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PG 260: Special Hoe

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss going to vote, Lovecraft Country, International House of Prayer covid outbreak, scary movies, men touching, The Vow, Fargo, The Boys, Tyler Perry thirst trapping, pregame news and listener feedback.


  1. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Jim Jardashian,

    I’m really hope Kim got to enjoy her family time on their private island BEFORE posting about it. It looked really expensive and fancy. On the other hand I feel like they have a victim complex where they need people to discuss them negatively for the machine to run. That’s their money maker. They’ve been doing it since the sextape and a billion dollars later here we are. Still watching people complain. Their brand is intentional privilege grievances and the general public that hates them are marks for it.

    Anyway off that and on a brighter note, I just wanted to say that my in person voting experience was so smooth that it made me ashamed and extremely pained and disappointed that so many others had to go through hours of waiting. Jay from TeaWithQueenAndJay waited like 2 hours and she was in a white area of NYC. SMH

    Rod and Karen said it in the feedback episode: the Voting Rights act better be the first thing they pass when they control the Senate. But they need to completely amend it if they ain’t address everything we’re seeing now as far as the rampant voter suppression in every single state. By the way, thank you so much for addressing my voicemails in such a thorough and complete way.

    My voting poll had so many enthusiastic volunteers. So much signs for complete social distancing. So many socially distant paper voting tables. And the option to vote electronically. I’ve never voted electronically so I decided to wait the extra 8 min to do so. I felt like I was in and out. But the guilt I felt is what makes me hopeful for voting rights expansion nationwide.

    Y’all keep your hope up,


  2. chubbzero

    Hello rod Karen and justin. Do you guys have the maga’s riding around your town with their trump flags on the back of their pickups? Up here in alamance county it’s bad. So me and my brother got us some Biden/Harris flags and put em on our trucks. The response has been positive from people blowing their horns to thumbs up and I even had a young brother give me a salute! I know you’re not watching/watched the third day, but it’s a limited series and I would love to get your opinion on it. It makes you think it’s just crazy white people and their Celtic religion but it’s more than that. Alright. Peace out!

  3. fyahworks

    What’s the good word , Rod, Karen and Justin

    Last week I asked about Fargo and you Niggaz wasn’t lying! This show is really good! As I type this, I’ve just wrapped up episode 5. Oraetta can act her ass off. She has to be probably my fav so far.

    Before I go, I had a question! Let say joe does win, and let’s say before Jan 20th something happens, before he is sworn in, does Harris automatically take over??

    You guys have a great weekend

    And everyone, if you haven’t done so go VOTE!

    Fyahworks out…..

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