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BDS 370: Ring James IV

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Lebron wins another ring, Bill O’Brien fired, Melvin Gordon DUI, Jimmy Butler, Royce Reed goes after Dwight, Florida Covid outbreak, Buddy Hield not returning coach’s calls, Kyrie, Kuzma  petition, Jalen Ramsey fights Golden Tate, Charles Haeger murder suicide, Mark Cuban vs Ted Cruz, Milwaukee reneges on voting locations, Antonio Brown buys diamond pendant, Tyler Herro caught creeping, Travis Kelce back with his g/f, Ronaldo rape case moving forward, Gregg Marshall punched player, Danny Green death threats, Shaq votes, We Got You NFL PSA, no Pro Bowl game, Morey steps down, Falcons game in jeopardy, Nick Saban test positive, Cardale Jones, Miss Bum Bumm supports the Warriors, Bell to the Chiefs, no bubble for NFL, Stephen A Smith dating rumor, Querrey flees Russia after positive test, Tommy Pham stabbed, Mike Tyson weird interview, Michael Thomas suspension details and KM Landis removed from MLB MVP awards.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and J Toombin,

    The Browns got skull dragged this weekend and Baker Mayfield went to playing like the the Baker we all know: fucking terribly. And yes, it sucks. But you know what sucks worse than the Browns? The entire NFC East, who the Browns are already 2-0. Like if I showed y’all Baker’s numbers and asked y’all to guess what round he was drafted in, would anyone say higher than the 4th round? But again, Browns still get to play the Eagles and the Giants, who both look collectively flabby and sick. Browns even get to play the Texans, who are built to go unwinfeated.

    What is the furthest y’all have ever gone in the name of an agenda and how does it compare to Skip Bayless telling NFL Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe that he didn’t know what defense Dallas called?

    I hope y’all have an enjoyable and safe weekend as always. Thanks as always for the shows and all y’all hard work.

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. fyahworks

    What’s up Rod, Karen, and JEZ Bryant

    Yea dez, a name you ain’t heard in a while! Seems he and AB have been making the news lately! The ravens are looking to sign him, well, Atleast to the practice squad for now! What are your thoughts on mr “mama slapping hands” back in the league? Yes I remember that name rod gave him years ago. Lol. Overall what are your thoughts on WRs who haven’t played in the league in a few years trying to come back? I mean the nfl is full of fresh young talent and they always said the NFL stand for “Not For Long”!!!

    Speaking of not for long! The Cleveland blacks had to bench baker “Hulu has live sports” mayfield”! And now Miami wants to start tua after the bye week over fitzmagic, and Atlanta is talking about tearing it all down after the firing of the coach and Gm! Meaning trading Julio and Matt Ryan. What futures do you see for those two if that is to really happen?

    Have a great one
    Llover the show as always

    Fyahworks out!!!

  3. stylenosh

    Hearing Rod say, “ STYLEnosh, you happy now” made me laugh so hard. I’m not sure if Le’Veon Bell will be a great addition to the Kansas City team but I think Andy, Patrick, and Eric Bieniemy can handle the transition and most likely, make it work. Thanks for the shoutout!

    STYLEnosh (KC fan in the ATL)

  4. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J. Wall

    Now we know why Justin doesn’t pay attention to facts when he’s interrupting Rod reading a story, he’s too busy playing spades during the show to hear the finer points. I don’t know what would be more disrespectful that he kept playing or if he reneged live on air. Real nigga John Wall remains a fave, meanwhile Bradley Beal put up 30 a game this year and ain’t sniffed any air time.

    And you didn’t want to believe our girl Nicju but look at Steph out here stepping out with a new blonde on IG! She done told y’all. It’s been a while and I really forgot how pressed dudes on social media were to make Ayesha an avatar for everything. She changes it up for a blonde wig to have fun with her man and niggas lose their mind again. 

    Alright appreciate the dope shows as always, y’all have a great week.

  5. Slickbarber

    What up Rod, Karen, and Justin you all were talking about Daniel Jones and how much he looks like Eli Manning. Well Jones college coach at Duke was David Cutcliffe. David Cutcliffe was the QB coach of Peyton and Eli Manning during the college years. Also, Jones is a Charlotte native. He played high school ball at Charlotte Latin. Thanks for the show.

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