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2217: Wooooooow

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian Dominic Rivera to discuss his podcast “The Mind Of Dom”, growing as people, having to cut off family, Biden becoming president elect, democratic in-fighting, Four Season’s Landscaping press conference, Alex Trebek passes, Dr Dre divorce update, TikTok Trump supporters taking down flags and sword ratchetness.

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    If nothing else, this election was more sobering than anything else. I expected Joe Biden to win by a higher margin, but the more that time & days went by, accepting this result was better. Trump gained a larger amount of voters vs 2016. White people, white-presentng Cubans & a small amount of black folks want that power & I can’t fuck with them. They even are fine with progressive things, but are fine with a white supremacist president, governor, senator, etc. It was verrrrrry cathartic realizing that.

    Dems can’t reach out to these people & I don’t think they will, because I think a lot of them understand the moment were in, right now. People are assuming that centrist Dems will go back to a “back to normal” way of politics, where black & brown people were hardly acknowledged & I deeply disagree. Many of them have adjusted by either being pushed to the left or have moved on their own. Biden & Harris got this. Will it be hard? Politics is always an uphill climb, anyway, but this is much different in 2020. They’ll meet the moment & scaredy chatty progressives on Twitter are out of their depth, IMO. They don’t matter in the same way the Biden campaign ran, basically, without it.

    Dominic Rivera was awesome as always & I love his podcast.

  2. EvieE

    Whew that press conference at the four seasons landscaping was as janky as Trump’s presidency. How fitting.

  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Dear Rod and Karen,
    Great episode with Dom! One of the best things about this pandemic is that all my favorite podcasters are coming together like Voltron. lol. I’m still working mainly from home and haven’t socialized since March, so I really appreciate the community of TBGWT and the extended TBGWT family. Your Tuesday night election coverage with 3GO helped take the edge off. Now that the results are in and I’m much calmer, I’m happily singing “Rod was right, Rod was right, Rod WAS RIIIIGHT.” lol.

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