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2220: Chicken Influencer

Rod and Karen discuss racism keeping Black people from positions of power, Random thoughts, Coronavirus News, NYC will have mental health emergency responders, GOP candidates refusing to concede, Mike Pence on vacation, postal worker recants allegations of ballot tampering, Melania refuses to meet with Jill Biden, nuts help sperm quality, John Gray apologizes again, Black Capitalists and sword ratchetness.

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  1. hirojashibe

    If Arby’s has a Chicken Sandwich Will Go Rod ?

  2. EvieE

    Rod you’re on to something as far as how the media is treating trump conversation. Several times I’ve seen major news anchors referring to him as a loser. Even his rat ass yes men are starting to turn on his desperate ass. I do think he’s trying to stage a coup but in the end his incompetence and the incompetent people around him will fail. It’s good to see the media is no longer paying him dust. Too bad they didn’t do that shit five years ago or else we wouldn’t have been in this mess.

    British bacon is tasty but it’s nothing like Americans bacon because they use back bacon. It’s meatier with less fat but tastes saltier in my opinion . I’d say it looks like a combination of American bacon and Canadian bacon. They do actually have our version of bacon over there which they call “streaky bacon” it’s generally used on sandwiches from what I can tell. And I will say in all honesty, American bacon tastes much better than British bacon.

  3. Anne

    I only eat at Popeye’s but there is a Church’s Chicken within driving distance from me so I will try the sandwich. Funny thing is I never bothered to check for them until now. Y’all are chicken influencers!

  4. B

    One of the many reasons I love your show. Can’t think of any other reason I would be searching up British bacon versus US/Canadian bacon right now. Lol. Queue to ‘Karen was right’ music…according to a MyRecipes article by Maxine Builder: Although both styles of bacon are cured, American bacon is often smoked for flavor, and British bacon is often left unsmoked, or “green,” . Unrelated side note: part of the reason it’s difficult for Brits to find their beloved back bacon in the United States is because the cut of meat used for British bacon is the same cut as a pork tenderloin or loin roast, just sliced and cured differently. In the US, that back cut of bacon cannot be legally called bacon. The definition of bacon enforced in the U.S. D. A’s labeling policies only refers to “the cured belly of a swine carcass.” British bacon is technically not bacon here in America. Disgruntled Brits can take it up with the U.S.D.A; according to the article.

  5. jamielscorpio

    Listening to this podcast gave me Churchs nostalgia. My nigga tastebuds were watering. I grew up in Tulsa and we had churchs. Them biscuits and jalapeño peppers were game changers for me. Unfortunately I live in Portland now. And with there being a lack of blacks here comes a lack of churchs. But I will leave you with this classic churchs link https://youtu.be/PmRzcHal_Xg

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