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2196: King, The Black Shoggoth

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  1. Kemdoc

    Excellent and delightfully hilarious review you two. Listen. Nigga!!!!!! That black Shoggoth running through those bytch ass cops like a hot knife through butter was exactly what my soul needed. Gorgeous. Iconic. Majestic. Fukking fantastic. I had that Dwayne Wade look during the dunk contest when that thang was slinging them 80 feet into the air and doubling back to mop up the leftovers. You simply love to see it. Where Leti finna stay now though. That house is done! I was panicking at every scene with Dee. That young lady is a star. There are truly some great teenage black female actors coming up between the girls from This is Us, to Marsai, and now Jada Harris. Awe inspiring performance. I was completely stressed.

    One a serious note though that murderous scene was particularly satisfying after the extreme sadness and horror of Emmett Till’s death. It’s odd to say that they struck the right tone but I believe they truly did by not showing the body. Was Ruby the only one that actually went in and saw the body out of the main characters? Maybe Montrose did as well.

    Leti being invincible finna be lit. Let’s go. Jurnee and Jaime were acting their asses off at that table.

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