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TNO 160: Slaves On Mars

Rod, Karen, Aaron and Kriss discuss listener feedback, entertainment, Disney rebranding Fox MCU films, scientists going Jurassic Park, Logic Pokemon card, Pokeprincess has to rebrand, Xbox 360 free cloud upgrade, Static Shock movie, Sony will record voice chats, Charlie Brown movies moving to AppleTV, Demon Slayer movie, Google antitrust case, Fast and Furious wrapping up, Willow, Twitch DMCA takedowns, Quibi goes under, Chris Pratt defended by friends, Stadia guy has bad tweet, Snoop gets an Xbox refrigerator, 1 vs 100 could return, Last of Us patch, Bond film streaming price tag, Blade will have Black writing team, Xbox Brazil host dealt with harassment, Water ice on the moon, Assassin’s Creed live action series, Cyberpunk 2077 delayed again, Oscar Isaac cast as Moon Knight, Tomb Raider 2 delayed, Halo Infinite loses director, Far Cry delayed, Rainbow Six delayed, SpaceX won’t recognize Earth laws, Sony buying Crunchyroll, Fifa loot boxes could get them fined, Tiny Toons coming to HBO Max, Best Buy getting consoles for Black Friday, Netflix price raise, Everwild’s creative director resigns, fake Pokemon cards scandal and Ray Fisher vs WB.


  1. Felix

    Hi y’all, Felix here. Hope all is well, apologies in advance if I go longer than usual lol. First of all, this weekends boruto episode is sure to be notable. I didn’t work on it (currently working on personal projects) but my production manager did and he gives it 2000% so itll definitely be a treat.

    Onto fun stuff, definitely agree with yalls takes in the static shock movie. MBJ will definitely be roasted for years to come if this is a flop. I hope we still get the animated movie too since I was hoping the the black animators at wb animation who had been pitching one for years finally got to do it. That may not be the case now since they (Justin and chris Copeland) are directing the animated invincible show at Amazon.

    The black panther comic finally coming back had me playing return of the Mack while reading the articles. I don’t know if it’s just the wording but they’re making it sound like this might be the last we see of coates on the title? I hope not because I’ve loved what he’s done with it and I don’t know how I’ll feel with him gone because I haven’t been a fan of the way some other modern writers write the wakandan section of the marvel universe. Didn’t much like agents of wakanda (mainly because most of the team wasn’t wakandan and the choices were bizarre). If he’s moving on I hope whoever takes over has tchalla have adventures all over the continent in addition to wakanda instead of flying off to America all the time haha.

    I recall seeing rod tweet about Blood of Zeus so I’ll be brief since you’re probably gonna talk about it, I loved it. Powerhouse animation has yet to put out a dud. I appreciate how horny a lot of the character designs were. Very much appreciate just having all the abs and biceps just out haha. I was simping for seraphim the entire time and honestly high key think he did nothing wrong. The real hero lol.

    I finished reading the avatar kyoshi novels and am saddened I don’t get to read more this very instant. I’ve settled for just listening to the audiobooks all over again. The final fight in book 2 : Kyoshis shadow was some highly imaginative stuff. I’m dying to see it animated or even a comic at least. Really great story there. I also have finally continued reading the expanse books. I’m a third of the way through book 6 and am thoroughly enjoying them as usual. Can’t wait for next month. Season 5 is gonna be so good. And lastly for books, I’ve started reading a light novel series called “Sexiled: My Sexist Party Leader Kicked Me Out, So I Teamed up with a Mythical Sorceress!”. As the title suggest, that indeed happens haha. I’ve been told it’s not one of those series that gets an anime adaptation with it being short (2 volumes) and it tackling controversial subject matter (women are people!?) but that being said, I’m loving the hell outta this. The 2 main characters are adorable and creative in their journey to get revenge on the shitty dude mentioned in the title. I haven’t laughed and cried during a book like this since the kyoshi books I finished a couple weeks ago lol. Great reading indeed.

    Lastly, I finally got caught up on Lucifer. It took them 5 seasons to do it but those dumbies finally did it. So happy I made it through all those darn murder of the weeks to get to this point. Lucifer and Chloe’s chemistry remains undefeated. The prettiest white people on TV by a whose margin in my humble opinion. Can’t wait to see the next half of the season drop on netflix.

    Oh also before I forget, the mandalorian has been so good this season man, Filoni is at it again. The man can’t be stopped. He managed to make one of the most boring and inconsequential book characters (Cobb Vanth) pretty ok on screen. I laughed at how Cobb lied about aspects of his origin story to Mando to make himself come off better too. Had a real good giggle at that and Mando getting roasted by our old friend in episode 3. Can’t wait for the rest of the season, even with Gina Carano being awful (you were the chosen one, we finally had buff girls (who I’d like to choke me with their biceps) being cool in a big show). Hopefully baby Yoda eats her by the end of the season and that’ll be the end of that. Ok, love y’all, Felix out.

  2. Amani

    Nigga. The Mandalorian!

    Not getting into spoilers for today’s episode, but the shit they doing this season? Whewwwww buddy! Don’t tell me what my Disney overlords can’t do! Y’all been singing the gospel of Clone Wars and Rebels for years and it feels so good for the impact of FIloni the gawd getting its due. Between this and that Vader book? Shiiiiiiid

    And after last show I had to do a deep dive on Elon Musk and this nigga is even shadier than I realized. He got his start using apartheid money from his South African father who IN HIS WORDS was “a terrible human being”, didn’t do much of anything but bought into the group who invented PayPal. After that he tried to buy ICMBs from Russia and got laughed out of the country and spit on by their lead developer. He decided to build his own rockets and hired a dude who used to work with the CIA to start SpaceX and within 4 years had a $1.6 billion contract from the Bush administration without any listed accomplishments or launches up until that point. He bought into Tesla in 2004 and the rest is history. Also did you know this nigga also has Neuralink start-up that’s trying to combine the human brain with AI in people’s bodies??? 

    Appreciate the dope shows as always and looking forward to the Black & White cut of The Nerd Off with Hallelujah in the background now that y’all got that Spotify money

  3. thatdudefromvi

    Hey fellow nerds,

    Just wanted to write in to thank you all for yet another great episode. It was great as always.

    I also HAD to write in because after listening to damn near everyone on the pod praise The Darth Vader comic, I finally started reading. MY LORD this shit is good. I’m reading Gillen’s Darth Vader from 2015 and you guys were NOT underselling it. I’m 13 issues in and it is SO. DAMN. GOOD.

    Thanks again for the entertaining podcasts, and of course, leading me to this comic.

    Keep up the greatness! -That Dude From VI

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