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2198: Democrats Abroad


Rod and Karen are joined by Angela Fobbs and Adrianne George of Democrats Abroad to discuss voting overseas, how the United States effects other countries, the difference in responses to the pandemic, traveling abroad, local cuisine vs American food, Sweden’s king, Amazon coming to Sweden and how to vote from overseas.



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  1. trey_swindu744

    Thanks for this episode Rod and Karen this was very interesting and informative! Sending a huge thank you to those two wonderful ladies for coming on the show!

    Much love ,

  2. Kemdoc

    Simply a fantastic discussion. I actually need to listen again once my mind clears up. I lived for every second of this. And I loved the discussion that was had about the perception of Americans abroad. They be knowing this current state of affairs is outside of our morals and mindset. And them foreigners will definitely only speak English back to you even when you try to assimilate and speak their language. Sometimes it’s to practice their English. Sometimes it’s a complete flex and stunt. I remember trying to explain HBCUs and why they were necessary to a big ole Swedish dude with blonde hair down to the eyebrows. I get his curiosity and confusion now though.

  3. stylenosh

    This episode was amazing! I love to travel and my experiences in France and Spain have peaked my interest in living abroad. The ladies from Democrats Abroad (who knew that was a thing) provided helpful information that I will use to determine if a move overseas is a good one for me. I learned so much in this episode. Thank you Rod and Karen for always bringing on such dynamic guests!

    STYLEnosh (the KC fan in the ATL)

  4. Mawnty

    This episode was outstanding. Thank you to the guests for sharing their (literal) journeys outside of the US and for informing us about Democrats Abroad. All in all it was a great 4-person conversation. That’s why TBGWT is such a good podcast. Excellent interviewing.
    After doing a fair amount of global traveling 20 years ago, I’ve been put off from it for a long time, especially to Europe, especially as a WOC. These 2 women made me interested in visiting foreign countries again.

    Shout out to Karen for asking if they have Amazon. No such thing as a stupid question. It’ll be universal (galaxy wide) soon but it’s not everywhere yet. It was interesting to hear that.

    This episode provided hope in another week of exasperating events. Great job.

  5. msmarysmile

    This was so informative.

  6. logan2x1

    This was a great episode! A lot a people I know are looking into moving abroad. I currently follow two black families on IG who live overseas to escape the racism here. My sisters and I have talked about it off and on for years. And my little sister is actually taking the jump and moving to Barbados. I’m really proud of her and excited about the possibility of visiting.
    I can’t remember which guest had the trauma around grits, but that conversation was hilarious! Also I wonder if the trauma is based in sugar grits? Hmmm
    And I love cream of wheat and grits. If you want a hot sweet cereal, cream of wheat. And the savory salty buttery goodness of properly made grits, when you’re in the mood for a traditional southern breakfast.


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