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PG 258: Black People Crazy Too

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss being on time, scheduling meetings, a busy upcoming October, Justin’s tire blew out, getting new tires, work culture, Essence going under, the debate, Fargo, listener feedback and reality show news.


  1. fyahworks

    What up my nigz?

    Just listened to you guys on the mind of dom, fucking hilarious! Justin, my nigga, the doc River impression was “ beautifis” !! One has to question, was doc rivers and Ronnie from the chi separated at birth? Them niggaz sound the same.
    I was so happy to finally get that twd finale, but I agreed with you rod &karen, the gap made you have to think about certain situations! So it didn’t hit the way it would have back in April, but I’m glad we got the closure! Definitely ready for fear, saw some clips and Morgan was looking like Fredrick Douglass, so I’m assuming there was a time jump! I’ll be ready for them recaps!

    Fyahworks out

  2. chubbzero

    Good afternoon people! This whole Donald Trump with dat 19 got me bugging out. How inept does 1 have to be to catch it when you had all the resources and literally should have been the last person on earth to get it? I know there have been presidents that had slaves, but he’s got to be top 3 worst of all time! And did yall see how hard he was breathing when he pulled that Mussolini stunt this past Monday? Seth Meyers said he looked like a solid gold dancer posing for pics after a dance routine!
    I was wondering if you guys are gonna watch that john brown show on showtime. I think Ethan Hawke is trying to win an emmy! And also the HBO short series “the third day” starring jude law. It’s surprisingly better than I thought it would be and intriguing. Alright you guys have a nice rest of the week!

  3. stylenosh

    Hi Rod, Karen, and Justin, you guys said a word when you talked about work culture and not wanting to work in HR. My first career was in HR and the best choice I ever made was to move on to a career that didn’t involve me solving everyone’s problems. Most employees treat HR like therapy and that’s not the role of HR.

    And congrats again on the deal with Spotify! We are all so proud of every wonderful opportunity coming your way. You deserve it all! And with that in mind, I’d like to start a campaign to pay Justin. He has been a faithful contributor to the TBGWT family and he is forever my problematic fav. Can’t you share a little bit of the bag with him? Let’s do the right thing and #PayJustin! LOL

    Love you guys!!

  4. meikomh

    I hollered. Justin was talking about getting his new tires put in the front instead of the back and how he would just take them home, “jack ‘em off and rotate ‘em myself”. I promise I rewound it several times to make sure EYE heard him correctly. A much needed laugh .

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