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PG 263: #Disrespectfully

Rod, Karen and Justin discuss getting an XBox Series X, Black men who feel excluded from Kamala Harris’ success, a Facebook squabble, Justin back to being petty at work, rewatching Snowfall, someone got Covid at Karen’s job, Church’s Chicken sandwich, listener feedback and pregame news.


  1. Kemdoc

    All due respect to my Vice President Elect, but sleeping your way to the Vice Presidency is A1 pussy. She flipped the law degree into top 2 world leader status. I’ve never seen any world leader congratulate the Vice President. She has gravitas because Pres Elect Biden has her standing in line with him. Not behind him. If he lets her step to the podium it’s game over. He’s keeping her at bay for now. It’ll protect her in the future.

    Is there any political figure that is absolutely untouchable and without reproach the way Stacey Abrams is right now. I have yet to see even republicans try it. A re-run for governor gives the democrats some time to set the stage for perhaps a Kamala Harris run, while allowing Stacy to really flex her muscle.

    Shoutout to Cedric Richmond. A black man is about to be the a Senior Biden Advisor. Are you black men (not y’all of course) happy now…..damnnnn. You cooned for Trump and plotted. Lol. Pretty sure Biden’s projected transition team has more diversity than Trumps 4 years of hires and fires.

    Be safe and enjoy your holiday,

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Justin,

    I hope you all are doing well. I wanted to chime in on Karen’s story about her team at work trying to organize a meetup during a pandemic. I had a similar situation at my job. My manager (no longer with the company) kept inviting our 6 team members (and our families!) to his house for a cookout cause he “really missed everyone” and wanted us to get together. Plus he and his wife tested negative for covid. I immediately said thanks but no thanks. I told him some of my family had got together in Florida and I was the only one who didn’t go. And I ended my response with “I can’t take the risk”. One other person declined to go. And one person who lives in another state, planned to fly out so they could attend.

    After rescheduling several times, he did have the cookout. I found out later that only 2 people from our team went. (The person from out of town did not go.) And during the cookout, my manager was hugging people and NOT wearing a mask! And yes, he is cause I know you’re thinking it.

    I was one of the people who got sick around March 14th, which was the week my job sent the Atlanta office home. This was when you couldn’t get a covid test unless you were about to die and had to go to the hospital. So I didn’t know if it was covid. After about a week of being sick including hallucinations and other weird things that I won’t highlight here, I realized I couldn’t smell or taste anything, even though my nose was not congested. I thought it was odd so I mentioned it to a friend. The next day, she sent me an article that talked about the loss of smell and taste being symptoms of covid. When the antibodies tests became available in late May, I got test in June. It came back negative which likely means the antibodies were already gone.

    I’m okay but there are some lingering issues. My smell is still not quite right. And I have likely developed some trigger points or scar tissue (from coughing) in my chest that had me thinking for 3 months that I had developed a heart problem. After several frantic doctor’s visits and tests, I confirmed my heart is fine and my physical therapist has been helping me reduce the knots in my chest.

    I hope all TBGWT folks keep staying vigilant and don’t take unnecessary risks. Covid is real and unpredictable. Don’t let people pressure you into doing things you’re not comfortable with.

    Thanks for being a refuge from all of the craziness in the world. Love you guys!

    Stay safe,

    STYLEnosh (KC fan in the ATL)

  3. fyahworks

    Greetings Rod , Karen and Justin

    Hope the week has been good to you guys.

    Rod I just read an article on Forbes, saying that the first batch of Xbox and ps5 have been giving issues and crashing! Have you experience this? I know normally they say never get the first batch of electronics such as consoles and phones because sometimes the kinks need to be worked out. I have even seen some on the reselling market going for 900-1500$ which I think is absolutely crazy. When it comes to release I normally wait 2-3 months to wait for reviews and the kinks to sort themselves out.

    Appreciate each and every one of you guys

    Stay safe and blessed

    Until next time


  4. brooklynshoebabe

    Me laughing my ass off at Rod talking about Biden’s entitlement to the White House. Rod says “Trump losing more on the court than the Knicks.” Me: HEY!

    Will the NY Knicks slander ever cease?



    • fyahworks

      I’m sorry Brooklyn shoe babe, it may take a championship for the slander to stop, and even then, negative will be found in that! My condolences lol

    • Kemdoc

      We just gotta let it slide. This ain’t changing. Especially if it bothers the Knick fan consortium. I am tickled by the combinations of maneuvers it takes to slide into the Knick slander. Embrace is BSB!!!

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