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2200: Tic And Montry


  1. trey_swindu744

    Hey Rod and Karen

    I just have to say how much I love how Misha and her writers are handling the concept of generational trauma on this show ! It has been so cathartic to see this topic presented on this show and confronted at the same time ! Such a damn good show!

    Thanks again you too ,peace

  2. Kemdoc

    I’m enjoying the show so much more through your recaps and research. To be honest I learn far more and retain the information you present. I’m really grateful for that.

    The writing and directing of this episode was breathtaking. And the acting!! Hattie burning alive in front of Leti. My goodness. So many of the scenes were Montrose literally spoon feeding us what was about to happen. A lesser show *shoutout to Bassey* would not execute this without it feeling filler and stale. The trust I have in Michael K Williams is bordering on unshaken. Why would you ever doubt this man? And I’m all the way there in Anjanue Ellis as well. Gorgeous acting. Aren’t we supposed to hate horror? I was convinced for most of my life that this wasn’t my thing. I guess I needed Misha Green to collab with Jordan Peele to make it happen. Thanks you two!!! Never a bad recap! Even if episodes are trash y’all bring it.

  3. EvieE

    This was one of the best episodes of the season and that’s saying a lot. Every single actor clearly went to black acting school. I’m happy for Dee that Hypolyta came back but I’m of the Michael Jordan mindset, fuck those kids

  4. Miss1ko

    SOOOO glad for y’alls review of this show for many reasons.
    I love Karen’s rant as well at the beginning. LIFE.
    I’m tickled at the Rod was right diddy bop and how he was right about Hippolyta returning. People are not ready and would call her a trash ass mother and they would low-key be right. I mean Dee just lost her father now she just gon’ leave her child with . . . RUBY? Speaking of Ruby……I knew she was on one when in the beginning she was giving Leti the business when she was basically rolling with the freedom fighters and activists. Ruby didn’t respect that (I know her brother verbalized it but ….i feel that Ruby shared the sentiments).

    At the Leti’s house, as I’m sure Rod pointed out, she was like more people should get a job like me. I remember thinking that is definitely thing. And I recall thinking the brainwashing had worked on her to convince everyone (Blacks and whites) that negroes were lazy. Our ancestors WORKED FOR FREE. They weren’t lazy….they had generational TIREDNESS. And we can’t work our way out of racists people in power. It doesn’t matter how smart, educated, and hardworking we are en mass. Some individuals will ascend and transcend but we as a people had to fight and protest and be in good trouble to get any inch of progress. But she was on that. Christilliam is a straight shooter but she was the epitome of lying when she met Ruby. She lied about her whole gender and seduced her. As a man. That is dishonest and manipulative. Then she put something in her drink too? But she trusts her more than she thinks Leti should trust Tic. Which brings me to Tic. I know we are frustrated with him:
    – He has family issues. (So does Leti and Ruby).
    – He doesn’t have a job. Well he does have a lot going on that he didn’t cause and unprocessed trauma from having his girlfriend stick foxtails in his orifices and a magical family tree that he got dragged into. And Christilliam would not have given Leti that house if it were not for her connection to Tic. He didn’t drag her into this mess. He was dragged and she came along willingly (and as a great assist…clutch if you will). Leti runs a rooming house. Those places typically have a handiman that lives on site for free or gets a salary. Let’s not project lazy negro moocher onto Tic. Montrose is montrose. But the black folks crew is literally just trying to LIVE. Christilliam and her whole family dragged them all into this mess in the first place. How it Tic trifling and to blame for that? He’s not unwilling to work. Geez. And I say this as someone who was tew thoo with Tic when he was mad at Montrose and not George or his wayward wandering mother.

    Dammit I’m sorry this is too long. I’ve been isolated on quarantine this whole year. It’s hard on an extrovert inside lockdown in France.


  5. logan2x1

    OK KAREN!! Come through with the “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” rant! You were sounding mad poetic sis!
    Great recap as always, I get upset about people, mostly other Black people, who keep saying they don’t understand the show. Well the show isn’t for you then boo! Move on. You don’t have to be part of the conversation and that should be ok.
    Did y’all peep that Lettie was wearing the same dress she wore in her dream?
    I also feel like Ruby leaning into being with William/Christina contradicts what she said last episode that she didn’t want to be white. You just said you want to be a red head. So is she leaning all the way in? Or does she just like passing and using magic? I also learned that she turned into a redhead in the book which is a nice nod.
    I also wrote an email so I’m going to stop here. But thank you for recapping this show and giving us a space to talk about it with fancy and intelligent negroes such as yourselves!

    Love y’all,

    P.S. I told y’all Christina didn’t learn a damn thing from that Emmett reenactment! Lol

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