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#Walking FTWD: Season 6: 05: Honey

Rod and Karen discuss Fear The Walking Dead.


  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Karen and Rod,

    I am writing because I haven’t even made it to the opening credits and I am so sick of Ginny! She is a cartoon character that wouldn’t prosper in TWD. She has no strength beyond her shrill ass 53% voice! I can’t even do the math on how she became the one in charge. I need a back story…or not! Ugh! I want her dead, by Morgan’s ax! Then Dwight can become the new villain as God intended!

    That’s all! Good night!


  2. kidjock

    What’s up Rod and Karen,
    Thanks to the Rona, I’ve finally caught up with both Fear and more importantly the Fear recaps! I’ve been enjoying this season and I’m super excited to see more Morgan Battle Axe scenes. We’ve seen 2 couples reunited and a third almost get reunited. The only two left are Morgan and Radio Active Bae ; and Daniel and skid mark. Which bad group do you think is worse? 1) Ginny and her Rangers, 2)the triple zeros who kill on sight, or this 3rd group: “The End is Beginning” cats who be planting Rats that contain the plague?

  3. PamelaM8

    Hi! I don’t even have a comment on the current show; I’m premium and just started listening to the Fear the Walking Dead recaps today and I’m on episode number 4. I’ve never watched the actual show, and probably won’t but looking forward to learning about the story and the characters. I just wanted to say, yes, I DO appreciate you both taking the time to recap because you mentioned at the end of that show that it was midnight on Sunday! Thank you for continuing to keep up with the quality content in the midst of the pandemic!

  4. pretty tomboy

    This episode was waaaack. First of all nobody and I mean NOBODY wants to see Dwight naked or making out. Also Sherry was a mess. I couldn’t figure out if she had Dwight’s back or if she was playing a long game. These storyline where they turn a dog into a wild beast are so hilarious to me. I feel like my dog would look at me like I’m crazy if I threw chum on the front of some persons pants. Lastly, they are making Ginnys team extra dumb. So dwight was late checking in. Then he demands more time. Then the tank driver (who was supposed to be home in 8 hours) comes up missing. Then they call Ginny out and then disappear. Nawl. I refuse to put these ‘villans’ on any level with TWD villains. Neegan woulda ate them for lunch. I really hope this is the last time we deal with Dwight turning bad.. Im glad to see Nora is still in play and I’m hoping that Lucy’s story goes well, I’ve missed her on the show. Thanks for the recaps yall!

  5. Tootietaurus

    Hey Rod & Karen! Well, this wasn’t a terrible episode but it was definitely a filler. Watching Dwight turn back into “Savior Dwight” was interesting. Dwight & Sherry’s push/pull was NOT interesting. I am glad that Morgan acknowledged his “all lives are precious” stance cost them big time. I am looking forward to seeing Luci next week. However I’m kinda bummed that they are moving the mid season finale up to episode 7 instead of episode 8. Damn you ‘Rona!! Thanks for the recap! ~Karena

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