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BDS 371: For My Teams

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, Ayesha Curry new wig, Dez Bryant to the Ravens, Kyle Larson reinstated, Jordyn Woods says KAT is in her corner, Washington still won’t have a name next year, Isiah Thomas says MJ was a loser, Bobby Bowden is MAGA, Troy Aikman and Joe Buck caught telling the truth, Ed Orgeron’s new boo, Anonymous NBA agent is racist, Patrick Mahomes gender reveal party, Odell Beckham Jr banned from LSU, Valerie Loureda reality show offer, Lou Williams dating advice, NBA return date, Trent Brown covid, Kamala interviewed by NBA and MJ’s new clinic.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Justin Turner,

    I hope all is good with y’all.

    The Browns are 5-2…and I can’t even party off it all the way cuz folks wedded to Baker Mayfield being a great QB are out here sounding dumber than a civics lesson from Ice Cube saying maybe Baker Mayfield is better off without Odell Beckham. Baker threw an improbable 22 straight completions and 5 TDs so the Browns could beat…Cincinnati? Every win the Browns have this season came against a team with a fundamental flaw:

    Cincinnati? No defense to speak of and rookie QB with a baptism under fire
    Washington? NFC East team that God almighty uses as misery R&D lab
    Dallas? NFC East and their defense couldn’t stop a podcast by hitting the pause button
    Indy? Intentionally signed known condom hater and old ass man Phillip Rivers in 2020

    And I *know* the Browns ain’t good! But if they lined up and played a high school next week, I’d still be here to party off it. And I talked myself into the Browns would be able to beat NFC East teams, not the whole schedule. I learned that last year when Amani’s Niner’s cooked Cleveland with all the fixings. And the two good teams the Browns played (Ravens and Steelers) had the Browns looking like, well, the normal Browns.

    What do y’all think the response would’ve been if Dwight Howard had tested positive during the NBA Finals, the Lakers found out *during* Game 6, pulled him and then Dwight brought his happy ass back to celebrate with the team with no mask? What grade of ITWAN is it that the Dodgers own Justin Turner had all this happen and was still partying with his teammates?

    I hope y’all have a great and safe weekend! Thanks again for all the shows,

    Niggas only, only niggas,


  2. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Jodell Beckham, JR.,

    I still love me some Odell. Even though the Giants paid him and then shipped him out of town. The Covid may have had mutual respect but his acl def wasn’t on that type of time. It’s really sad. I do believe he’s a generational athletic specimen, but I don’t think he’ll meet his potential. Hope he comes back better than ever. Sidenote. I’m always amazed at the athletic ability shown on these interceptions. Did you see DJ Metcalf run down on that nigga that intercepted Russ?? Bruh. And that’s a big boy. Holy smokes.

    Daniel Jones. Welp. Anyway lol. The moment he broke away for the clear touchdown and tripped over his feet because unlike Lamar he ain’t built for 80 yard runs, I knew we would lose that game no matter the lead. Lol. The NFC is a fukking joke. Somebody that’s 6-10 at best is gonna host a playoff game too. Lol.

    The LA Dodgers won’t report how many of the players and staff caught COVID from Justin Turner, but they should be forced to. I’ve never seen something overshadow a championship like this. This is worse than deflategate in my eyes. Fine then $20 million off top. Putting everybody in danger because ‘that’s our guy…we gotta let him celebrate…’

    Stay safe everyone. Enjoy your weekend,

  3. chubbzero

    Greetings rod, karen and jom jrady. so the Tampa bay Bucs’ offense was already looking good with tom Brady throwing the ball all over the place. But they decided to get greedy and add that crazy ass negro antonio brown. And is he gonna live with the former new England QB at his home? Kinda like a big brother little brother thing? How long you think before he call Gisele a cracker bitch? Cause, you know he is. I heard coach Bruce arians say he believes in 2nd chances, well do you believe in 4th, 5th chances? Being talented in the NFL is like being a white man in America I guess .you can lie, sexual harass women and still “fail up” alright, talk to y’all later

  4. Banger316

    Hey rod, karen, and justin this is banger aka Lover of Persona from twitter. So quick question based on what i saw this week am i to assume that shaq at some point in the past walked in on dwight howard fucking his mom? Cause while us bronsexuals were celebrating along side the rest of the LaBrons aka lakers, shaq just had to use this opportunity to talk straight cash money shit to howard yet again while he was on instagram live celebrating with the trophy. At which point shaq jumps on his podcast and says howard didnt do anything and he aint responsible for them winning and starts calling him a bandwagoner and a front runner which if you know the post lakers career of shaq is obvious projection on his part especially that last yr ring chasing in boston after failing to live up to his own uber hype when he promised both cleveland and phoenix titles and we all know how all 3 of those runs ended lol.

    I find it ironic that shaq is out here saying everything to downplay this guy while every team in the league has been enquiring about getting him since the all star break, especially after seeing what a great 6th man off the bench/role player he truly has evolved into on the back end of his career. Well thats my rant for the week yall have a good week and once again congrats on your spotify deal as yall are so deserving giving the amount of dedication and hard work yall put in, and i can only hope this gets yall one step closer to karen being able to quit her reg corporate job and do podcasting as her full time gig if she wants too.

  5. fyahworks

    What’s up, Rod, Karen, and Justin Jones…..

    1. We normally say “oh Florida” but this time we gotta say “oh Dallas”! You lost dak! Then dalton went down with a concussion! Wouldn’t it be funny if Jerry gotta call kap to be QB?

    2. A running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars name ryquell armstead has been put on an indefinite timeout by the team, because he has been hospitalized for covid 19 2 times! I mean if you ain’t learn the first 2 times, when will you?
    3. Morey is about to be in charge of dominick’s sixers! He bout to go and destroy another franchise! I hate this move and I think Elton brand’s ass is about to be out the door. I have a feeling Morey gonna try and get harden over to philly. Worse case scenario westbrook. Speaking of worse case, the Knicks announced they will use their salary cap to take on any unwanted contracts teams have. So I wouldn’t be surprised to see westbrook as a knick either! This upcoming season, which I’m hearing might start around Christmas should be very interesting.

    You guys have a good one


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