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2219: Bigritual

Rod and Karen are joined by comedian KevOnStage to discuss his career journey, working with his spouse, the differences in social media platforms, how the pandemic has affected comedy, his upcoming app, fans, ownership, we take questions from the fans and end it with some guess the race.

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  1. monkeyblood

    KevOnStage was a great guest, I love his energy. Y’all been on a roll with these for a while now with these episodes. Now let’s get to the real business. Where the hell all these Bigrituals come from? We learned in 2016 that you can’t trust these polls!

  2. SymSymma

    It was so cool to see both families come together. StageKrew folks joined right in on all the fun, Kevonstage clearly had a blast with our faves AND the chat room was on fire. So glad more folks are getting exposed to the hilarity that is TBGWT. Although, Karen stays trying to take me out. The ram in the bush? Miracle with MiracleGro? I can’t even remember all the jokes. This was so good!

  3. EvieE

    I really enjoyed this episode. I have been a Kev on stage fan for years now but why did he have to be a sugar grits lover? I should have known he would be since he prefers pumpkin pie over sweet potato. Kev is the feds.

  4. Tiggettcr

    I hate to admit it but cheese eggs and sugar grits with some Jamaican breadfruit slaps!!! The other 99.99% of the time savory all day

  5. think_p_smart

    Them: Where were you the night there were over 1200 people in the TBGWT chat?

    Me: I WAS THERE! Ya feel me?!?!

    Over 1200 souls in the live chat?!

    Two of my faves, two people whose content I support with my money linked up?! I love to see it!

    All of the of feedback on the Patreon and in the Stage Krew chat was extremely positive. A lot of them were introduced to y’all for the first time and loved y’all! The empire is expanding. Who y’all surprising us with next? Oprah, Shelly and Barry, Beyoncé, Kamala?

  6. Mdiarra

    I love this episode!
    Kev was a great guest and can’t wait to hear about this app. And now for the most important thing of note about this episode.
    Sugar Grits hive assemble! Like the people who don’t know how to play Spades and like Pumpkin Pie, we out here! Black People always say we are not a monolith but let me say I like sugar grits and now im a coon? Now I am gonna be on the same level as Diamond and Silk? Open your third eye my brother and sister, make some grits and throw some sugar on it and be enlightened. We need less “free thinkers” and more bigrituals!

  7. ClassicRandBLover

    I love this episode. I have been a fan of Kevonstage for years. I have followed him on YouTube for years and recently began following him on Twitter. He is so funny, and it is great to see a Black family shown in such a positive light. Kev was dead on about not doing reality tv. The machine is designed to destroy you for ratings and then you and your family are left with the fallout and the wreckage. The flow between the three of you was so natural. Truly a great two hours of podcasting.

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