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2204: Covid’s Eleven

Rod and Karen discuss misogyny bringing men of different races together, Coronavirus News, Amy Thorn shoots woman, Wanda Vazquez loses primary for PR, Trump yard sign rigged with razor blades, LGBTQ news, Ice Cube on CNN, JLo lyric, Willow and Jaden, man puts razor blades in pizza dough, man accused of beastiality, scam fundraiser caught and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Jayden and Willow definitely got a lot of flack from black people for being different. It was only when white people started piling on did black people start defending them. Kudos to Will and Jada because both kids seem to have high emotional intelligence and we need more of that in this world .

  2. Kemdoc

    As a New Yorker, I’ve never given JLo a pass. I’m not sure she’s ever really apologized and it doesn’t really matter to me. I think the fact that the hip hop taste makers like Russell and Puff grant the ultimate pass, black men never really stepped up to object. You know the industry never listens to the objections of women/females (smh lol). One thing I do know is in the late 90s when there where rumors of Eminem having a tirade and saying the Nword it made the news outlets. It was a choppy audio recording but people in NY stopped supporting him slowly although they came back when the Renegade verse dropped. So he def didn’t have a pass. But Fat Joe and Pun sure did. And so do Latin women.

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    I am a New Yorker, born, bred and currently residing in. The only Black people I have ever heard allow non-Black people to use the N-word are Black mean (not a slam, just an observation, since the majority of the people I have been around who use the word conversationally are Black men) and Black people involved in relationships with non-Black people, whether that relationship is romantic, or they grew up with the non-Black people, their families are close, so they are considered an extension, but as a whole, I have not experienced letting Dominicans and Puerto Rican’s use the word. However, that could just be my experience.

    P.S. I made sure to follow TBGWT on Spotify, and it caused me to remember why I used the Apple Podcast app, Spotify does not allow automatic downloads, and as someone who usually listens while driving and while out walking or running errands, the ability to have your show just appear in my feed was great. I guess this old dog will have to learn the new trick of reminding herself to check Spotify and hit the download button before leaving my house in the mornings.

  4. Ste11a

    I never understood the N-word pass from NYers either. It’s strange to me to have people that don’t share the Black American experience say the N-word. Hell, I didn’t say it until my 40’s (It’s because parents didn’t allow that talk in their house and it stayed). My guess is because there are so many diverse cultures in NYC from the Carribeans that they made up their own rules. People say that Asians in the Bay and other parts of Cali say the N-word. I don’t get it. The rule that I know is, don’t say that word in the South unless you’re Black. There will have a problem.

    I answered no to the poll because I don’t count candy apples as just apples.

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    As a native New Yorker from Brooklyn, I always laugh at your confusion about how Blacks in NYC give Dominicans and Puerto Ricans the n-word pass. At 48 years old, I seriously can’t tell how, why or when this became a thing but we just consider them part of the black NYC collective.

    Love all the new songs!

  6. comma2020

    I love the new music. I rewound the episode 3 times just to hear the lgbtq intro again!!

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