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2191: Josephine Thee Stallion

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  1. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Karen,

    I have a few thoughts about episode 7 of #LovecraftCountry, “Jig-a-boo.

    I like getting more layers to Montrose, the story about the gay preacher from his childhood, his own Emmett Till In the form of his childhood friend, not exploring his sexuality while his wife was alive. Montrose is the perfect character to explore the concept of what makes a monster, is he born that way, or do the events in his life create what is monstrous? I am glad that we see that the monster is not all Montrose is. I actually wish the show had not done the George is Tic’s biological father storyline. There are so many gay men who had the same closeted reality who fathered children, and that reality and the impact it has on families would be good to explore. The George is “the real daddy” surprise which we know will be revealed, now feels like an unnecessary opportunity to cop out.

    Anyway, this episode was amazing. Each week, I find myself saying, “This is my favorite episode.” High praise for any show.

    FYI, I listened to this week’s recap on Spotify. I have to start getting myself used to having to physically downloading the episodes, because I frequently listen outside of my home. The lack of an auto download is why I never really listened to Spotify podcasts, but I will follow you to your new home, because you guys are the best Are you going to have Justin on to introduce him and his special brand of mess to your new listeners?

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