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2005: HBCU Hogwarts

Rod and Karen review Lovecraft Country episode 10: Full Circle

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  1. EvieE

    I would be content if there were no more episodes of Lovecradt country. It ended perfectly. This was an amazing show and I will recommend to everyone. Thanks for recapping.

    All that being said, I stand by my earlier statements. Fuck them kids

  2. Kemdoc

    I love this show and it’s show runners. I have complete faith that they will bring fire content that is set apart from the book themes because Misha Green has proven herself and the ability to have the best creative team around her.

    I’d love to see how they reincorporate Ruby into the fold because let’s face it, there’s no way Wumni is done with this series? She can’t be? Right? Well I don’t know…either way I know they will make it make sense because they always did. Jurnee, Aunjanue, Jada, Michael K, and perhaps even Jamie (although I think the kumiho served its purpose) are a powerhouse team. We can have time travel, the evolution of Dee, raising baby George as a community, whatever Hippolyta finna get into, and of course Leti Fukking Lewis and her magic! They got this!

  3. RamseyDeeJenkins

    Fice whole stars! Lovecraft Country and Watchmen have me wanting more black and brown people understanding the knowledge of all things that were destroyed/stolen/taken from us!

    Glad you and Karen reviewed the first season of Misha Green’s crazy, bloody, truthful, bold, love letter for black people, especially women!

  4. logan2x1

    *Cue me crying googling “Throwing a Boston” because I still don’t know how to play spades. Please don’t take my Black Card.

    *Now that I think about it, it’s really surprising that all three of them made it out of that “temple of doom” in episode 4. Because not knowing how to swim is prevalent in the Black community.

    Wonderful recap as always y’all. I also wrote an email so I’m going to keep this short. But I’ve been journaling about Hatties line about not letting your fears cripple the next generation. There were so many things I wanted to do, but I would have been the only or first “Black Muslim Woman” to do them. So I abandoned those dreams because of my parents fears. To their credit, my parents now are trying to right those mental hurdles now that we’re adults. And honestly it’s not just all on them, I had a handful of white teachers at my magnet school say damaging things as well. But that line really resonated with me. I’d love a second season but I’m ok if they don’t .

    Love y’all

  5. Bigbank

    Hey sorry forgot to point out a little Easter egg in the scene when the gang was driving in woody the song they were singing was the song ruby didn’t want to sing when they requested it at the block party

  6. marciK

    There should definitely be more seasons of this show. There is plenty of lore and imagery to draw from and I would love to see a story line where black people reform the world using magic! I want to see all the wrongs righted and more shoggoths eating racists! Every black person who was butchered in this country has now been rescued from that fate and now black people are the majority population. (The reality is that black people should have been a much larger portion of our population all along!) All the racists have been eaten and a Wakanda like land is established but American melting pot style.

    Anyway my theory is that magic was always black people’s to start with. “The language of Adam”…if there was an “Adam” he had to have been black after all. Also the spoken language doesn’t sound like any of the main languages of Europe or Asia, so either African or something older! And the writing is cuniform. So the white people who were using it had stolen it from their enslaved people, which is another direction the show could go, delving into the history. Oh and when Letti said that white people couldn’t use magic anymore I started clapping like a crazy person. Not only is that exactly what is deserved, but I couldn’t help but be filled with glee knowing that it would piss off some white viewers! Knee jerk reactions can sometimes lead to introspection and change. I know plenty of white liberals will be triggered by that one part and hopefully they will be able to ask themselves why. This show is so beautifully crafted and nothing is by chance.

  7. Forest

    Point of Information: Karen, you weren’t wrong. The Bobby Brown Ghostbusters 2 song was absolutely named “On Our Own”.

    As for the finale, NIGGA!!! Yeah, they beasted on this shit. I knew Misha Green was bout it from Underground, but this is beyond. I love that the approach of a Black woman at the helm of a show like this isn’t simply to put a Black face on the motivations and actions of white characters. They completely reimagined Black power rather than just recreating a patriarchal hierarchy with a Black man at the head replacing a white one. There is something distinctly dope about having Dee be the younger generation that’s not simply holding on harmful structures b/c they’ve always been there. I’m so excited to watch this shit again. I’d love more, but if this is it…this is IT. This show is a culmination of Black storytelling. No holding back, nothing off the table, they swung for the damn fences and it was a homerun.

  8. Bigbank

    So I’m in silence after watching this show this was an amazing season hope they have season two. I hollered when titus told Christina those n*ggers have your book and they snatched his ass back lmao. But there’s a few things I would like to see next season ( speaking it into existence lol) . I would like to know about the other woman tic was with in ji-ahs vision. Also we have to see Diana tie king up to a tree when she go off to school. Speaking of trees we didn’t get to see trees tree and as a black gay man I’m sad, angry, and disappointed lol…. I’ve written long enough amazing review Karen and roc . Oh and rod was right lol

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