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2195: Lydia Secures The Bag

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  1. Kemdoc

    This was well worth the wait. I love how the entire situation felt completely hopeless for our heroes and yet systematically, not always seamless or perfect, they made their plan work. We tried to told y’all niggas to stop effing with our heroes. You will not win. They needed to give us a little bit more about Connie to pull it together. But I also like how Magna’s story checks out and kept our hope alive. Now hopefully that worthless nigga brings Connie to Maggie’s spot. Maggie is gonna take great care of Judith and RJ. All the communities are done for and I hate that. But I always love when they start anew. Can’t wait for Daryl and Carol (and hopefully Connie). Can’t wait for Rick and Michonne.

    Which battle do y’all think was the most epic one for our heroes? What’s your favorite episodes??

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