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PG 257: The Beige Brotherhood

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss taking vacation days when working at home, getting sleep, not being able to get an new Xbox, death on social media, Breonna Taylor case charges announced, voting, How Neal Feel, Joe Budden Podcast Network and listener feedback.


  1. chubbzero

    Whassup people? Congratulations on you guys new exclusive deal with spotify! GOTTA GET TO DA MONEY! Like snoop told ole boy in home depot in the 1st episode of wire on the 4th season, “yall earned that bump like a muhfucka! I’m writing to yall this week to ask have yall been following the lieutenant governor race in our home state of north Carolina? This mark Robinson dude, a black, right wing COONSERVATIVE is crazy af! He debated the other day with the democratic candidate Holley and the moderator ask him about things he’s put on his Facebook page in the past like saying Michelle Obama was a man and homosexuality is a gateway to pedophilia. He admitted to saying all that and said he still stands by it. My question to you is how a nigga this crazy get this far? Alright talk to yall later!

    • chubbzero

      1 more thing, I’ve been volunteering working the democratic headquarters and an older black lady came in today and I asked her about Robinson, she called him a “handkerchief head”. Yall ever heard that 1 before? If not look it up. I lol’ed when I did.

  2. fyahworks

    What’s up my nigz!

    So I’m watching the nba finals Wednesday night! I don’t get to watch much tv so I could be late to the party, but I see a commercial for tenet. And they are saying it’s the number one movie in the WORLD. So rod, I say to myself of course it’s number one, what the hell else is out to compete with it?

    I also came across a commercial and saw that Leslie Jones has tv show coming out called supermarket sweep! Congrats to her.

    I do have a question for the panel! NBC came out with peacock, which is an app with nbc shows, I believe live and/or on demand. I thought Hulu was a conjunction of the major networks providing their content on one app as a one stop shop. If nbc makes its own app why would I need peacock, and Hulu and fox now and cbs all access …etc. Will Hulu eventually dissolve if everyone doing their own thing?

    Have a great weekend

    Fyahworks out

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