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2194: Alex Haley’s Glutes

Rod and Karen discuss people having different truths, dealing with anxiety, Coronavirus news, vibrators for voting, Johnathan Price,  12 Years Of Slave workout and sword ratchetness.

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  1. bamil73

    That 12 Years of Slave workout almost took me out. Uncontrollable laughter while driving is never good. I imagine black brits shut that shit down by shouting Block Loives Mah-ah!


  2. Forest

    Thank you for having these discussions at the top of the show. We’re all going through this. So, it’s dope that you’re creating a space to process the info. One of the things that helped me process the way folks weaponize victimhood came from Rick and Morty, oddly enough. On that Whirly Dirly episode, when Rick breaks down to Jerry that he pretends to be a victim, but he’s really a predator. For whatever reason, that was the shit that made it click for me. I been recognizing that shit in so many places ever since. Realizations can sometimes come from the strangest places. I happy to hear you’re creating safe spaces for you think through and feel through all this. People use “safe space” as a pejorative, but we all need them and a LOT of folks would be healthier if they had safe spaces in their lives.

  3. Vinylcollectors

    Hi Rod and Karen! First and foremost I want to say a HUGE Congratulations on your (clears radio announcer voice) “EXCLUSIVE . . CLUSIVE. . . LUSIVE!!! SPOTIFY DEAL DEAL DEAL!!!” (haha I love it when you guys do that! :)). I have listened for a loooong time and have been so appreciative for your podcasts. I’ve written in before and said (and I mean it) we’re friends in my head. You deserve this and all the additional success that is surely coming your way! Excited to see what’s next for you.

    I wanted to comment on the discussion at the beginning of today’s show on anxiety and what sounded like some backlash Rod received on social media. Thank you for being so open with how you were feeling about it. I think at one point you talked about how disproportionate people’s response was to what you said and maybe talked a little about how it might be a function of social media and how people gang up in that environment. But I also wanted to offer another potential reason. I’ve learned through therapy that I have certain triggers and once I was made aware of it I started noticing in my own life that I would have these massive reactions to things that people said or did that weren’t really a big deal because they were “triggering” for me. When I stepped back and thought about it, I’d realize my reaction was because what they said reminded me of someone who did worse or an event that they were reminding me of that was traumatic for me. So I actually wasn’t reacting what the person sitting in front of me was saying or doing I was reacting almost impulsively based on what I’d experienced before. That may have been some of what you were experiencing from those people on social media. Same with Ava too. I bet some of the people that went in on her were “triggered” by something she said. I’m still working on myself to recognize when that’s happening and to have a different response but I can say that I am still guilty of it. I also feel you on the anxiety. I don’t become paralyzed or have a physical reaction but I am someone who can replay a thing over and over and over and over again in my head for long periods of time and sometimes I can hold onto it for months and sometimes even years. I’m not sure if that’s anxiety but I’m learning through therapy that’s not healthy. Anyway thank you for sparking these conversations and Congratulations again! Love ya’ll!

  4. Anne

    I have also noticed the constant reminder that the under developed nations won’t survive the pandemic too.

    About the unexpected effect of Covid in the southern hemisphere, Africa and South America, I have a theory. The key is the common blood type of each population. Research from Italy and Spain has shown that type A blood type has a higher likely hood to get infected and experience worse symptoms. Types O and AB have lower chances of infection and bad symptoms. Here is a summary of the study.
    So, if you look at the distribution of blood types globally, type A occurs predominantly in northern Europe and areas where Northern Europeans migrated to. Type O is most common among indigenous Americans, Asians and Africans. Type B occurs mostly in Asia.

    So the naturally lower probably of infection and severity of symptoms may be dampening the effect of the virus in these areas.

    You can’t use North America as a guude for this theory. As most people have pointed out the black and brown people in North America, who are dying from Covid tend to be poor and don’t gave access to good healthcare. So the blood type advantage that may exist due to ancestry is offset by poor health care.
    Just a theory.

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