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2190: A Moment Of Science

Rod and Karen discuss traits of an empath, Rod’s random thoughts, coyotes attacking marines in NC, Gambian sex tourism, MTA banning pooping, Gayle King calls out Nancy Pelosi, LGBTQ news, cousins post dating pics, woman leads cop on chase because she had to poop, man arrested for throwing parties and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I didn’t watch the debates but I saw the recaps ok twitter and honestly it made me glad that Joe Biden is running against Dump. Not many candidates would have gotten away with calling Dump a clown and telling him to shut up even though it’s well deserved. Two old white men battling it out and Dump can’t stand the fact that Biden our old white manned him.

  2. HC.

    All this Black capitalism is disgusting. Rod and Karen done changed on us already. Y’all went from four loko episodes to popping champagne to celebrate. From playing music in the background during shows to being exclusive on Spotify. From getting donations for a private jet to podcasting with Oprah and FLOTUS. Let me go post my 1 star review while I still can. Just kidding, if y’all going to Spotify, dammit WE coming too. Congrats, y’all.

  3. jamielscorpio

    Que the Rod was right music! Seeing the reactions to Trump getting that rona you were definitely right people on the left don’t know how to go low. Because I have seen so many ppl who claim they hate Trump and wish the worst on him say we shouldn’t make fun of him having the rona. And wishing him well. So yes Rod was right about Dems and the left not knowing how to go low

  4. LotusFlower

    Rod and Karen, I’m so excited for the both of you! I listen to both your premium shows and the regular show and will be moving on over to Spotify to listen to the regular show at the end of October. I work from home and need my TBGWT fix to keep me sane during this pandemic.

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