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2208: Debt Nirvana

Rod and Karen discuss long voting lines, some random thoughts, Clarence Thomas will swear in Barrett, Lil Pump endorses Trump, landlord will raise rent if Biden wins, Quibi goes under, Barney movie, Facebook bans QAnon, diseased chicken, black police break from unions over Trump, man hit Black teen with bike lock, Blexit, woman finds out her ex cheated in his wedding announcement, Chewbacca prank revenge, mother / son road rage and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    It’s only a small number of rappers and hippity hoppers I have patience for. I could give a damn. Best of luck to them

  2. EvieE

    Lil Pump is Cuban not black at all and Cubans in America generally vote republican. All I know about him is that he had one hit and says the n word a lot. This is the reason why I don’t believe in nigga passes. When you entertain clowns, expect a circus

  3. bamil73

    The nomination of Amy Coney Barrett is a failure of white liberalism across the board. First there was the crowd that expected Obama to be a magical negro so they didn’t bother voting in 2010 then started calling him the “Droner in Chief” and didn’t bother voting in 2014 and gave Republicans the house and senate. Then there was RGB herself RIP. We have an expression in Jamaica (or used to anyway I’m old and don’t know what the kids say these days) “sight de rake”. This means that someone foresees some ill effects to certain actions that might be ahead. Obama “sight de rake” and tried to gently persuade RGB to retire after her cancer diagnosis. She refused because she wanted the first woman president to swear her in. Then in 2016 millions of fuckwads like Marc Lamont Hill voted for the green party, as if he were in Canada and had two viable left leaning parties to choose from. It wasn’t just the fact that people like him voted for a 3rd party, but that they also used their sizable platforms to spout fuckshit about Mrs. Clinton’s record. This messaging encouraged thousands of white left-leaning people to stay home and not bother to vote in key states. The fact that McConnell prevented Obama from choosing a supreme court nominee more than six months before an election should have energized white liberals to vote in large numbers.

    Black people in America have never had the luxury of ideological purity that white liberals have. Something about having to work with people that used to own you tends to make one very pragmatic. The Facts of Life theme song said it best “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, the facts of life, the facts of life”. The scariest thing is that Trump is set to lose by a landslide ONLY because of this virus that caused those same white liberals to lose so much, alongside black and brown people. Otherwise I think they would have treated Biden/Harris the same way they treated Clinton/(I forget that nigga name that ran with her). I hope Biden/Harris win and the dems take the house and senate and use that power to expand the court and confer statehood on Puerto Rico and DC. People say this would degrade the integrity of your political institutions, but I know, you know, that your political institutions done been degraded a long time ago when the g.o.p showed that it is a duplicitous motherfucker. If court expansion is a doomsday machine, then the dems got to use their doomsday machine to punish the right’s extreme perfidy.


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