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BDS 369: Brittany Secures The Bag

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Brittany Matthews secures the bag, Covid hits the NFL, Foles starting again, Doc Rivers fired by Clippers, Raiders not wearing masks at charity event, Barkley is against Defunding The Police, JR Smith responds to Tory Lanez, 81 percent of NBA owners donations go to GOP, UNCC postpones home opener due to Covid,Joe Montana stops grandchild from being kidnapped, Delonte West, new law passed in response to Kobe crash photos, Black man producing Super Bowl halftime show, Kirk Cousins jersey tanking, NFL coaches still not wearing masks, Dijon Williams arrested for murder, Vlaerie Loureda, Spanish player banned for coursiding, Kobe memorabilia sold to Vanessa, XFL returning in 2022, NBA may allow fans into arenas, Serena sitting out rest of year, 25 Notre Dame players in isolation for Covid, fans sneak into MLB game, Kirk Herbsreit blocked Jemele, Mariah Carey talks about sleeping with Jeter, Henry Ruggs being cheap, player chips off collarbone, Washington fans boo player’s Breonna Taylor shirt, Kawhi’s trainer talking noise and two men charge for hacking players.


  1. Kemdoc

    Congrats to Lebron. So happy he got number 4. Deep down I’m actually he can get the 7 rings for himself he predicted in Miami. That would be something. It’s still kind of odd to see him as a Laker at times. I’m also happy the nba season is over. Omg. Now granted I only watched the playoff games, but it felt like them guys were in that bubble for so fukking long bro. Shyt.

    I found it kinda weird that people were wishing Lebron would whoop Bronny’s ass. Like they were fiending for that before the clock wound down in game 6. Our people and these generations of ass whoopings. I’d love to hear a deeper conversation about that.

    It’s cute that Lebron daughter has a mini version of the big house. I feel so old seeing her as a young little lady. She sounds sharp as a whistle.

    As much of a Giants fan as I am I saw that Dak injury as it happened and knew his ankle was done the minute he pointed to it. It was really sad to see. He is a true gamer and truly the heart of that Cowboys team. I hope he makes a full recovery. Even as a Cowboy hater my heart was like damn ‘not like this…he seems like a good dude.’ Granted he coons for Jerry Jones, but all them Cowboy players fall in line and can’t buck the system. But it’s not about that! He didn’t even get his contract because they was playing games with him like that money ain’t a drop in the bucket for them. I’m really pissed they didn’t pay him. How does that work? He sacrifices so much and you could see how devastating it all was when he was being carted off. I’ll also say as a Giants fan I’ve admired his work ethic. Hope he makes a speedy and full recovery. Oh and I knew the Giants would lose the game no matter who went in to replace the starter. Who we tanking for? Trevor?? We better no win a game. Get Daniel Jones outta here.

    Dwight Howard. Do we like him? I find his trajectory to be fascinating. On all facets. And the fact that he may be with that big booty WNBA chick Te’a was a shocker. I guess.

    Proud of y’all voting ass niggas

  2. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod, Lady Karen and Jwayne Haskins,

    Shout out to my beloved untitled losers aka the Washington John Does. You guys are Charlotte natives and have many years of Panthers football. I have a question for you guys. Is Ron Rivera smart or stupid?

    He benched a sorry ass quarterback that showed zero potential. I know 3rd string is a brotha but I don’t think the “black man can’t get a chance” narrative is going to work in this situation. Have you ever seen a highlight from him or even a white NFL analyst unnecessary criticizing him?! On the other side, Ronny Boy put in Alex Smith…………After miraculously recovering from that Revenant bear attack on his leg, River Boat Ron allowed that man to take snaps with Aaron Donald hunting him down.

    I don’t know guys. The Rona created a new normal but what hasn’t changed is chaos in Ashburn, VA.

    Love you good people,
    Mikey T

  3. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jan Mullen,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    Congrats to Lakers fans for winning another title. But fellow LeBron James fans? It’s our time to party! The King won a ring with Anthony Davis riding shotgun and pulling a wagon of the Shaqtin A Fool Dream Team: Dion Waiters, Dwight Howard, JR Smith, Marieff Morris and JaVale McGee. Lakers, congrats again on the Lake Show being back and definitively proving why nobody should expect a nigga in cornrows and New Balances to lead the Clippers to the promise land. And shouts out to Jared Dudley saying that the Lakers were laughing at the Clippers going out sad too.

    Shouts out to Sue Bird and Breanna Stewart for proving that, yes, the reason the Storm ain’t have a 3-Peat is cuz both of them were hurt last season. Bird really has just kept her foot on the league’s neck for 18 years.

    Do y’all think we’ll get a 30 For 30 about the Bubble? I saw an article talking about how stressed and tired players were in there; dealing with such a monotonous and isolated life in there. I’m honestly glad the season is over so that everyone can go home to their families…but one thing caught my eye. Uh, Dwight Howard said he missed his kids and I didn’t know that he started claiming his kids! Learn something new every day!

    Y’all. How old were y’all in 1994? I was 3 years old. That was also the last time the Browns were 4-1! THE CLEVELAND BLACKS OUT HERE WINNING Y’ALL! Listen, I wanna thank God almighty for giving Cincinnati, Washington, Dallas and Indy so much and giving the Browns so little! OBJ and Jarvis Landry out there balling like they’re supposed to. I could hear Jerry Jones blood pressure going up as the Browns managed to not lose that game, even though Baker is still clearly sorry as hell and if a team can stop the run their fucked. BUT THAT AIN’T WHAT HAPPENED CUZ DALLAS DEFENSE COULDN’T STOP A BREEZE WITH A SHUT WINDOW, LET ALONE THE BROWNS OFFENSE! I really wish the bestest for Dak and his recovery cuz that kind of injury is horrific. However, with one leg Dak probably could still play better defense than his teammates. Maybe they all got them old Jameis Winston eyes?

    Florida head coach Dan Mullen really had the audacity to blame losing the Texas A&M on not having fans at the stadium and demanded Florida pack The Swamp with 90,000 people for the LSU game. The Rona, probably offended that Mullen had been talking that shit, decided to skip the 90,000 middle men and now the Florida vs LSU game is cancelled cuz Florida has an outbreak. You hate to see it.

    Sorry for the length on this one but thank you as always for the great shows. I hope y’all have a great and safe weekend.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  4. Banger316

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin this is James aka lover of persona from twitter. So it has been such a great yr as a lebron fan everything they said from he went to LA to make movies to the whole he can’t win in the west to he is washed fueled him to remind all these fools that doubted him this the Kings world and you peasants just living in it. That being said in predicable fashion there has been a hot take rush to find new and annoying ways to diminish this accomplishment, and do the MJ comparison for the millionth time so to my fellow bronsexuals let these cackling sports media hens say what they will cause the more they doubt our king the sweeter it is when he come thru yet again. Whether it’s winning back to back titles with Mia or coming back down 3-1 to bring Cleveland their 1st major league title to taking a lakers franchise that spent a decade without sniffing a title and winning one without homecourt advantage on the rd in a bubble and playing every other day. To me each ring is just better than the last. So let the hate flow cause them bayless/rappaport tears are so very sweet right about now lol .

    PS TY LUE was announced by woj as the rumored new coach of the clippers little finger fittin to strike again y’all #4DChess

  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J-Lebron haters,

    I bet the non-believers thought the Miami Heat was gonna expose the King. Well that shit stank don’t it! Lebron won this ring with AD and a bunch of dudes from the Island of Misfit Toys. Give him two rings and half of Danny Green’s salary. Since there was no Balls Deep last week, y’all didn’t get a chance to talk about Danny Green. But when Rondo shoots better from 3 than you in the playoffs, you might be in need of some serious self-examination.

    But make no mistake. Miami was really good. They had Bam on the inside, Herro and Robinson on the outside. Plus Jimmy put on two historic performances. But he told us that Miami left it all on the floor in game 5. And in game 6 you could tell. The Heat players looked like they didn’t have anything left. Lebron and ‘nem came and ran them out the gym in the first quarter. By halftime, them Miami boys were sweating like they had just played triple overtime outside in 100 degree heat. Nothing but dead legs.

    Now, I didn’t just come here to dunk on Lebron haters and Miami fans. Oh wait. Yes I did.

    Give praise to the Washed King!


    Hey Rod, Karen & Jkip Bayless.

    Off the bat, I was wrong about how the Heat-Lakers series would play out after the first two games & then witnessing Jimmy Butler go Shao Khan on the Lakers for a bit. We saw he was capable of that once against the Bucks in Gm 1 of that series in these players, but in two of those six games in the Finals? Oh yeah, I was wrong. I was also wrong about a sweep or gentleman’s sweep, even. Erik Spoelstra, especially, coached his ass off & made coaching decision that were able to bother Miami in Gms 3-5. Lakers eventually made key adjustments to counter Miami & won the championship, I’m just proud of their fight to the end.

    As for LeBron, his legacy, for me, was already decided after the herculean effort against the 73-9 Warriors in the 2016 Finals & continues to add to it here. I still think doubters will still make their arguments as to why he’s not Jordan or whatever but the man’s an unprecedented talent, bar none.

    This man carried these misfits to a title, which, makes me smile, since I don’t believe in many of the sports intangibles that pundits preach. Not only do assholes win championships, so do anti-intellectual dolts, apparently, like Dwight Howard denying the existence of Covid-19. These motherfuckers are the dunces of all-time, with the exceptions of Bron, Anthony Davis, Alex Caruso & Rajon Rondo. That’s it. Nobody else is smart like you said, Rod. Even RDCworld did an excellent job illustrating the dummies of that squad. JR Smith’s a two-time champion & didn’t do shit but take his shirt off like he’s Peoples Hernandez in Shaft 2000. I was literally going to dismount & end it on a more tepid note, but I had to say it, cuz it’s not talked about. Anyway, peace.

  7. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod, Karen, and Jelvin Gordon,

    So the nfl is playing schedule musical chairs! For a good chunk of the season. I couldn’t believe there was “Tuesday night football “ this week! With that being said! The Broncos caught a last min change and weren’t allowed to play last week. Melvin Gordon. Was so mad and stressed, he decided, since I’m not catching footballs lemme catch a dui instead! You take away football, and you get Karen’s favorite quote. “There’s nothing else to do sal”

    Speaking of nothing else to do, shumpert home changing diapers for baby number 2 (congrats to him and teyana Taylor) says the 2016 cavs can beat the 2020 lakers! You guys thoughts? I’ll hang up and listen…..

    Have a great weekend


  8. rodimusprime

    G’day Rod, Karen & Justin.

    First off, 17 years deep & still winning championships, congrats to Sue Bird & the Seattle Storm. At least one of my teams got up.

    Now, congrats to you 3 & all the other LeBron fans. Either my team got up or Bron got his 4th, so either way I wasn’t gonna be too disappointed when the Heat lost. After the Heat, I support that dude anywhere he plays.

    & to the Lakers fans, whenever you’re able to go out safely again once covid is under control over there (Whenever that’ll be), go out & celebrate with a nice meal. I’d suggest getting the yelper special.

    When the Heat got Jimmy, I knew he fit the type of player they like. But didn’t expect them to make it to the finals. 2nd round is what I thought would be the best case scenario.

    I thought Lakers 4-2 with a fully healthy squad before the series started. But after the injuries to Dragic & Bam & Jimmy tweaking his ankle in game 1 was just hoping they didn’t get swept. But they had a crack.

    So I was happy with how the season went & at least they knocked out those Celtics & shut that clown, Paul “The Truth is he shit himself” Pierce, up.

    Have a good 1


  9. Darienfoxx

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Jak Prescott,

    You couldn’t write a better cautionary tale. Dak did everything the Cowboy way. He became Jerry’s lap dog. He was lowkey All Lives Matter. Didn’t hold out. Signed that franchise tag. And for what? So he could get injured and lose his job to Andy Dalton? Life comes at you fast don’t it?

    I know he hasn’t lost his job to Andy Dalton yet. Maybe I’m being too pessimistic. Maybe Dak makes a great recovery. In a couple of years, he could be the highest paid quarterback in the XFL! Can’t wait for him to pop up on the Rock’s IG page selling Teremana Tequila and Under Armour headphones! That’s a real company man for you.

    You hate to see it!
    Peace y’all

  10. chubbzero

    What up Karen, rod and jjimmy jutler? He didn’t say “they in trouble”, he said “we in the BUBBLE!” because being the gym rat,basketball fiend jimmy is, he would have known the history by now, dame, dancing, didn’t win another game. Russie barking and talking shit after game 1. Yeah he was pretty quiet those next 4 games. And after Jamal murray was shimmying , the only thing he had on his mind was getting back to his blonde volleyball playing girlfriend. I guess that’s what happens to teams, they be so happy to get that 1 win, they can’t control theirselves. Oh well, yall had a good run.
    I heard skip Bayess throwing out the asterisk talk on LBJ’s 4th ring, but this may be the toughest. Like you guys have said, this a dumb ass team man. Alright. You guys be cool!

  11. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen and J. O’Brien

    Bill O’Brien really gotta go in the office and be mad at the GM for messing up his job as coach. I wonder if he tried to promise the owner he’d fire himself to save his own job. We’ve been clowning that man all off-season and they wait until now to fire him after he got rid of their best player for nothing? 

    Whew buddy Dough was THIS close to getting lit up as the Browns started to blow that lead,  but OBJ put the squad on his back and now they’re 3-1. Talk yo shit!! And there needs to be a way to play the Cowboys every week, he looked like a Pro Bowler again.

    And shout out to twitter proving Rod’s point about Jimmy Butler. Folks were ready to crown him after one great game, meanwhile Bron puts up 28-12-10 and everybody was talking about how off he looked. That’s the difference in the superstar level consistency. Expectations matter dawg.

    Alright hope y’all have a good week, and appreciate the dope shows as always.

  12. stylenosh

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin! Thanks for covering Brittany Matthews securing the bag! I know many people didn’t think she could pull it off but I was rooting for her. Brittany and Patrick Mahomes have been dating since 10th grade, so she definitely earned that ring. Plus I’d rather see Patrick with someone he’s known for 10 years versus some chick who doesn’t care about him and is solely focused on the bag. I’m excited for Patrick and Brittany and their baby on the way. Now if we can just keep them both covid free, I can breathe a little easier.

    Thanks for the great show, as always!!
    STYLEnosh (the KC fan in the ATL)

  13. fyahworks

    Wassup rod,Karen, and Jon desantis…

    So Florida wouldn’t be Florida unless they Florida.
    The governor has made the decision to let Miami dolphins allow full capacity at the stadium this Sunday! That’s 65k! Yes 65k! The dolphins are saying they will do about 16k which I think is 16k too much.

    So there’s seem to be a domino effect in the nfl! And we are not surprised. As week by week we are seeing more and more cases! As Karen has said over and over, I won’t be surprised if we don’t have a full season!! Shoutout to the Titans players who had a secret workout, at a high school field and got caught by a photographer. During the forced bye week. Should they get fined less, the same , or more than the mask less coaches did, which was 100k?

    Also shoutout to Derek carr. And the raiders players who got fined for being maskless at a Vegas event! The nfl ain’t playing with these hoes! Lol!

    Did you guys hear that regardless of who wins the nba finals, Dion “edible “ waiters will still get a ring? He started the season with Miami and of course ended with the lakers! And to make matters worse he has been in street clothes since round 1! Haters are saying this is a cake walk ring for lebron but I think if anyone has had the easier path to a ring, it’s got to be Dion waiters

    Early congrats to the lakers on their 17th ring.
    Hopefully Friday is the close out game in them black mamba jerseys! I saw a meme of bronny, at the free throw line and a man with a belt in his hand, and the caption said “one win away” ! To that I said bronny is the only one who want this to go to game 7 to hold out that ass whooping thats coming, for smoking weed on ig live!

    You guys have a great weekend

    Niggaz only only niggaz

    Fyah works

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