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2218: Federal Biscuit Investigation

Rod and Karen discuss Coronavirus News, Trump and republicans challenging election results, police chief promotes violence because of Biden win, Van Jones crying, Ice Cube complaining about election results, Black men used by Trump ad without permission, Proud Boys stabbed, Eva Longoria apologizes, man arrested for Purge post on Facebook, man found with partially severed penis in Bojangles parking lot, Chick-fil-A FBI arrest and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m glad I’m not the only one side eyeing Van Jones. All that shucking and jiving he did for Trump these past four years is something I won’t soon forget. He’s the same guy who made that dumbass statement about “This is the night Trump became president of the United States” because Trump made one speech where he didn’t nearly shit his pants. I’ll never forget how Van Jones smiled and rubbed elbows with those ghouls Jared and Ivanka. Now he wants to tap dance his way back to our side? Hard pass. He can save his crocodile tears for someone who gives a fuck.

  2. Kemdoc

    Hey y’all!! My my my. Van Jones leans on that dad role heavy doesn’t he. Most of the people I know don’t follow the Fukk shyt he’s dealing with on the side as far as working and palling around with the Trump kids. His tears hit with them. And I’m not gonna lie, he got me for a second because I was already overwhelmed and overcome by emotions. Anytime a black man is genuinely vulnerable on tv, I’m probably gonna lose it. That’s why I love Randall and Lawrence.

    A funny thing also happened later that night. In the same way Van Jones congratulated Trump for criminal justice reform on air when it happened while simultaneously being involved in it, John Meachum got himself into a weird pickle. He was waxing wildddd poetic about President Elect Biden’s speech Saturday night on MSNBC. Meanwhile, he wrote it. Lol. Not a big deal at all but that’s annoying and cheap to me. Apparently at the time, he was under no obligation to reveal that he wrote the speech which is weird to me.

  3. Forest

    Fam on that Latinx convo, I can tell you as a Florida resident, the Cuban population here has been fully assimilated into the dominant caste here. Hell, not just here, bc we know in the 50s, when miscegenation was getting Black folks hung, everyone was completely cool with Lucille Ball being married to Desi Arnez on national television. That could only happen if they considered them to be of the same race.

    That’s why once you disaggregate the Latinx population, the breakdown of the vote makes complete sense. Cubans are historically republican, just like the rest of the white population here. That’s why I don’t see FL flipping in the same way that there’s an opportunity to flip the rest of the south. The demographics just don’t shake out for this to be anything other than a red state. Now, in other states like TX , it’s more an issue of extreme apathy combined with voter suppression. Further, Trump didn’t necessarily make inroads with Latinx voters in FL. Cubans who didn’t vote in 2016, got off the sidelines. They were part of Trump expanding his base by 8m, which was reflected elsewhere in the state with other white voters.

    That base expansion makes much more sense for why Dems lost the seats Spanberger, Lamb and Clyburn have been complaining about rather than “Defund the Police”. It just doesn’t square. But yeah, folks gotta keep it a stack about these nuances.

  4. brooklynshoebabe


    I fell out. You all so funny.

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