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BDS 374: Paul George Game Winner

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss listener feedback, NBA trade rumors, Travis Kelce back with Kayla Nicole, Tony La Russa DUI, Da Le Batard saves his producer’s job, Rachel Bush salty over Trump losing, NBA 2k1 WNBA controversy, Raiders fined over handling of Covid, Lebron supports December start for NBA, hidden cameras in Jets locker room, Paul George engaged to Daniela Raijic, Sterling Brown settlement with Milwaukee, Larsa Pippen was smanging Tristan first, Tom Izzo got the Covid, Simone Biles stands up for LGBTQ community, Alexis Ohanian washcloths, Favre says Foles over Wentz, Rachel Uchitel documentary on being Tiger Woods jump off, Rasheed Walker humping player on the field, Brandon Martin triple murder, Steelers fine over mask policy, Trent Richardson has gun pulled on him at furniture store, Golden Tate told to stay home, Jay Cutler supports Trump, Jr Smith doesn’t support Trump, Brittany wearing a mask, LaVar Ball mad about Melo signing with Puma and NFL Black coach incentive plan.


  1. Dr_Doughstax

    What it do Rod, Karen and Jordan Jayward,

    I hope all is well.

    Gordan Hayward opted out of $34 million from the Celtics. If y’all was his agent, would you call or text him your resignation? Cuz $34 million for being abjectly mediocre with paper mache legs sounds like a great deal, especially since he’s in one of 2 markets that is gonna pay top dollar for white players. Wait, it this gonna turn into the Knicks trying to sign him to the max? Every time I think about the Knicks, I remember that the Larry O’Brien in Cleveland never stops shining.

    The Browns are 6-3 and play the Eagles this week. You know how I know Carson Wentz is sorry, other than having watched him play? Baker has throw 7 INTs this season and Wentz has thrown 12 INTs. Wentz is all the health problems of Andrew Luck with cataracts and none of the skill. Carson Wentz is just Andy Dalton with a better 40 time.

    Welcome to Cleveland, Isaac Okoro! I don’t know shit about his game, but maybe him and Kevin Love can bond over Jimmy Sexton bricking 30 shots a game? There ain’t shit to do in Cleveland but be cold and go to work, so hopefully he can blossom into a career worthy enough getting a second contract somewhere nicer.

    Speaking of Cleveland: it’s always fuck Dan Gilbert, but watching David Griffin get like 5 first round draft picks back for Jrue Holiday reminded that Gilbert refused to resign him. Fuck that greasy loan shark.

    I hope y’all have a wonderful weekend as always,

    Niggas only, only niggas


  2. Amani

    Hey Rod, Karen, and J. Harden

    My man trying to force his way onto the Nets, but did anyone ask the Nets if they actually want him? We see how terrible a GM he’s been trying to get all these mismatching players to join up with him in Houston and now you want Kyrie to get on board with taking the ball out of his hands when he finally got the set up he always dreamed of? The two of them would be pounding the air out of the balls until they’re as flat as Kyrie’s vision.

    But shout out to the Hornets, y’all putting together a solid squad and even with all the Lavar jokes folks, I like the pieces coming together. But you know who else is making smart decisions? That’s right! Your New York Knicks!! Not only did they get the guy they wanted in the draft, they also declined $40 million of contracts today so we have cap space and a young roster! I can’t wait to see how we screw it up, but for right now we on top of the world baby!

    And we don’t talk much about baseball, but congrats to Kim Ng! She was the assistant GM of the Yankees in the 90s when they were winning all those rings, and she finally got her shot at being the first woman GM in baseball history, and I think of any men’s league. We’ve been clowning the Marlins and Derek Jeter for a minute, but they made the playoffs this year and finally broke down this barrier so good looks all around. 

    Appreciate y’all and have a dope week as always.

  3. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Jadrian Jawjanowski,

    Klay Thompson is my favorite NBA player. I’m crushed. I wanted to see what the Warriors were coming with this season. Smh.

    I don’t like Chris Paul to the Suns. I’m not tryna see anyone stop Devin Booker from dropping 75 points. Is it just me or are ball dominant point guards boring right now and not the way the NBA seems to be trending. I don’t care about floor generals lol. Let the big guys take the ball up the court.

    Also interested to see if the Nets are gonna actually be something or if it will be a lot of flashy coaching hires and KD/Kyrie drama. When KD is playing the league is better.

    How do y’all niggas feel about 3-4 years of the Ball family drama in Charlotte?? Lol. His dad ain’t even wanna hug him. The Fukk?

    Lastly, I noticed a lot of blonde moms and blonde girlfriends. The NFL and NBA draft are good for the 7th grade teacher looking girlfriends. Oh and did you see the blonde Nubian white queen that added some kenteeeeeee to her draft night outfit?? Sis you ain’t Nancy Pelosi. Chill. Lol.

    Be safe everyone,

  4. stylenosh

    Hi Rod, Karen, and Justin,
    I just wanted to say, welcome back Kayla Nicole!! We were all rooting for you and Travis Kelce to get back together!! Travis ain’t stupid. That’s all.

    Thanks for always providing great content. We appreciate all three of you more than you know. ☺️

    STYLEnosh (KC fan in the ATL)

    • stylenosh

      Oh, I forgot to weigh in on Rod and Justin’s Brittany Matthews bet. Ah, I hope Justin has the 25 because Rod is going to win this bet. Patrick will be marrying Brittany. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened soon.


  5. fyahworks

    What up Rod, Karen, & jas jegas jaiders

    At the end of the football season we normal get awards, like super bowl champion of course, mvp etc. But we might have to have a most players on a team with Covid award! Earlier in the season the whole o line had covid and now 10 players on the defensive side of things now how covid! Jon gruden got fined for no mask, and Derek carr got fined for an event in Las Vegas with no mask! The raiders are showing why Las Vegas is called sin city.

    So kevin porter jr catching a gun charge out in Cleveland, “Because there no else to do Sal” I mean the Cavs ain’t seen a court since March and niggaz is getting restless.

    Cp3 is taking his talents out to the valley of the sun. It’s a damn shame this is his 3rd team in 3 years. But I hope he will be a great compliment for devin booker

    Shout out to dom, them sixers got rid of al “bad contract , 2-inch vertical” Horford and picked up a light skin brother, fresh off a championship. We will see if Danny green can give Ben some shooting lessons.

    Last but not least James harden turned down a 50 mill per year extension with Houston. My goodness, he would have gotten the most money in a season ever. He is also sending mixed signals about wanted to leave or stay. If him and Westbrook are still with Houston at the start of training camp, things will be awkward. Now there’s rumors harden want to reunite with kd in Brooklyn and Kyrie not with that shit! I mean there’s one basketball, and 24 seconds to shoot it! How the hell can that work with 3 guys who need the ball? It’s also rumors that Houston wants picks, players
    , and a firstborn in exchange for harden! why give up half your team for one guy who ain’t bound to stay past the 2 years remaining on his contract!

    Lastly congrats on getting lamelo in the draft! Maybe we will finally get the mj vs lavar 1 on 1 we’ve been waiting for !!!

    Niggaz only
    Only niggaz


  6. DrUzo82

    Greetings Rod and Jillman Fertitta,

    Looks like the problem in with the Rockets may be the MAGA-lovin broke-boy owner. With D’Antoni & Morey gone, now they wanna trade Westbrook to the Knicks (s/o to kemdoc!), and Harden turned down a $100 million extension because he wants to go join team “we’re all the coach” in Brooklyn?! Woooooooow! I really feel bad for the new coach. Just like a failing white man to hand control of a sinking ship over to the brand new black coach! When they fire dude midway through his second season, should we all pretend like he wasn’t setup for failure?
    It’s funny to me (and my LeBron is the GOAT agenda) how EVERYONE is going east now that Bron and AD have set up shop in LA. I bet PG and Kawhi opt out next year to go to Toronto…. In a year we’re gonna be hearing how there’s no competition in the west and that the Lakers making the finals AGAIN will be “too easy”.
    As a long time listener but rare commenter I appreciate y’all doing what you do… Thanks for time!

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