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PG 259: Just Shoot Him

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss early voting, dudes trying to holler at your girl, Trump ads, white people not being able to relate, Karen working from home permanently, working with IT, Charlotte Podcast Festival, Clubhouse, Challenger The Final Flight, Journey Of A Colony, The Good Lord Bird, The Vow, listener feedback and Pregame News.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What Rod and J gen x rappers and Karen. Man them old rappers showing their ass close to the election. And whew to think a year ago people we mad at Jay J just for working with the NFL but I digress. Just wanted to write in to say thanks for the Good Lord Bird recommendation. Shit is good. I know it’s early but I am going to buy all the stock on it for the emmy’s/golden globes for next year. Always good to listen to y’all chop it up on the pod peace

  2. fyahworks

    What’s good in the hood?

    Rod I had a question or rather was looking for some clarity! On the regular show I’ve noticed, musically you have changed up how you do things. No more covid news intro song (which I’m ok with, some were really bad.) I know you asked people to create theme songs for the segments and such, but are you no longer allowed to like play actual songs on the show? Like how you used to do with welcome to the cookout? Why is that? Does it have something to do with Spotify?

    2) Also unsolved mysteries is back for round 2 on Netflix! Coming 2 America was sold to amazon for 125 M! And is dropping on December 18, I’m definitely looking forward to that!

    3) What are you guys thoughts on AMC renting out movie theaters for $99? How much is popcorn and drinks? Or do you think you can finally bring in your own shit like we have always done, because we wasn’t paying $20 for sour patch kids?

    4) Lastly I’m hearing good things about Fargo (the Chris rock season) can I start with that season or do I gotta start from the beginning? That’s the only thing holding me up right now lol!

    Appreciate you guys as always, wishing y’all nothing but continued success and blessings going forward!

    Have a great weekend! Fyahworks

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