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TNO 159: Brain Wadey

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Justin discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Avengers having issues, PS5 pre+order issues, MS buys Bethesda, no more Star Trek movies, Snyder Cut filming in October, Among Us 2 canceled, Nick Fury TV series, Michel Ancel leaves Ubisoft, UHS hacked, Lion King sequel, Jamie Foxx returning as Electro, 23 million dollar toilet, Harry Potter game maker supports JK Rowling, YouTube apologizes for making fun of long videos, Matrix 4 pushed up, Batman pushed back, Spotify will let you search by lyrics, Resident Evil reboot, Soul releasing on Disney Plus in December, GameSpot layoffs, Xbox streaming so IOS, Twitch accused of toxic culture, Green Lantern TV series, Expanse returns in December, Dreamcast mini, MS letting employees work from home permanently, TV shows being canceled and our favorite looking consoles of all time.


  1. sainttam

    Hey Nerds!!
    Just wondering if any of you guys had read the Invincible graphic novel series and were fans of it because I just saw the trailer for the Amazon Prime show they are making and I’m SO EXCITED! They’ve kept the art style exactly the same as the comics and I can’t wait to see this show in its glory. Also by the time the next show comes out I’ll be knee deep in Assasin’s Creed Valhalla. If any of you guys are playing that I would love to hear some thoughts.

    Thanks guys!

  2. rodimusprime

    Sup’ my nerds!

    Disney is about to be a problem. Episode 4 of the Mandalorian behind the scene series is about the tech used to film it. They filmed inside a giant box with the walls and ceiling covered with screens. The background in the show is all rendered in real time with the Unreal video game engine and played on the screens during filming. They can pause and make changes on the fly. Lucas talked about filming that way over 20 years ago and they finally made happen.

    They can crank out shows and movies faster and cheaper than other studios without building a massive set in New Zealand or somewhere. Obi Wan is done, Shang Chi done. Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk & Moon Knight are all coming in hot. They haven’t even opened the X-Men toy box yet. It’s crazy, people are not ready. They’re trying to get everyone hooked on that Disney+ narcotic.

    Hopefully America has made the right choice come next Nerd Off.
    Stay safe!


  3. SuavyP

    Sup guys! Anyone in the group played any more of that Ghost of Tsushima?? You touched on it a little bit a few episodes ago, but wanted to hear y’all’s thoughts since it’s been out for some time now. I personally have it up there for Game of the Year along with others! A lot of good content have been released this year but this game grabbed and kept my attention till I nabbed that platinum trophy. Props to the developers for bringing Feudal Japan to life in a way that was fresh, yet traditional and fun! (although my homeboi, Jin took mad L’s all throughout lol) And recently, they’ve just released new DLC, which will keep me busy for another couple weeks. Love to hear you guy’s in-depth thoughts on the game.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. Tiggettcr

    Have y’all finished the 100 yet?!? I just want to hear your thoughts. Personal I loved the entire series.


  5. Tiggettcr

    Have y’all finished the 100 yet?!? I just want to hear your thoughts. Personal I loved the entire series.

  6. rodimusprime

    Good day my lovelies! I was so glad you guys recommended Spirit Farer but will also admit I was not ready for how much that game moved me. I played it like it was my second full time job after work for a week. I enjoyed it so much because of the story but also because of the score which I purchased. My favorite tracks include the music that plays during the meteor shower, The Last Voyage (the music that plays when you take spirits to the Everdoor) and Stella’s Departure. I won’t lie on my first playthrough I was doing great then Hades was like “okay sis, time’s up, bring you and your cat to the door” and I freaked out thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do anything once I took a spirit to the Everdoor. I finished it but hadn’t found one of the spirits. So of course I fired it up and played it again immediately, and it was wonderful. Reading the Wiki and learning that 1) Stella was a palliative care nurse, 2) many of the spirits were avatars of the family members of the game creators and developers who had passed away, and 3) this was basically a love letter to caregivers and cancer patients made me weep even more on a second playthrough, including sitting through the credits with the In memoriam section. Just a well done game and deserving of all the awards.

    Love you guys!


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