East?

    L Brothers

  4. Banger316

    Hey Rod,Karen, and Justin this is banger aka lover of persona on twitter. Oh boy all that talk going into this nba finals feels yet again like Groundhog Day. Cause the National media yet again hyped another team, this time the Miami Heat as having some seemingly magical way to knock the crown of this kings head as he rules over the land of the lakers and returns ya again to his rightful place at the center of our collective basketball universe. I still can’t believe that so many so called b-ball fans don’t understand that duh having the best 2 players on top of being the more experienced team counts for a hell of a lot more than just being a generic scrappy try hard team. The best part of all this is I’m super petty. So I listened to all the heat podcasts this morning both the pre games leading up to gm 1 and after the gm and surprise surprise they didn’t keep all that same over the top homer energy. All of sudden players 3-10 being better than the lakers 1-2 didn’t quite work out for them even before the injuries. Goes to show this on paper team bs that especially the clippers were guilty of can infect try hard teams as well not just top heavy teams like the Clippers/Houston. Sorry for the long post but after listening to the bs all season and it being even worse in the post season with haters on both tv and on social media doubting us it feels nice to be 3 very winnable gms away from my man lebrons 4th ring.


    What’s crackin’ Rod, Karen & Joran Dragic

    Guess it goes without saying that this compelling on paper Finals pretty much ended last night. Miami is simply overmatched against Bron, KD & the misfits of Los Angeles. It sucks. Bam & Jimmy, bless their hard-playing hearts, just aren’t enough. When Nunn out here getting garbage buckets & cysed up on social media, it’s a damn wrap. No rotation change, grit or sacrifice is enough against the LA Lakers. Sorry, Spo, it’s over before it even began.

  6. rodimusprime

    What up, Rod and JustiNFL?

    I’m shocked to read that the NFL had players test positive for COVID and instead of doing the responsible thing and waiting to avoid spreading it, they still took the field and played the game. Shocked, I say! Unsurprisingly, it spread to a bunch of other players and the Titans vs. Steelers game got postponed.

    I’m wondering how long you think it will be until they bring back prisoners, factory workers, and random Samoans like a sequel to The Replacements? That Seems like the only way they’ll be able to finish a season if niggas are going to stick to the “fight through anything” toughness mentality common in football, even in a pandemic.

    Good luck to all the fantasy owners out there wasting their time, and God bless.

    – Kam

  7. fyahworks

    What’s up my niggaz???

    rod , queen K, and jatrick Mahomes.

    So the dominoes are starting to fall in Kansas City, Patrick got the bag, then got engaged , and now it has been determined he can pull out the pocket faster than he can pull out of them white pancakes he been chopping to smithereens.Congrats to Patrick and his fiancé on being parents to be.

    Did Danny green see a fortune teller before signing with the lakers? Cuz right now he looking smart for choosing lebron over kawhi! As he is in his 2nd consecutive trip to the finals and he is about to one up kawhi in the ring category.

    doc rivers is finally out of la after 7 years. What’s next for your boy? He says he wants to continue to coach teams to the second round and blow 3-1 leads and go home.

    Olds dipo is done in Indiana! Justinwhat u think of him coming to the lakers? Next season he can be a 3rd option, because kuz ain’t cutting it. And when lebron retires him and Ad could be a nice 1,2 punch. But while lebron is still here, while on the bench dipo can provide some offense.

    Lastly, We gotta put some respect on Nick foles name man. In the words of jayz “I’ll show you how to do this son”!

    First he gets the ring in philly, then goes to Chicago, minding his white ass business, and Mitch trubitsky is out here playing like shit. Last Sunday, He comes off the bench, throws 3 tds, get the win, and has Chicago 3-0 for the first time in a long time. Now he is named the starter for week 4! Foles out here embarrassing these young qbs.

    Y’all have a wonderful weekend!

    Fyahworks out

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